CH 29

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Warning(s): Gojo says 'mama' once.

It has been two weeks since you woke up from your deep sleep. Unwrapping the melon, you took a knife and proceeded to cut the fruit into bite sized pieces. It was a Tuesday. Tsumiki was attending the annual camp for her grade while Megumi was playing with Wata in the living room. It has been peaceful and you wanted the rest of the days to be like this. You wondered when was the last time you felt your mind and heart being this careful. There was nothing to stress about. You turned to the kitchen counter to grab a tupperware to store the melon slices. Well, maybe you still had certain things to stress about.

Chasing Wata, Megumi saw your eye twitch and directed his view to what you were looking at. It was a bento wrapped in a blue cloth. You remembered reminding your boyfriend to bring his bento to Jujutsu High countless of times the night before. All he did was nod while giggling at whatever it was shown on his phone screen. "Can Wata have it, mama?" Megumi tip toed at the counter to view the bento better while Wata pawed your legs as if agreeing with him. You chuckled and picked up the pup whose tail was wagging vigorously. "You had your fill, little one." You booped his damp snout. Looks like you were making a lunch delivery to Jujutsu High.

A hand held Megumi's while the other had a leash. You have just entered Jujutsu High and wondered where was Gojo. The man was not picking up your calls. He must be busy carrying out lessons. Just then, you saw a group of students returning from the field and decided to ask them about your boyfriend's whereabouts. "Hi, excuse me. May I know where can I find Gojo?" You inquired. The students, three teenage boys, looked at each other before diverting their attention on you. "Why are you looking for him?" "Oh, he forgot his lunch at home so I thought of passing it to him." Megumi's nose scrunched up, not liking where this was going. "Just answer the question, morons." He scowled in annoyance. "Baby..." You tugged his hand lightly to stop him for speaking more.

The tallest boy of the trio had an irked expression and squatted to Megumi's height. "Oi. I don't like that tone of yours." He narrowed his eyes at Megumi. Your breath hitched, not understanding how a simple act of bringing lunch to Gojo led up to such a tensed atmosphere. Wata whimpered and hid behind your legs, scared of the boys that he perceived as strangers. "Who are you guys to Gojo sensei anyway? He's a busy man and visitors shouldn't come and go as they like." The student raised a brow and you started to feel ticked off. "As I said just now, Gojo forgot his lunch at home and I'm here to pass it to him. Would you please just tell us where he is so we can get going?" You shoved the bento into the students' face as emphasis. In a fleet of the moment, you felt the bento getting smacked out of your hand. The box tumbling out of the cloth and food spilling to the ground.

The students snickered and faked their pity. Gojo's lunch that you prepared in the early morning was now messed up. Megumi frowned, seeing his beloved mama being bullied by a bunch of stinky hormonal jerks. "Clean it up." You demanded, the students giving you a dirty look. "We don't pick up food that's on the ground. It disgusts us." The student smirked while his friends snickered in agreement. While they were mocking away, a harsh tug was felt on the student's collar and he was now face to face with you whose orbs were glowing purple. "I said. Clean. It. Up." You emphasized every word in a distorted voice with your hair flying all over the place. Megumi approached Wata and wrapped his arms around the pup, watching his now pissed off mama.

"Oh? What do we have here?" A familiar voice sounded from behind as the students straightened their backs. "G-Gojo sensei!" They greeted. He ruffled Megumi's head and gave Wata a few pats while making a beeline for you. "What made my honey this mad?" He wondered, wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you closer. Your anger slightly subsided in the presence of Gojo. It was funny how he used to be your source of anger but now he turned into your source of comfort instead. You let go of the grip and sighed, eyes flickering to the knocked over bento box which caught Gojo's attention. "Was this perhaps you guys' doing?" Gojo questioned the students who were now stumbling over their words in panic.

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