CH 55 (Bonus)

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It has been two days. Two days since you last saw your husband. Not one call, heck, not even one text has sent to you about his whereabouts. On the other hand, you sent his numerous texts and calls only to be left to no avail. You were pretty sure Gojo's phone blew up from the amount of texts and calls you've sent at this point. Poor Seichiro and Sayuri cried when they realized that their papa was not coming home again tonight. It took you a lot of time coaxing them that Gojo was coming back tomorrow. "How many more tomorrows, mama?" Seichiro sniffled, teary blue eyes mimicking Gojo's looked up at you. "Mama, I miss papa..." Sayuri wailed again, hugging the lavender jellycat bunny that Gojo bought her. Even Megumi had no idea where his adoptive father disappeared to while Tsumiki said Gojo hasn't been spamming her TikTok videos like usual.

Tossing in bed, your nerves were getting the best of you. The skies thundering with strikes of lightning. You took in a deep breath, trying to control your emotions. Your dear husband's coming back to you safe. He's the strongest. Nothing's going to happen to him. Well, at least you're not dealing with his nonsense for another day- Fuck! You sat up from the bed, Gojo's side cold as he was not next to you. The pendant with a shard of The Eye of Judgement was seen on the vanity. Of course that idiot had to forget wearing it on the day when he decided to go missing or you've used it to track him down.

Click. Your eyes widened hearing the front door unlatching as you dashed to the living room. There you saw Gojo taking off the cloth around his eyes and kicking off his shoes tiredly. He looked tired to say the least. His usual glint in his ocean blue eyes was gone, furrowed brows and under eye bags. His luscious lashes that matched his snowy hair fluttered when he looked ahead to see you. The low battery was instantly fully recharged at the sight of you. "Honey!" He pounced on you, arms wrapping around your waist tightly. "Gojo Satoru, where have you been? It's been two days since the babies and I last saw their father and husband!" You pushed him off as he winced and looked like a kicked puppy. Huffing, you turned around and stormed to your shared bedroom while your husband followed you behind closely.

"H-Honey, my phone died!" Gojo watched you glare at him and pouted. "For two days?" You emphasized and pulled the sheets over you. Gojo went over to your side of the bed and knelt down to face you properly. "Honey-" "Go take a bath and sleep." You cut him off and shut your eyes. You could practically hear your husband wince but still heed your words as he stood up for the bathroom.

Steam emitted out of the bathroom when Gojo got out. The smell of english pear and freesia filled the bedroom as the bed sunk down, indicating Gojo's presence. "Honey..." He poked your arm. Sighing, you forced yourself to turn over to face him. Both of you had an agreement to talk things out before bed and you've kept that promise to matter how mad you were. Gojo scooched closer to your warmth, nuzzling against your chest in hopes of melting your hard demeanour. "So? Are you going to explain where you've been?" You raised a brow. "I'm sorry for being missing. You must have been very worried." He started off as you found yourself stroking his soft hair. You hummed in response, a sign for him to continue. "The higher-ups sent me on a mission that took longer than expected. It was a complicated case." Gojo continued, pulling you closer to him.

Your eyes twitched hearing that it was the higher-ups again. If you could just wipe them off, that would be great. Well, technically you could. "Honey, don't be mad at me..." Gojo looked down in guilt. Your heart clenched at the sight at your poor husband. Sighing, you leaned forward to plant a kiss on his forehead. "You've worked hard, love. Thank you." You stroked his cheek that was turning pink. Gojo's eyes brightened up, you swore a tail was wagging furiously in delight. "Am I forgiven?" He asked in hope. Sighing, you tapped the tip of his nose. "You're not at fault, love." Gojo blinked in confusion. "But I didn't come home for two days without telling you beforehand...?" "Well, you didn't know what those hags had up their sleeves." You scoffed at the thought of the higher-ups before eyeing your husband.

"I'll kill them if I could to prevent this nonsense from happening again. Can't let my husband's strength be taken advantage of." You muttered under your breath, eyes glowing purple for a moment. Gojo looked up from your chest, cheeks puffing out along with a pout. It was as if hearts were floating in the air and so did his eyes turned into heart shapes. The cherry on top was that his love (horny) meter went beyond what it could contain. "You'd do that for me?!" "In a heartbeat." Gojo cheered in delight, flipping you over so that he could plop his weight on you. Before you could react, kisses were felt on your face as you sighed and allowed your husband to do whatever his heart desired. His lips were pressed against yours for as long as he wanted to show how much he loved you. It would be a lie if you said he wasn't adorable for behaving like this.

"I love you, wifey~"
"I love you too, my silly husband."

A/N: Surprise :)

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