Ch. 37

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Sooo , the wedding chappie :)))

Brace yourselves , it's a long one . Enjoy x


Harry woke up to screams and two bodies jumping up and down his bed , he chuckled and opened his eyes to see Niall and Zayn jumping excitedly .

"Get up mate !! You're getting married today !" Niall sat on his knees next to Harry and shook him , Harry sighed , "I'm up , just give me a minute ."

Zayn grabbed Niall around the waist mid-air as he was about to belly-floop on Harry , "We'll go down to help Anne with making breakfast ."

Niall's head snapped up , "Breakfast ?? Why didn't you say so ?" He let Zayn carry him out of the room laughing , Harry chuckled and shook his head , laying on his back staring at the ceiling with a smile .

I'm getting married . Fucking getting married . He told himself in his head , making his smile widen . He stretched a litt before getting out of bed , going down to the kitchen .

He entered the kitchen , Anne grinned at him and squeezed him tightly in a hug . "I'm so so happy , my dear ."

Harry hugged her back and kissed her cheek , "As long as you don't cry , be as happy as you want to be ."

"Oh you'll never stop me from crying . My baby is getting married , I have every right to cry ." She pretended to scold him and cupped his cheek , her thumb rubbing over his dimple softly . Harry laughed and hugged her again , "Love you mum ."

"Love you too , baby ." She cooed softly and squeezed him before pulling back , "Go sit at the table , breakfast will be ready in a bit ."

"I'll help you ." Harry stepped one step towards the stove but was pushed back , "No no , you go sit at the table ."

"Well can I atleast go to the aisle so I can be with you , Niall and Zayn ?" Harry asked , trying to look cute while pouting . Anne rolled her eyes but nodded , "Go ahead ."

Harry smiled and went to sit next to Niall , while Zayn was watching over the food . Robin then came into the kitchen aswell and hugged Harry , Harry smiled and hugged him back , "Don't you get all emotional on me too ."

"Oh stop it , I will if I want to ." Robin messed his hair , Harry chuckled and pulled out a chair for him .


Louis woke up to two bodies cuddled up on both his sides , he shifted a little and opened his eyes to see Winter and Gemma still asleep . He sighed sleepily and dropped his head back to the pillow , when it hit him - he's getting married .

His eyes widened and he quickly sat up on his knees , hands covering his mouth . Gemma felt him moving and opened her eyes , "Go back to sleep , Lou ." She said and closed her eyes , then opened them again . "Wait ... -"

"I'm getting married ." Louis mumbled , "I-I'm getting married . I'm -"

Gemma squealed and sat up to hug him , he hugged her back , "I'm getting married , Gems ."

Winter stirred from next to them , smiling as she saw them and sat up to join in , "I want to squeal but I'm way too tired ."

Louis pulled back , "I'm getting married ."

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