Ch. 52

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Louis parked his car outside the gym ; he just got done with another meeting with Jannet and wanted to go see Harry training . He walked into the place and waved with a smile at Rick , the guy at the front desk , Rick waved back before going back to talking on the phone .

Louis walked down the hall , entering the gym but stopping on the doorway at the sight of Harry holding a guy's hips as the guy , looking quite thin , was lifting bars in front of the mirror .

Soon the guy put the weight bar down and turned to Harry with a smile , they talked a little but Louis couldn't hear . The guy brought his hand up to Harry's bicep and gave it a squeeze , Harry smiled and nodded , saying something back .

Louis' breath hitched as the guy pushed his hand under Harry's shirt and felt his abs , Harry didn't even try pushing his hand , in fact , he was guiding his hand around to feel more muscles .

The guy smiled and nodded before pulling his hand back , turning back to the bar . Harry's hands returned to the guy's hips as he talked to him , nodding his head and once in a few lifts his right hand moved to the guys' lower back .

Louis wanted to turn away and stop watching them , but on the other side he wanted to go confront the two . But he just stood there , almost as if he's paralyzed .

"Hey , Louis ." Paul walked into the gym , smiling at Louis . Louis shook out of his shock and turned to face him , "Hi Paul ."

"Harry is over there , with a new guy . He's been here a few times already and I asked Harry to help him , show him how to use the equipment correctly ."

Louis nodded , though he still strongly disliked how they were touching each other .

He approached them , the guy put the bar down and turned to Harry , now seeing Louis behind him . He raised an eyebrow , "Hello , can we help you ? We're kind of in the middle of something ."

"Didn't know I need permission to come see my husband ." Louis said innocently , though he still glared at the guy .

"Husband ? You didn't tell me you have a husband ." The guy turned to Harry , who now took a step towards Louis and held his hand . Harry nodded , "Yeah , this is Louis , my husband . Louis , this is Andy , Paul asked me to help him around a little ."

"By the way you were touching me I think it was more than 'helping around' ." Andy smirked a little , "Didn't know you were the cheating type . It's kind of hot ."

"Hey , I am not cheating on Louis ." Harry shot quickly , "I'll go ask Paul to find someone else to help you ."

"You know , I thought we had something ." Andy faked being hurt , though inside he was celebrating as he succeeded in hurting Louis .

"We had nothing , you are nothing compared to Louis ." Harry said and took Louis' hand , walking with him out of the gym . Once in the locker room Louis pulled his hand out of Harry's grip , "Is it true ? What that Andy guy said , is it true ?"

Harry turned to face him with an angered expression , "Don't you fukcing dare believe it ."

Louis looked down , he believed Harry of course , but he couldn't help but be insecure . He flinched when Harry punched the lockers angrily , turning to Louis . "So you don't trust me now , do you ? We're fucking married Louis , get the hell over this insecurity ."

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