Ch. 15

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This year started quite okay , actually . How did your schoolyear start ? Hopefully good .

Enjoy the chapter x


Louis was jumping in his spot near the door entrace , biting on his lip as he smiled to himself . Today is Harry's first ring fight and he's both excited and nervous at the same time .

Harry came out of the room all dressed up with his bag slung over his shoulder , "Are you ready ? Your phone is with you ?" He asked , Louis nodded , "Yeah ."

"Good ." Harry pecked his cheek with a smile .

"Are you excited ?" Louis asked as they were waiting for their ride to arrive ; Paul said photographers are going to be there , and the boxers get to have a safe ride to the ring stadium .

"Quite excited , yeah . Nervous too ." Harry sighed , Louis took a hold of his hand , "Don't be nervous , you're really good and you can knock out people with a punch ."

"The ones I fight are equally as strong as I am , I doubt a single punch would knock them out ." Harry shook his head and tightened his grip on Louis' hand , "But as long as you're there , I can beat anyone ."

Louis blushed , his smile growing wider . He hugged Harry's middle , "Please try your hardest not to get severely hurt ."

"I promise ." Harry embraced him and kissed the top of his head , when there was a knock on the door .

They pulled back , Harry opened the door to see a guy in a suit , "Harry Styles ?"

"That's me ." Harry nodded .

"Your ride is here . I'm Charles ." The guy , Charles said and shook Harry's hand .

"Nice meeting you ." Harry smiled at him , he turned to Louis and wrapped his arm around him , "This is Louis , my fiance ."

"Nice meeting you ." Charles shook Louis' hand aswell , "Paul already informed me about everything , let's get going ."

Louis locked the house and took the keys , Charles led them to the SUV and opened the door for the backseat . Harry let Louis in first and got in right after him , Charles closed the door and got into the driver's seat , "We have a fourty minutes drive , what music would you like to listen to ?"

"You can put a random playlist for us ." Harry said as they buckled up , Charles nodded and played random songs as he pulled to the road .

Harry intertwined his fingers with Louis' , making him smile . Louis leaned his head on Harry's shoulder , "I forgot my pompoms ." He joked , making Harry laugh .


Fourty minutes later they arrived , there was a pathway leading into the place , on both sides of the pathway stood people with their cameras ready . Paul was standing with another two men , smiling when he saw the car arriving .

Charles got out of the car and opened the backseat door , Harry stepped out while the photographers took pictures . 

Harry turned towards the car and held Louis' hand as he stepped out , giving him a reassuring smile .

"There you are ." Paul smiled and shook Harry's hand as they reached him , Harry smiled back , "There we are ."

"Nice seeing you again , Louis ." Paul shook Louis' hand too , Louis smiled and shook his hand back , "It's been a while ."

"Has Harry been good to you ? Treating you well ?" Paul asked , Louis nodded with a shy smile and blush on his cheeks , "Yeah , he has ."

"Good , good . Let's go in , shall we ?" Paul asked , the two nodded . "But before , let me introduce you to your bodyguards ; James and Austin ."

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