Ch. 49

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Harry woke up to Louis missing next to him , and Milky curled up under his chin . He smiled sleepily and brought his hand up to pet her , making her purr softly . He slowly got up from his laying position , sighing as he pushed the covers off him .

He went to brush his teeth before walking out of the room , the air was filled with the smell of food . He walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Louis near the stove , his phone pressed between his ear and shoulder .

"Really ? I'm so happy for you . I already told you I approve , he seems like a good guy ." Louis said into the phone , still not acknowleding Harry who was standing behind him .

Harry put his hands on his bare waist and pressed a warm kiss to his neck , making him gasp and flinch away , his phone falling off his shoulder to the floor .

"Hazzie !" Louis smacked his chest , Harry laughed , "Sorry , Boo ."

Louis picked his phone up and pressed it back to his ear , "Sorry , Harry scared me and I dropped my phone ." He said and went back to cooking .

Harry put his hands on Louis' hips , massaging the back of his hipbones gently . He kissed the back of his head before letting go , going to set up the table for them .

"Alright , I'll talk to you later . Bye Winnie ." Louis said and hung up , putting his phone down . He took the food to the table as Harry set up two plates , two forks and two glasses filled with orange juice .

He set down a plate with scrambled eggs and another plate with bacon , before crossing his arms over his chest and raising an eyebrow at Harry .

Harry laughed and kissed his temple , "Sorry I scared you ."

"Sorry isn't going to fix my phone screen ." Louis said , Harry kissed his lips , "I'll buy you a new phone , I promise . We can go today , we both have the day off . We can also go pick me a car ."

Louis bit his lower lip , thinking it's time to reveal his surprise .

"Why do you need two cars ?" He asked as he sat next to the table , Harry raised an eyebrow , "What ?"

"Why do you want to get another car ? We don't need three cars ." Louis said and started filling his plate with food , biting back a smile .

Harry furrowed his eyebrows , sitting next to Louis and turning his chair to face him . "You didn't ."

"I didn't what ?" Louis asked innocently .

"You didn't get me a car , did you ?" Harry asked , Louis smiled , "Check outside and tell me yourself ."

Harry got up from his seat and walked out of the house to their driveway , a large Range Rover was standing there with a large white bow ontop of it .

Louis grinned at his surprised expression and wrapped his arms around his middle from behind , his head resting on his shoulder blade . "I really hope you like it ."

"Oh baby , I love it so much . You really didn't have to , this is so expensive ." Harry put his hands on Louis' small arms that were wrapped around him .

"What about all the times you payed for things for me eh ? Wasn't that expensive ?" Louis sassed a little , before Harry turned around in his arms and brought him into a kiss . "Thank you lovely , I love it so so much . I love you ."

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