Ch. 56

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Final chapter before the Epilogue .

Enjoy x


-A Year Later-

"And the winner of the final round , of The Finals Ring Fights , Harry Styles !"

The crowd roared cheering , Louis had tears of happiness and pride in his eyes as he clapped along grinning .

The judge held Harry's arm up , Harry took a deep breath and nodded with a soft smirk , his other hand reaching up to wipe the blood from his nose . He was sweating , his nose bleeding , cheek hurting , upper body red from the punches - be he was content . It's been a long way , and now he won .

Paul approached him with the golden belt , a proud smile on his lips . Harry smiled and let Paul sling the belt on his shoulder before bringing him into a hug .

"Usually I wouldn't let you hug me when you're all sweaty and bloody , but I'll make an exception ." Paul said over the loud noise , Harry laughed softly and pulled back , his gloved hands on Paul's shoulders . "Thank you . For being there since the beginning and believing in me ."

"I'm honoured ." Paul nodded at him , before moving back and letting Louis fling himself at Harry , his arms and legs wrapping around him .

Harry grinned and caught him , squeezing him tightly into his body . "So now you don't care I'm sweaty ?"

Louis shook his head , holding him even tighter . "I'm so proud of you , so so proud ."

Harry kissed his cheek , "Kiss me ." He nudged his nose on his cheek , Louis pulled back and held Harry's face in his hands , pressing their lips together . Harry held him tighter against him , one arm wrapping around his bum as a territory mark around everyone - as if it's not obvious enough .

They got off the ring , Austin and James leading them to Harry's dressing room .

"I want to shower but we'll be sweaty again once we get back home ." Harry said as Louis helped him take his gloves off , Louis giggled with blush on his cheeks , "Still , you really need a shower . We can take a bath when we're done ."

Harry smiled at him and took his bag , going to shower while Louis waits for him in the dressing room .


"Come on Lou , bath time ." Harry kissed Louis' bare shoulder blade , Louis whined , "I'm still sore Hazzie , I need a bit more time ."

Harry smirked , "Come on , the warm water will help ."

"Carry me ?" Louis asked , Harry kissed his cheek and scooped him up bridal style , stepping right into the warm water painted baby blue from the bath bomb . Louis snuggled back into Harry's chest , letting Harry's hands wash his body .

"I'm really proud of you , Hazzie ." Louis said sleepily , Harry smiled and kissed his head , "Thank you lovely . I'm proud of you too , you've been doing great managing the Cafe ."

Louis smiled aswell and sighed as Harry brought him closer , pressing kisses to his shoulder .He shied away and giggled when Harry's lips pressed to his neck , but Harry just buried his face right into his neck , eyelashes fluttering against his skin .

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