Ch. 45

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The first part of the chapter is a little more interesting , the second part is pure fluff .

Enjoy x


"Winter , you need to relax ." Louis pouted and hugged her , Winter sighed and shook her head , "I can't , Lou . I really can't ."

"I agree with Louis , though I understand how you're feeling ." Harry said and rubbed her back .

The three were standing outside Liam's place ; after not seeing him for almost a month , they decided it's time to talk to him .

Winter took a deep breath , "Let's do it before I regret coming here ." She walked quickly to the door , knocking on it . Louis and Harry joined her , and a few seconds later Liam opened the door .

"Oh , hi ." He raised his eyebrows .

"We're here to talk ." Harry said , Liam bit his lip and opened the door wider , allowing the three to walk in .

Liam was sitting on one couch , Louis , Harry and Winter on the other .

"Congratualtions on the wedding ." Liam said , Harry thanked him before scooting up a little to sit straighter . "Why ?"

Liam shook his head , "I don't know ."

"Well you have to know . You hurt all of us , especially Winter . What was your excuse ?"

"I truly don't know how to explain -"

"Well then try harder , damnit !" Harry started getting angrier , Louis put his hand on his bicep , "Relax ."

Harry sat back , so Louis took charge . "You must have a reason for doing it all . Why did you decide to be with that Cheryl girl behind Winter's back ? Why did you say you're tired of being our friend ?"

"Well , Cheryl .. uhm , we were friends . Then we accidentally kissed once , and kind of - kept going with the kisses . Nothing more than a kiss , though ." Liam sighed , "And I truly don't know why I said I'm tired of being your friend - it was stupid of me . Really stupid ."

"What made you keep going with the kisses ?" Winter asked , "Why did you keep kissing her when you were still dating me ? Liam , you freaking proposed to me ."

"I - I don't know . It all happened after I proposed . Since we moved in together you were always working , and I - I kind of didn't see you a lot . And I needed these - interactions ."

"You know you could've told me , right ? I was working a lot because we needed to afford living here . We can't live off our parents forever ." Winter said , sitting up more . "And the fact that I was working is not an excuse for kissing another girl . We were supposed to get married , do you realize ? How would you feel if I went kissing someone behind your back while planning our wedding ?"

Liam was quiet , letting them smash those words into him . He knew they're right .

"Have anything to say ?" Harry asked , Liam swallowed hard . "I'm really sorry ."

"Sorry isn't going to fix it . Explain everything ." 

"I'm telling you - I really don't know . It just happened , and I let it happen ."

"How are you going to fix it , then ?" Winter asked , trying not to show she's hurting .

Liam slumped and bit his lower lip . "First , I'd like all of you guys to give me another chance , as your friend . Then I'd like to make it up to you , Winter . I want to show you that I still love you so so much , and I don't care how long it's going to take you to take ."

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