Ch. 9

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"I'll come to pick you up , yeah ?" Harry pecked Louis' cheek , Louis nodded and kissed his lips , "Bye , see you later ."

Harry waved at him through the window of the car , Louis sent him a kiss with a small giggle and entered the Diner .

"Hey Lou ." George gave him a quick hug before rushing to a table , Louis walked into the employees' room and put his stuff there , going to the coffee area , where he'll be working today .

"Hi Louis ." Erin gave him a hug , he hugged her back , "Hey , how are you ?"

"I'm good , and you ?" She pulled back and made herself some hot chocolate .

"I'm fine , Harry and I started planning the wedding ." He bit his lip as he smiled .

"Oh my god , this is incredible !" She grinned , "Am I invited ?"

"Is that even a question ?" He giggled , she giggled too , "Just asking ." She took her hot chocolate and stood near the cash .

"How are you and Ethan ?" Louis asked after taking an order from George .

"We're - we're good ." Erin said with a small smile , but to Louis she sounded unsure .

"Are you sure ? You don't sound like that ."

She bit her lip , "We had our first fight two days ago , haven't talked ever since ."

"Oh . About what ?" Louis asked , frowning a little .

"Uhm , I - I saw him talking to another girl near his locker at school , I didn't suspect anything until she hugged him and kissed his cheek , really close to his lips . I asked who she was and he told me that it doesn't matter . I ignored him and he flipped at me , so we aren't talking ." Her voice was quiet .

Louis finished making the order and went to hug her , "It's going to be okay , yeah ? It's probably nothing . I mean , you had every right not to talk to him , and he shouldn't have flipped at you , but it can be nothing ."

"I don't know ." She sighed .

"It'll be okay . If anything goes wrong , I'll get Harry to slap him ." He squeezed her before letting go , going to take another order from the other waiter .


Louis was busy making three orders , when he felt someone against his side . He turned his head to see Erin , "Is everything okay ?"

She shook her head , "N-no , Ethan's here ."

His eyes widened a little , "Why is he here ?"

"I don't want to talk to him , he's going to break up with me a-and tell me I'm not good enough -"

"It won't happen , I promise . And even if he does , he's not worth it , you'll find someone better ."

"But I love him , Lou ." She said almost in tears .

He hugged her , "It'll be okay , I promise ."

"Erin ?" They heard Ethan , only Louis lifted his head to look at him . "Can I talk to her please ?" Ethan asked , Louis looked down to Erin , "Are you okay with talking to him ?"

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