Ch. 55

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Hey guys , I'm sorry it's been so long since I last updated . For those of you who don't know , I recruited to my country's defensive force and I get to be home once in two weeks , which means every second weekend I'm home . In conclusion , I haven't been home almost at all , and now I have some time to write while I'm home .

Enjoy x


Two months went by , and in that amount of time quite a few things have happened ; Zayn and Niall hosted an engagement party at their place , Liam and Winter kept repairing their relationship , Harry went to another ring-fight and won his round . 

Now , it was the day Jannet is throwing a small party for Louis as a Welcome to the job . The thing is , it was a surprise party Harry helped her throw .


"I don't understand what's so important about going to the Cafe at this hour ." Louis furrowed his eyebrows a little as he sat in the passenger's seat of Harry's car , on their way to the Cafe . It was eight thirty p.m and it was odd .

"I wanted us to have an evening together , we barely had time for this the past three weeks with everything going on . So we'll start there , go to the park a little for a walk , then go back home ." Harry said , turning left .

"Mm , okay ." Louis said , believing his words .

Soon they reached the Cafe , got out of the car and walked inside . At first Louis didn't suspect , but as they walked in he was surprised to see their families and friends sitting at the tables , clapping and cheering as he walked in .

"What is going on ?" He whispered to Harry , who just smiled and wrapped his arm around his waist as Jannet approached them .

"Welcome to the job , Louis ." She smiled , "Harry helped me throw this little evening party just for our close ones , as a welcome from us to you ."

"Aw ." Louis cooed , grinning softly . He hugged her and thanked her , Jannet rubbed his back and squeezed him a little before pulling back .

Niall and Zayn were quick to jump on Louis in a hug , making him laugh and hug them back . "Missed you two ."

"Missed you too , mate . Congratulations ." Niall patted his back , Zayn pinched his cheek , laughing when he slapped his hand away , "Stop it ."

Next one was Winter , she squealed and wrapped her arms around him , "I'm so proud of you !"

Louis giggled and hugged her back just as tightly , "Thank you ." 

She pulled back a few seconds later , allowing Liam to hug him aswell . Louis grinned and squeezed him , thanking him when he was congratulated .

He went over to his and Harry's families , sitting with them a few minutes with Ernest in his arms before going to his friends' families aswell as Jannet's .

Two or so hours later everyone left , and the Cafe was about to close .

Harry approached Liam , who was just getting himself and Winter two cups of vanilla coffee . "You and Winter doing okay ?"

"Yeah . We're taking it all extra slow , but I'm just really happy we're on good terms . She sayd I'm doing it right , so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing . You have no idea how happy I am ." Liam couldn't help but grin widely as he talked , making Harry smile back and pat his shoulder .

"Amazing . Keep it up ." Harry gave his shoulder a squeeze and walked with him to where Louis and Winter were sitting . They slid into the booth with them , Harry next to Louis and Liam next to Winter .

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