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A/N: I tweaked the manga to fit this book aka different timelines, different plot, different this and that. Don't come at me.

Gojo Satoru. The wielder of the infamous six eyes and limitless cursed technique. He was spoilt by his parents. He was given anything he desired. Provided with the best there could possibly be. He knew he was the strongest since he was a child, holding into that title and using it whenever he could. Fame couldn't brush by him for his good looks, reputation and unpredictability.

During his second year in Tokyo Jujutsu High, Gojo along with Geto were assigned to a mission which was to protect the Star Plasma Vessel. However, that mission failed when a certain formal Zenin descendant ruined it. From then on, the Jujutsu society took a turn. It was when eye opening experience for young Gojo. That was his awakening. The higher-ups were nothing but all pieces of scum treating young sorcerers like chess pieces. Lives were loss. Tragically, young lives that never got a chance to see the world. Knowing the power he holds made Gojo come to the decision to became a teacher for the sake of the future youths.

Life is funny. Gojo couldn't believe that he took in two children that has got to do with said formal Zenin descendant. He raised them and provided nothing but the best. After all, money wasn't an issue to Gojo Satoru. When he was 18, he started to date a girl who transferred from Kyoto Jujutsu High. He found her alluring and interesting. Of course, she was. The girl's cursed technique was from a line of kitsunes. That dating phase almost ruined Gojo's friendships. The constant calling off plans ticked Geto off. So much for being labelled as 'best friends'.

Months into the dating, Gojo decided to introduce the girl to the children he was taking care of when they got together. It was only clear to Gojo that she didn't like the idea of him raising two kids during an intense argument with Geto. "Can't you see she's just using you for clout?! Even with your six eyes, you're fucking blind!"  Six months. Gojo broke it off after six months but remained friends with her. Friends that acted definitely more than that title. Geto was sick of them.

At 23, Gojo was informed about the arranged marriage. He has no idea where this was coming from and what purpose it served. On one fine evening, his family invited the girl and her sister he was to be married to. Apparently, both your families were Allie's that went way back in the day. There you were, sat opposite of him. You were 20 at that time. Eyes filled with nervousness and a whole lot of other things. Emotions were the bane of Gojo's existence. As he grew up, he learnt that outsiders would observe and make use of his feelings in order to find him trouble. Hence, the unpredictable and cocky personality he has decided to adopt.

The both of you were given three months to develop feelings. As expected, nothing progressed. You knew that this marriage was a disaster from afar. Gojo lied to his elders when they asked for updates about you. Assuring them he'd take care of it. Take care of what? Could Gojo have rejected this marriage? Yes. But did he? No. Why? That was because if he did that, the elders would question him and dig out his feelings. The thought irked him.

Now, Gojo was the biggest asshole. He blatantly ignored you and downplayed your feelings. Brushing you off like thin air. Simple put, he didn't give a damn about you. To make matters worse, he despised that one night you confessed your feelings to him. All he wanted to do was escape. His haven were his friends and the other woman from his past.

When Gojo brought his adopted children home, he was ready to hear the angry and shock from you. Instead, he watched and heard how you accepted them with open arms. Of course, the shock was there but all you did was say a few words and that was it. No arguments, no harsh words and no overreacting until a certain someone. You just accepted it and carried on with life.

At 26, Gojo has went through a lot since his high school years. He has killed threats and mourned those who meant to him. He has gone through a blind relationship which almost lost his friends. Now, he was going to lose this marriage which was not his choice but yours.

Whatever. It wasn't as if he cared.

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