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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire King made an agreement. The rich and po...
  • slowburn
  • vampirespet
  • romance
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More Than Friends (New Beginnings - Book 1) - COMPLETED ✔ by CelesteABrook
More Than Friends (New Celeste A. Brook
Do you believe in soul mates? Like there is someone out there who is perfect for you? Well, I used to. But then my ex-boyfriend Greg broke my heart to pieces, along with...
  • contemporary
  • lovestory
  • newbeginnings
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When Love Happened by Rcreamer
When Love Happenedby R.K. Creamer
Leighton Simmons has a broken heart and a bruised ego. The man she'd admired and adored for as long as she could remember, her brother's best friend, thinks of her as a...
  • brothersbestfriend
  • unrequitedlove
  • romance
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Coffee, Tea //  Spencer Reid by Daykieee
Coffee, Tea // Spencer Reidby Criminal Reid🍏
"Did you know that kissing is actually more hygienic than shaking hands?" ____________________________________ When Lilith Park started her new job as a medica...
  • spencer
  • poc
  • reid
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Best Friends Forever by xxinlove
Best Friends Foreverby xxinlove
[#2 in the Learn To Love Series] The long-awaited sequel to Unholy Matrimony! Leila Anderson was born into perfection. Beauty, wealth, family, she had it all. With her t...
  • highschool
  • series
  • lovetriangle
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Mainstreaming | JOE GOLDBERG by freehugproductions
Mainstreaming | JOE GOLDBERGby Rachel
Joe Goldberg is beginning to wonder if there's any more decent people in the world. With both Candace and Beck out of the picture, he's feeling lonely and starting to gi...
  • psychological
  • cringe
  • mainstream
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Lost | √ by moonpilots
Lost | √by lilly ☆
She's always been lost in life, but she never knew she could be lost in love. Copyright © 2018 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.
  • contemporary
  • comingofage
  • friendship
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pretty odd ━ jared cameron.  by RICONASTYLUVR
pretty odd ━ jared cameron. by - ̗̀ ⚡️ ̖́-
"pretty odd of you to assume id ever love you." 2019 | ©️brujablood twilight saga new moon-????
  • slowburn
  • shapeshifters
  • vampirewerewolf
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Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/Muggle AU by NewlineBlue
Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/ NewlineBlue
"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do." Remus Lupin never expected too much of his life. Too broke to have a place of his own...
  • remuslupin
  • remusxsirius
  • muggle
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The Prince's Choice (Zutara) by FrostedGemstones
The Prince's Choice (Zutara)by FrostedGemstones
Katara is 18 and the Southern Water Tribe has held an uneasy allegiance with the Fire Nation for the last 100 or so years. When Katara's tribe goes through a food shorta...
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • theselection
  • friendstolovers
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contact - david dobrik  by DOBRIKNESS
contact - david dobrik by [ A! ]
the one where david mistakenly messages the wrong person, and ends up falling in love with the unknown contact. [completed]
  • dobrik
  • romance
  • joshpeck
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no letting up ~bughead~ by bugheadsflower
no letting up ~bughead~by ~Stay~
Betty is new at southside high but she stills lives on the northside, with an physically abusive mother Betty is pressured and organized, when she meets the serpents or...
  • angst
  • jugheadisanass
  • slowburn
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Her Cursed Monster (Mad Protector Series #1) by fearsome_hamster
Her Cursed Monster (Mad fearsome_hamster
She became a wicked monster's obsession. He was whispered to be the most cruel of them all. Cursed to roam the world without a soulmate, his insanity overtook and he was...
  • humanxvampire
  • 1800s
  • obsession
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Cheers, Potter. by NocturnalCarrot
Cheers, Emma
After the Second Wizarding War, Malfoy found himself alienated from the majority of the school; his old friends just irritated him, all of Hogwarts' students (besides a...
  • spells
  • dracoxharry
  • dracomalfoy
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FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS  (  roger taylor  ) by -colourful
when you fall in love with someone, being their friend is just not enough. ( bohemian rhapsody ) ( female oc x ben hardy!roger taylor ) ( slow burn )
  • ramimalek
  • borhap
  • queen
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When words fail- Albus x Scorpius by alic160
When words fail- Albus x Scorpiusby Alix
Albus just wanted to put the events of the previous months behind him, but when he realized his feelings for his best friend things start going downhill, on top of that...
  • wattys2018
  • scorpiusxalbus
  • harrypotter
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The Curse of Prince Taehyung by fandomtrash050691
The Curse of Prince Taehyungby fandomtrash050691
Jungkook saw no other way but to run away from his problems- literally. Until he stumbles across an overgrown castle hidden deep in the woods, where the mysterious curse...
  • fluff
  • taekook
  • slowburn
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Still Waters by bryonymagee
Still Watersby Bryony Leah
August on the water sounds like respite to Macy, who hasn't returned to her family's lake house since those bittersweet dog days when she was fifteen. She's nearly twent...
  • lust
  • newadultromance
  • love
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Paragon - Book I by azimodo
Paragon - Book Iby Azi
*COMPLETE* There are whispers across the kingdoms that the Paragon, that strangely gifted person who can wield all four Skills, has been found. They're wrong, of cour...
  • wattys2018
  • darkfantasy
  • completed
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When Mary Met Halley (gxg) by FairlyLocalTreehouse
When Mary Met Halley (gxg)by lynn sabrina
At eighteen, Mary Kincaid was in a freak accident that took the life of one of her closest loved ones and left 157 others dead. She was the only one who survived, agains...
  • anxiety
  • girlxgirl
  • diversity
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