Ch. 53

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Louis woke up in the morning to soft kisses being pressed to his cheek , he opened his eyes sleepily to Harry smiling at him .

"Morning , Boo ." He kissed his cheek once more , "Breakfast is ready , sit up ."

Louis whiled a little but let Harry push the covers off his upper body and help him sit up , Harry organized the pillows against the headboard and leaned Louis against it . He placed a tray of food on his lap , handing him the fork . 

"T'ank you ." Louis said gently as he took the fork , Harry kissed his cheek , "I'll be right back ."

Louis took a bite of his food as he watched Harry walking out of the room , entering a few seconds later with Milky and Peaches in his arms , placing the two on the bed .

He watched as Louis ate his breakfast , leaning in to kiss his forehead , "Want to take a bath after you're done eating ?"

Louis nodded since his mouth was full , Harry kissed his temple , "I called Jannet , told her you're not feeling well so you won't be meeting . We're having an our day today ."

"Oh ?" Louis asked , Harry nodded , "Yeah , wanted us to spend the day together ."

Louis nodded and finished his breakfast , Harry took the tray off his lap back to the kitchen before walking back into the bedroom , "I'll prepare the bath and come get you ."

Louis nodded and smiled softly as Milky climbed up his chest , meowing cutely . He occupied himself with her and Peaches before Harry walked into their room , "Bath is ready ."

He gently placed Milky and Peaches down on the floor and uncovered Louis , scooping him up in his arms . He walked with him into the bathroom and closed the door with his foot , stepping right into the bath and sitting down with his small husband on his lap .

Louis leaned himself against his chest , his face tucked between his neck and jaw . Harry engulfed him and rubbed his hand up and down his back , feeling the pain of guilt eating his insides .

After Louis fell asleep last night , Harry couldn't fall asleep . He held him tightly as he kept thinking about how he was the reason Louis regressed . He felt like the most horrible person . He regretted assissting Andy , he regretted everything he said back in the locker room , he regretted speeding off leaving Louis in the gym . But there's nothing he can do now except prove himself to Louis .

He pressed a warm kiss to the top of his head , "I love you , bug ."

"Love you too Hazzie ." Louis said softly , Harry gave him a squeeze , "Sit up lovely , I'll wash your hair ."

Louis whined a little as he was pulled away from Harry , making Harry smile and kiss his cheek as he turned Louis to face his back . Louis let himself relax as Harry washed his hair , shying away with a giggle when he kissed his neck .

Harry got up from the tub and wrapped a towel around his hips , holding a towel open for Louis , "Come here ."

Louis got up and stepped out onto the rug , letting Harry wrap him with the towel . "I'll get you clothes ." Harry kissed his forehead and walked out of the bathroom , leaving Louis to dry himself .

Soon they were both dressed , Harry took Louis' hand and walked with him to the living room , sitting him on the couch , "Want anything to drink ?"

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