Ch. 30

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Heads up : a long ass chapter ahead . :3

Enjoy x


"Lovely , everyone should be here in thirty minutes and I need help organizing the food and drinks ." Harry knocked on the bedroom door bedore stepping in , watching Louis tying his shoelaces .

"I'll be right there , I'm just - ugh ." Louis groaned as he messed the tying once again , kicking the shoes off in annoyance . He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted , "These stupid laces won't tie , I tried three times already ."

Harry chuckled softly and took the shoes , kneeling down infront of Louis to help him into them .

"Don't frown , bug ." Harry tickled his foot gently , laughing when Louis almost kicked him in the face .

"Don't do that !" He whined and pushed his shoulder softly , Harry just smiled at him and finished helping him into his shoes . He then threw him over his shoulder , making him squeak , "Hazzieee !"

Harry walked out of the room with him , placing him down on his feet and pecked his lips , "Come on , help me ."

They moved furniture around a little , so the house will have more space , since there are going to be a lot of people here .

Louis covered the dining table with a white table mat , Harry placed bowls of snacks and treats on it . Louis brought plastic cups and straws , Harry littered the table in bottle drinks , beers and some energy drinks .

Louis stood behind Harry and wrapped his arms around his torso , "Hazzie ?"

"Yeah ?"

"Can you tell me now where we're going on the honeymoon ?"

Harry chuckled and turned around  , Louis' arms still around him . He kissed his forehead and put his hands on his hips , "I know you're eager to know , but you'll have to wait a little longer ."

Louis whined and pressed his face to Harry's chest , "Pleaseeee ?"

"No lovely , sorry ." Harry smiled fondly at him , Louis pouted and turned his back to Harry , arms crossed over his chest .

"Oh don't be overdramatic ." Harry rolled his eyes playfully and turned to the kitchen to get some more snacks , he placed the bowls on the table and looked over to Louis , who was still standing in the same spot with the same expression .

Harry sighed loudly and walked over to him , throwing him over his shoulder . Louis squealed , "Put me down , you hulk !"

"Nope , not until you talk to me properly ." Harry shook his head and carried him around the house , laughing quietly when Louis kept quiet .

He tossed him gently on the couch and sat next to him , "Are you going to talk to me ?"

Louis shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest , shifting so now his back faces Harry . Harry chuckled and put his arm around Louis' waist , leaning down to bury his face in his neck .

Louis gasped and tried squirming away , he pushed at Harry's face to try getting him away from his neck . Harry chuckled at his attempts before leaning his weight on Louis , growling into his neck .

Louis giggled and kicked his legs around , "Stop !"

Harry lifted his head up , "You talked ."

"Go awayyyyy ." Louis whined and squirmed , Harry turned Louis to lie on his back and pressed their lips together , lifting him up to sit on his lap .

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