Ch. 6

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Well since you're reading it during the summer break , I can't really say that school sucks because there's no school for now . But I did write it during school time and now just posted it , so school sucks . I hate it .

Enjoy the chapter x


"I'll come to pick you up , alright ?" Harry said as he parked outside the diner , Louis nodded and pressed a kiss to his lips , "Have fun at the boxing , tell Paul I said hi ."

Harry nodded and pressed one more kiss to his lips before Louis got out of the car , waving at him before going into the diner .

Louis walked in , grinning at Erin who was giggling at something Ethan said . "Hey lovebirds ." He smiled at the two , they smiled back at him .

"Hi Lou ." Erin gave him a hug , "George isn't here today , he called in sick , so Ally took his shift ." She pointed to Ally , a twenty three year old girl who works at a different shift .

"Ooh ! I haven't seen her in forever ." Louis smiled , he walked to the employees room to put his stuff , he pocketed his phone and walked to the cashier , where he'll be working .

Ally came to the desk and squealed when she saw Louis , hugging him across the counter , "Louis ! I haven't seen you in ages !"

"I know ! I missed you !" He hugged her , smiling widely .

"So , how have you been ? I heard you got yourself a fine looking boyfriend ." She winked at him , making him giggle .

"He's my fiance , actually ." He grinned , making her mouth gape , "No freaking way . Aww I'm so happy for you !!" She held his hands in hers , "Whe are you getting married ?"

"Well , we just got engaged less than a month ago , we haven't started planning anything yet . We do talk about it sometime , but not actually sitting our bums down to prepare everything . Not yet , atleast ." Louis explained .

"Oh well . I'd better get in invitation ." She pointed a finger at him , causing him to raise his eyebrow , "Do you really think I'll forget about you ?"

She giggled and hugged him one last time , "I'd better get back to work ."

"Yeah , get your bum over to those customers ." He shooed her away and giggled when she glared at him playfully .


"I'm exhausted ." Louis leaned on the broom's stick , his eyes slightly dropping . Ally poked at his back , "Just a little bit more and you'll be back home , come on let's finish ."

Louis sighed and finished brooming the floor , he put the broom back in the closet and went to get his stuff .

The store's door opened , Louis looked up to see a girl stepping inside . "Hello , uh is Ally here ?" She asked , Louis nodded , "Yeah , she's in the employees' room ." He said as he put his jacket on .

Ally walked out of the room , her lips stretching into a smile as she spotted the girl . "Zeidy !" She squealed and ran over to her , hugging her tightly . Zeidy was slightly shorter than her , she chuckled and hugged her back , "Hi All ."

The door opened again , this time Harry walked inside , smiling at Louis , "Hey lovely ."

Louis grinned and went over to Harry , hugging him . "Hi Hazzie ."

"So this is your fiance , huh ?" Ally smiled at the two , Louis pulled back from Harry's chest and nodded , "Yeah ." He took Harry's hand and walked with him closer to Ally , "Harry , this is Ally , she works with me . Ally , this is Harry , my fiance ."

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