CH 04

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Warnings: shitty fight scene descriptions, talks of sexual harassment, JJK spoilers (read at your own risk)

Everything started to slow down, your mind tuning out and your vision blurred. "Finally submitting to me? As you should." Naoya chuckled but that was short-lived when he was blasted to the other end.

"What the fuck?" Naoya cursed in the now hazy atmosphere. Tremors were felt and the floor started to crack. There you were getting off the ground and striding your way towards him. "Woman's a cursed user, huh?" He spat in disgust. You appeared before him with glowing purple eyes and a polearm. "Zenin Naoya." The arrogance and pride the male once had was all washed away upon hearing your now distorted voice. There was something eerily wrong about this situation. It was as if you were gone and something or someone possessed you.

In a bolt of purple lightning, you didn't allow him to make a move before hurling the polearm at him. Naoya swiftly dodged and felt some of his hair getting sliced in the process. You teleported in front of him, landing a kick that threw him against the wall. The glint in your eyes made it seem like you were having fun. Like how predators play with their prey until they die and devour them. That was the exact thing that was happening.

Geto heard the noises and ran towards the scene. "Yo, Suguru!" "Satoru, I think y/n's in trouble." Geto started off and made a left turn, walking turned to running. "What do you-" "Someone told me they saw her with Zenin Naoya." Gojo's cheery demeanour dropped and yanked his arm away from Miko. "Where are you now?" "The 10th floor, near to the convention rooms." Ending the call, Gojo left without a word as Miko yelled for him to come back only to be ignored. Shoko nudged Nanami when she saw the look on Gojo's face. She knew that there was a certain look her high school friend has when shit happens. "Let's go." Nanami followed Gojo along with Shoko.

Throwing a punch, Naoya was blocked by your polearm only for his arms to be twisted. He yelled in agony and lifted his lower body to kick you off. Instead, you were quick to blast lightning from the soles of your feet. Naoya used his cursed technique to determine your next sequence. However, your speed was equivalent to how fast lightning travels. Grabbing your polearm, Naoya fastened it between to walls to block you for him to escape. Crazy bitch. Gojo Satoru must be out of his mind to marry a thing like her-

A sharp pain was felt slicing Naoya's thigh as he fell onto the ground. The wound was from a sword that you summoned towards him and was seen returning to you. "Erosion is a terrible thing but it suits a futile thing like you." You let out a laugh, delighted at the sight. "Time to face your own eternity," You lifted the polearm. "In hell." The moment you wanted to kill Naoya didn't happen as the polearm was snatched away by a flying cursed spirit.

"Y/n?" Geto called out, watching you turn back to meet him. "What happened to you?" He let out a ragged breath at the sight of you. Everything about you was off. "An intruder? Or a companion for him to join in hell?" You questioned, sending lightning bolts in Geto's way. "Y/n, it's me! Geto!" His cursed spirit saved him from the close call as he watched you eye him like an eagle. "Suguru!" Gojo's voice was heard. His crystal blue eyes spotted an injured Naoya, which kind of surprised him as the Zenin descendant was a special grade one sorcerer.

Gojo managed to spot you bolting towards Naoya, placing the sword on his neck just enough to draw out blood. "Now you shall perish." You laughed, lifting your arm to make the final stroke. A gasped of air escaped your lips as you fell into Nanami's arms after Shoko put you to sleep with her cursed technique. Gojo teleported to Naoya, grabbed his collar and slammed him against the wall. "What did you do to her?" Gojo demanded. Naoya chuckled and eyed him in detest. "We're all men, Gojo. Gotta help each other keep women in check, eh?" Naoya smirked. Gojo's eyes widened as he understood what Naoya meant.

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