Ch. 42

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"No pouting , lovely ." Harry chuckled and rubbed Louis' back as they packed their things ; their honeymoon came to an end , and they need to leave for their flight in an hour .

"But I love it here , I don't want to leave ." Louis whined as he folded his last piece of clothing before going to get his things from the bathroom .

When he came back Harry wrapped his arms around him from behind , chin on his shoulder , "I know you do , and if we could live here forever we would ." He kissed his cheek , "But we need to go back to our families , and friends . And Peaches and Milky must miss us a lot ."

"My babies ." Louis mumbled to himself , Harry smiled , "And we get to give everyone their gifts , isn't it exciting ?"

"It is . But I still don't want to leave ." Louis crossed his arms over his chest ,

Harry pressed a long , soft kiss to his cheek , "I promise that when my ring fights season ends we can go on another small vacation . Okay ?"

Louis turned to face him and wrapped his arms around his middle , head resting on his chest , "I'd love that ."

Harry kissed his head and squeezed him , "Now finish packing so we won't be late for our flight ."

Louis let out a soft whine but kept packing , he put half of the presents in his suitcase , the other half in Harry's suitcase .

When they were all packed up they took their things and went down to the reception , signed out and gave the key cards back . Harry also met up with the guy he rented the car from , he gave him the keys back and thanked him .

They took a taxi to the airport , went through security and boarded their flight , and landed back in England eleven hours later .

They reached home at eight p.m , both were exhausted . They texted their families and friends they're home safely and scheduled a lunch at their place for tomorrow , after not seeing them for ten days they were all missing each other .


Harry woke up at eight a.m , sighing out softly . Louis was still asleep next to him , he rolled to kiss his cheek sleepily before getting out of bed to brush his teeth .

He decided to let Louis sleep in a little more , he went to make himself some tea before starting with the food for lunch .

Louis woke up at nine thirty , whining when Harry wasn't next to him . He opened his eyes and rolled around the bed a little before settling , sighing contently at the familiar smell of their home , and not the hotel .

He stretched out and yawned , falling limp back on the mattress . He rolled himself out of bed , going to brush his teeth and use the bathroom .

When he was done he walked out of the bedroom , hsi eyes still half open . He saw Harry with his back towards him , he wrapped his arms around him from behind , face pressed into the middle of his bare back .

Harry smiled and put his hands ontop of Louis' , "Good morning ."

"Mornin' ." Louis mumbled , Harry turned around to face him and kissed his forehead , "You can go sit on the couch , I'll make you tea and biscuits ."

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