Ch. 48

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Harry walked out of the gym after a training , He showered there and changed into regular clothes . Louis smiled at him through his window , leaning to kiss him as Harry got in the passenger's seat .

"Hey . Did you have a good training ?" Louis asked as Harry buckled himself , Harry nodded , "Yeah , it was good ."

They were invited to a barbecue at Zayn and Niall's place , along with some other friends they don't know from their workplaces .

"How did your meeting with Jannet go ?" Harry asked as Louis pulled out of the parking spot .

"It went great , things are progressing really well ." Louis said with a smile .

"Also , I want you to come with me so we can pick me a new car ." Harry said .

"Okay , when ?" Louis asked and stopped at a red light .

"I'm thinking in two days , after my morning training . You'll finish your shift and come pick me up . I kind of know what I want so it won't take long ." Harry said , "I really want you there , I want to know you approve of the car I'll choose ."

"You know I don't mind which car you pick , as long as you like it . For all I care you can buy yourself a pink golf cart and I'll be okay with it ."

Harry laughed and put his hand on his thigh , "I love how supportive you are ."

"I'll always be ." Louis sent him a smile and turned back to the road . Harry bit his lower lip as he stared at him , getting lost in his thoughts about how lucky he is and how he managed to get such a perfect person .

"It's rude to stare ." Louis reached to poke Harry's cheek , blushing softly .

"You're my husband and I'll stare for as long as I want to ." Harry smiled , knowing Louis loves it when he calls him husband .

Louis smiled with crinkles by his eyes , "We're here ." He parked in front of the house , seeing a few cars there already .

They got out of Louis' car , Harry took his hand and knocked on the door with his other hand . Zayn opened the door with a smile , hugging the two . "Hey , come in . We're all out in the yard , let's go ."

The two followed him through the house and out to the yard , seeing a few of their friends they didn't know , most likely from their workplaces .

"Let's go greet Niall ." Harry said and took Louis with him , Niall turned to face them and grinned . "My favourite couple !"

Louis giggled as Niall jumped on them in a hug , "We missed you too , Ni ."

Harry patted Niall's back before pulling back from the hug . "You been good ?"

"Been great ." Niall smiled at them , "There are drinks over there if you'd like ." He pointed to a table , they nodded and went to get themselves something .

Louis filled two cups with coke for him and Harry , handing Harry a cup . Harry thanked him and took a sip , before putting his arm around his shoulders , "Winter's here , she just walked in . Let's go say hi ."

Louis grinned and handed Harry his cup , running over to Winter . They grinned at each other and hugged , squeezing each other .

Harry chuckled to himself and walked over , handing Louis his cup and giving Winter a hug . "You been okay ?"

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