Ch. 17

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I somehow write about Louis being sick while I'm sick myself . This one I wrote a few weeks ago , and now that I'm posting it I'm sick . This is creepy .

Anyways , Enjoy x


"Hazzieeee ..." Louis whined , coughing into his hand . Harry lifted himself up on his elbow , "Boo , are you sick ?"

"My throat hurts ." Louis said raspily , coughing again . Harry kissed his cheek , "I'll go call you in for work , you need to rest ." He got out of bed and grabbed his phone on the way out of the room .

Louis whined again at his sore throat and headache , burying himself into the pillow with the covers all around him .

Harry was back a few minutes later with a tea mug , he sat next to Louis' body , "Sit up love , I got you some tea for your throat ."

"My head hurts , Hazzie ." Louis whined , Harry placed the mug on the nightstand and pressed the back of his hand to his forehead . "Hm , you are a little warm . I'll go get you med ."

"Nooo ." Louis whined , Harry rubbed his back , "It'll make you feel better , I promise ." He got up and went to the drawer in the bathroom .

Louis sat up with his back against the bedpost supported by a pillow , he pulled the covers up to his chin and couched again .

Harry walked back into the room , "Here , there's a pill for your head , and one for your throat ." He sat next to him , "I'll go get you some water ."

"No , Hazzie , I don't want to take it ." Louis pouted , Harry just chuckled and walked out of the room .

Louis pretended to go back to sleep , couching into his hand . Harry walked back into the room , chuckling , "Did you fall asleep in ten seconds ?"

Louis didn't answer , Harry placed the glass on the nightstand and sat next to Louis , "Do you want me to handle this like I used to with Lux ?"

Louis kept quiet , Harry snuck his hand under the covers and tickled his stomach . Louis immediately started giggling , squirming away .

Harry laughed along and pulled him closer , helping him sit up . "Lovely , you just need to take the pills and that's all ."

"But I don't like it , it's yucky ." Louis pouted and crossed his arms over his chest .

"I know , love , but it'll make you feel better . And I promise you , after you take the pills and drink your tea , I'll make you breakfast and cuddle you ." Harry scooted closer and pecked his cheek .

"All day cuddles ?"

"Unfortunately no , I have training and I have to be there ." Harry gave him an apologetic smile , "But it's in the evening , so we have time to cuddle ."

Louis pouted again . "Will you give me back scratches ?"

"Yes ."

"And kisses ?"

"Yes ."

"And you will not tickle me ?"

"Well ..." Harry pretended to consider .

"No , promise me you won't tickle me ." Louis pouted , widening his eyes a little .

"But lovely , I can't promise you that . Laughter is a good medicine ." Harry pinched his cheek softly .

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