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"I'm going to fucking kill you if I find out that you've got to do with my sister's murder."

Gojo's eyes twitched upon hearing that bold statement. He leaned into you and let out a cocky smirk. "Dream on. I'm the strongest." He chuckled, looking at you through his shades. This arrogant bastard. Gnawing your lower lip, you glared at him in suspicion. You could still see the cursed energy permeating from his body. However, this cursed energy was far weaker than what Gojo possessed. Well, he is the wielder of the six eyes after all. That title enabled him to remain cocky and got his head up on the air. "Stay here for all I care. I'm out of here." With that, he teleported out of your sight.

If that cursed energy is not his, then whose does it belong to and why was it lingering off Gojo Satoru's body? You bit your nail, trying to come out with all sorts of theories. The Gojo residence was like a ghost town at this point. Since you entered the residence, nobody bat an eye at you. Well, except Sayuri, who was your right-hand servant. She was a nice young lady with a warm personality. She was there to witness how Gojo treated you, often letting out a pitiful smile when your eyes meet.

"Mrs Gojo, your tea is here." Sayuri made her appearance from behind. "Please call me y/n, Sayuri." You sighed, that surname irked you. Taking a sip of warm green tea, you patted the seat next to you, telling her to sit and she did with some hesitance. There was a moment of silence shared between both of you in the already quiet room. "I'm sorry for your loss, Ms y/n." She broke the atmosphere. You turned your head slightly to face her, letting out a weak smile.

It's been two weeks since you lost Mayu. Sadness was an understatement. You've lost your last known family member. It took you a lot of time to overcome the fact that she was no longer around. Only up till recently, you decided to get yourself together with the top priority to find the one who caused your sister's death. Screw Gojo. Screw your bubbling feelings for him. His behaviour and reaction about Mayu's passing was a push for your already sour relationship with the clan head.

"Sayuri, dear. Would you like to accompany me to the garden?" You asked, slight warmth filled your empty heart to see the younger girl's eyes sparkle while nodding. Although night has fallen, you had a preference to stroll in the garden at this timing whereby the moonlight made the flowers and trees prettier. A gust of wind cut through the air, making your hair fly all over as sakura petals flew. You recalled the times when you and Mayu used to have picnics under the sakura tree at your place. Now, you had nobody but yourself.

Noises were heard as you looked ahead to see Gojo. He was in his casual attire, dress shirt unbuttoned enough to reveal his toned chest. What a way to ruin the moment. Amidst your thoughts, Gojo walked past you, ignoring your presence as usual. That was when you picked up that cursed energy again. "Sayuri, it's getting late. Go rest for the night." You smiled at her, trying to conceal your feelings. "Yes, Ms y/n. Have a goodnight." She bowed. "Goodnight, Sayuri." You nodded at her, watching her leave the garden.

"Where did you go?" Gojo stopped in his tracks, shoulders lifting and dropping as he let out a sigh. The white haired male turned his face slightly to look at you before shifting his gaze away. "Do I have to report to you everywhere I go? Heck, do I need to tell you who I was with?" He let out a chuckle. "Now that you mentioned it. I'd rather know who you were with." You crossed your arms over, fingers pinching the skin on your elbow.

"None of your business." Gojo muttered, turning his body to venture deeper into the residence. That was when a sweet scent hit your nostrils. It was a perfume by Marc Jacobs. "So, who's she?" You pinched yourself harder, not wanting to show signs of care. Gojo inched his eyebrows before giving you a look as if you've grown another head. "I don't know what you're talking about." "Gojo, you were out of a woman?" You questioned, voice giving away that you did care if he had another woman outside. "You're ridiculous. Who are you to get up all over my ass?" He spat in annoyance.

I'm your wife. That was what you wanted to scream out. To remind him that you're wedded to each other. You knew that he didn't care but at least have some respect for you. Just a little would do. "You're fucking weird. Nobody can sense a third party's cursed energy from a person." Gojo rolled his eyes. He thinks you're making things up or hallucinating. What?

"Are you gaslighting me or something? Gojo, there's five different cursed energies other than yours that's smoking out from you." Gojo's eyes widened but it was thankfully unnoticeable due to his shades and the dark sky. The way he was looking at you as if he thinks you're stupid. He probably was, actually. He wasn't going to say this but he was indeed with five people affiliated with the jujutsu society.

His six eyes tried their hardest to dig out anything abnormal about you but there was nothing. You're perfectly fine. It's either that or you're great at suppressing anything that was meant to be hidden.

"I got to keep an eye on her."

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