Ch. 23

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Louis woke up the day after his nan's funeral , whining quietly when he didn't feel Harry next to him . Peaches was laying on his pillow next to his head , sound asleep . He smiled softly and reached to pet her .

Harry walked into the bedroom , "Morning , love ."

Louis turned his head a little , "Morning Hazzie ." He smiled back and yawned . Harry sat next to him and rubbed his back , "How are you feeling ?"

"I'm okay . I think I'm over it . It still hurts , though ." Louis said and sat up , Harry nodded , "Good . I can't stand seeing you upset ."

Louis smiled and wrapped his arms around him , bringing him into a cuddle . Harry squeezed him and kissed his head , "Remember we're meeting with Evelyn today ? She has a few suggestions for us ."

Louis nodded and yawned again , Harry pecked his cheek , "Come on , I made us some breakfast ."

"Carry me ?" He held his arms out for Harry , making him chuckle softly before scooping him up . Louis wrapped his legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders , he kissed his cheek and then his dimple as a 'thank you' .

After breakfast they got dressed and waited for Evelyn to arrive , in the meantime Anne arrived aswell .

Harry made them all tea and brought it to the living room , when there was a knock on the door . Louis got up to open it , greeting Evelyn .

All four sat in the living room , Evelyn pulled some papers out of her bag . "Okay , so I've been researching places for you two , since it's the most important thing right now . Anything that has to do with theme , decorations and outfits is no problem . So , I found three potential places , and managed to get five potential dates for these places ."

Harry reached for Louis' hand , who smiled at him and intertwined their fingers .

"The first place is Armonia , it's fourty minutes away , by the beach , they have a special place for the ceremony on the beach . The place is beautiful , but quite expensive . I managed to get a date , August 12th ."

The three nodded , so Evelyn continued . "The second one is Magia (pronounced ; mag - ia) , it's an hour and a half away , also by the beach . They don't have a place for a ceremony on the beach so we'll have to organize it ourselves . It's a big place with the big glass windows to the beach , like Louis wanted , and not as expensive as Armonia . I managed to get two dates , September 19th and October 2nd ."

Louis and Harry gave each other a look , trying to figure out what the other was thinking .

"The third and last place is Plaza Palace , by the beach , half an hour away . They have a beautiful place for a ceremony by the beach , the big glass windows Louis wanted . The place is quite large but absolutely beautiful , not expensive at all . I managed to get two dates , August 9th and September 12th ."

Harry turned his head to Louis , Louis turned his head to look back at him . "What would you like ?" Harry asked , he really didn't mind getting any of these places , but he wanted to know what Louis wants .

"I think - I'd like the Plaza palace ." Louis said , Harry nodded and turned his head to Evelyn , "We'll take the Plaza Palace ."

"Alright , then you have two dates , August 9th and September 12th , unless you want it to be later or earlier ."

"August 9th is good , it's the perfect season for us to go on the honeymoon . I already picked a place ." Harry said , looking at Louis for confirmation . Louis raised his eyebrows , "Where are we going ?"

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