Ch. 4

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"Hazzie , wake up ." Louis shook Harry's shoulder gently , "Zi and Ni invited us for lunch at Zayn's , remember ? We need to be there soon ."

Harry sighed and nodded , "I remember . I'm tired though ."

"Me too ." Louis nodded and cuddled into Harry's back , "And I have a shift right after ." He pouted .

"And I have a session ." Harry turned around and wrapped his arms around Louis , "When do we need to be there ?"

"Noon ." Louis pressed himself closer to Harry , "It's almost ten thirty now ."

"Hm .What do you say , we can take a bath . We haven't had one in ages , and we were really sweaty last night ." Harry lowered his lips to Louis' ear , Louis giggled and blushed , "Okay ."

They got out of bed and pulled their boxers on , Louis changed the sheets while Harry got the bath ready .

"Lou , what do you say , should we add a bath bomb ?" Harry asked from the bathroom .

"Yes !! The vanilla one !" Louis called back .

Soon the bath was ready , Harry helped Louis in and they sat in front of each other in the milky white water . Louis reached for the sponge and poured a bit of soap on it , scooting closer to Harry to clean him up .

Harry smiled as he watched Louis , sneaking kisses to his cheeks when he was close enough . Louis smiled and giggled inbetween , returning the kisses . When he finished Harry took the sponge from his hands , "Pass me the soap ."

Louis handed him the bottle and sat with his back to Harry , Harry rubbed the sponge gently on his back and shoulders , pulling him closer to clean his arms and front .

They finished their bath , Harry got out of the tub to get him and Louis towels . He wrapped a towel around Louis , "I'll go get you clean boxers , alright ?"

Louis nodded , Harry pecked his forehead before stepping out of the bathroom . Louis dried himself and got into the boxers Harry gave him , he dried his hair and walked out of the bathroom in his boxers to the closet .

Harry was in there already , looking for clothes . Louis took himself a pair of black jeans and tried reaching for his shirt , whining when he couldn't reach it .

Harry turned to him , chuckling to himself . He reached for a pile of shirts , "Which one ?"

"The light brown one ." Louis pointed , Harry nodded and handed him the shirt , "There you go , shortie ."

Louis giggled , "Thanks , hulk ."

Harry pinched his cheek and they got dressed , Louis stood in front of the mirror and fixed his hair , Harry took a bit of gel in his hands and did his hair into a quiff .

Louis walked to the front door and took his white converse , going to sit on the couch to put them on .

Harry slipped his feet into his Timberland shoes and walked to Louis , crouching down in front of him to tie his shoes for him . Louis smiled and pecked his cheek , "Roll my jeans up ." He held his legs up , Harry chuckled and rolled the ends of his jeans up .

"What time is it now ?" Harry asked , looking at the clock . "Eleven fifteen . Do you want a cup of tea and a biscuit before we leave ?" Harry asked .

"Yeah , I'd like that ." Louis said with a smile , he followed Harry to the kitchen and sat on the counter .

"Hand me the tea bags love , it's above your head in the cabinet ." Harry said as he pulled two mugs from the other cabinet . Louis opened the cabinet above his head and pulled out two tea bags , handing them to Harry .

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