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"Yeah? Are you having fun with Gumi, mochi?"
"Mhm! Seichi played with rabbits, papa!"
"Aw, my mochi and Gumi are getting along so well-"

"Gojo, we are in the middle of an important meeting." The old gruffly voice was cut off when Gojo gave a pointed look, glaring at the elder who interrupted his phone call with his precious mochi. Seichiro just turned three years old a few days ago but his choice of words was more advanced than children his age. He could articulate himself well, picking up new words (you cautioned Gojo to be careful with his words as he curses sometimes) and try to use them to express his thoughts. Now, little Seichiro was on a phone call with his papa (he was using Megumi's phone), babbling about his day spent with his older brother, Megumi, and how he played with the rabbits that Megumi manifested from his shadow technique. Little did he know that his papa was in the middle of a meeting with the elders, continuing to share his day adorably through the call.

"What else did you do, mochi?" Gojo asked enthusiastically, voice in a slightly higher and light pitch to let Seichiro that he was interested to hear more from him. "Seichi cleaned Wata's poop! With Gumi!" Seichiro giggled at the thought, letting Gojo's irritation melt into nothingness for a second. "Papa's mochi is a big boy now helping around the house? My baby boy..." Gojo jutted his lower lip, wondering how the hell did both of you make such a cutie pie of a son. "Gojo, we are talking about important matters about the Jujutsu world and being the strongest, you ought to pay utmost attention!" Another elder's voiced out in frustration. Fucking nuisance.

Gojo gnawed his inner cheek. He was a man of patience when it comes to his loved ones but a total switch when it comes to the elders who were a pain in the ass. Whenever a meeting was held with them, Gojo being impatient and short tempered, often times cutting the elders off rudely and sarcastically, sometimes even making them wonder if he meant what he said. "Papa's going to have to end the call soon, my mochi. Yes, I know, buddy..." Gojo's heart broke when he heard Seichiro whine a little, not wanting to hang up and share his adventurous day. "My mochi can tell papa all the fun activities you did today when I get home, hm?" Gojo promised. "Okie, papa! Promise?" A soft thud was heard on the call, indicating that Seichiro placed his pinky on the speaker. "Promise, baby boy. Papa loves you sooo much!" Gojo pressed his pinky as well on the speaker. "Seichi loves papa too! Bye bye, papa!" Gojo swore he could see his little boy waving from the other side of the call. "Bye bye, mochi~ See you soon!" Gojo sang, the smile on his face fading into a deadpanned look the moment he ended the call.

"We expect that this occurrence will never happen again, Gojo. It was unprofessional of you!" All Gojo did was roll his eyes, a bored look on his face but it was obvious that he was pissed off. How dare these old have order him around regarding his family matters? "Don't tell me what to do, you bunch of old farts. If my son wants to call me, I'm answering him no matter what." Gojo seethed, hands turning into fists. "This meeting's about Itadori Yuji's execution, yes? Well, my answer remains the same." Gojo glared coldly at the elders through the thin pieces of paper that showed their reflection in the dimly lit room. "But he is Ryomen Sukuna's vessel! We can't afford to-" "Touch him and I'll fucking kill you all." Gojo threatened, voices going a few octaves deeper. "You insolent brat!" An elder scolded but all they saw was Gojo turning around, walking away while flipping them off.

The door clicked open and Gojo popped his head from a corner of the door. His lips tilted when he heard pitter-patter sounds belonging to a pair of small feet, waiting for that moment to happen. A familiar squeal was heard, "Papa!" Seichiro was seen running towards Gojo with the cutest smile a toddler could have. "There's my baby boy..." Gojo sighed, all stress and worries washing away the moment he saw his beloved son. Squatting down, Gojo widened his arms to make space for Seichiro to get engulfed in his strong arms and to litter wet kisses on his papa's face. "Papa back!" Seichiro landed another kiss on Gojo's cheek. "Hi, mochi. Papa missed you!" Gojo pouted, blowing raspberries onto Seichiro's chubby cheek as the little toddler squealed in delight. "Papa~" Seichiro whined, kicking his stubby legs as Gojo chuckled in amusement.

"Woah, what happened?" Gojo raised a brow, amused at the sight before him while balancing Seichiro on his hip. "Finally..." Megumi groaned, peeling away the Sanrio stickers that decorated his face and some on his hair. "Gumi pretty!" Seichiro pointed while giggling. "Isn't that right, mochi?" Gojo let out a cheeky smirk which made Megumi roll his eyes. Wata barked and pawed Gojo's legs for attention which he gotten when Gojo ruffled his soft snowy fur. Megumi couldn't help but tilt his lips slightly when he recalled him babysitting Seichiro (the most adorable baby in his eyes) and was grateful that his little brother was an easy going little one. Tsumiki was supposed to be the one taking care of Seichiro but she was busy with school projects. Hence, Megumi coming over to look after Seichiro.

"What a sight. All my favourite boys in a room." Gojo looked to see that you were making your way towards them, his beautiful wife gracing the atmosphere. "Mom, be careful." Megumi went over to ensure your safety as you were five months pregnant. "Mama!" Seichiro pointed at you, eyes turning into crescents. "I'm alright, darling. Don't need to worry, hm?" You kissed Megumi's cheek gratefully. When you thought your husband was protective over you, your teen was the same. Megumi ensured your safety in normal circumstances too but ever since you got pregnant, he was more guarded over you. There was once he almost got into a fight when a cyclist zoomed past you dangerously. "Kiss Seichi too, please!" Seichiro requested with puckered lips, batting his white lashes that he got from Gojo. "One kiss for my baby," You pecked Seichiro's chubby cheek. "And one kiss for my husband." You pressed your lips against Gojo's soft ones.

Seichiro was chasing Wata through the penthouse while squealing away with Megumi keeping watch to ensure his safety. Back in your shared room, Gojo beamed at you with a love struck look as an arm reached for you, pulling you to sit on his lap. "I'm heavy, my love." You let out an embarrassed smile, referring to your pregnancy weight. Gojo rolled his eyes playfully, a pout adorning his features, "I don't care. You'll always be my pretty little wifey no matter what, honey." He placed a large hand over your round belly, rubbing it in circular motions. "How did the meeting go?" Gojo's gaze turned into a hard one for a second, knowing what you were referring to. "Was so close to kill then today when they kept interrupting my call with mochi. Insinuating that he was a disruption." His grip onto your thigh tightened a bit. "You should've told Seichiro that you were busy, my love." "Nuh uh. My family is my top priority, honey."

Gojo was not only the strongest with the weight of the Jujutsu society, but he was only a family man who would drop everything to attend to his loved ones immediately. "Especially when my wife is carrying our little princess." Oh, yes. A princess was on her way and Gojo could not help himself but swoon over the thought of having a little girl. He has already bought everything he thought would look cute on his daughter. "She's already daddy's little girl, hm?" You teased, poking Gojo's cheek. "Daddy's little girl that is greatly loved and protected." Gojo watched your belly with a loving gaze, before capturing your lips within his for a kiss.

When Gojo found out that Nanami was having a daughter, he could not help but envy him. The moment when his baby fever hit an all high was when he watched compilation videos of fathers with daughters, making him wonder how nice it would be if he had a little girl of his own. "I want a daughter!" He cried out in bed one night and you looked at him from the vanity's mirror in bewilderment. "Where is this coming from, love?" You chuckled, turning around to see a certain look in Gojo's blue eyes that you knew well. Soon, you found yourself getting carried into bed, Gojo hovering above you, "Let's start with our baby number 2 project, hm?" What Gojo wants, he gets.

"Your boobs are so pretty and plump, honey." Gojo could not help but graze his knuckles against them gently as you looked away in embarrassment. "I'll get you more bras and throw in some matching panties too, hm?" Gojo littered kisses on your face, wanting to spoil you with gifts. "Wanna get you pretty laced ones." He giggled at the thought of it and your stomach turned into a puddle of goo. Your husband was the most handsome and adorable man you have ever come across. You knew that he was a menace when it comes to exorcising curses with that feral look on his face. "What do you think, honey? Let's go out this weekend for a shopping spree!" He gave you his puppy eyes which affects you quite a bit. "Okay, love. Anything you want." You ran your fingers through his fresh undercut. "Yay! My wifey is the best~" Gojo sang, pressing feather like kisses on your face.

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