CH 12

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Since you have moved out of Gojo's penthouse, you were back at your childhood home. It was a nice traditional Japanese house with a Kanso interior design. Mayu and you decided to have your house renovated into a modern theme after your parents passed away and saved up from working. Unpacking your belongings, you placed your clothes in your wardrobe neatly and cleaned up the house after that. You came across a picture of your parents and Mayu, all of you looked so happy. Those were the simple and happy times. Taking the framed picture in your hands, you pressed it against your chest, making a silent promise to stay strong and live your life fully. You were still young and there were so many things for you to explore and enjoy.

A buzz was felt in your right pocket and you reached for your phone only to see Megumi's contact appear on the bright screen. "Hello, Megumi?" Balancing the device between your ear and shoulder while cleaning the wooden floor. "Uhm, y/n? This is Tsumiki." Her voice came out in a hush as you placed your mop down with a frown. "Hi, my dear. Is everything alright?" You asked and settled yourself on the couch. "Megumi, he..." Your back straightened by the tone of her voice. It was a mixture of worry and fear. "What's wrong with Megumi, sweetie?" "Gumi got into a fight in school and the teacher told me to call you over." It wasn't that you didn't want to help the children but shouldn't they call Gojo as he was their caretaker? Tsumiki panicked and explained that she did try to call Gojo but he didn't answer her call, making her think that he was busy. Well, he was indeed a busy man. "It's alright if you're not free, y/n! We can wait for Gojo to come and-" "Tsumiki, dear. Send me the address of your school. I'm coming over." Already making your way to the room to get ready to leave. "

Half an hour later, you arrived at the elementary school and headed to the general office. There you were Tsumiki and Megumi sitting near the entrance, "Y/n!" Tsumiki's eyes sparkled for a moment before directing her pupils to Megumi. You reached out her hand to give it an assuring squeeze and squatted in front of Megumi. "Megumi, are you alright?" You gently cupped his cheek and your brows inched to see a bruise on his cheekbone and scraps on his kneecaps. "Excuse me, miss. Are you Megumi's guardian?" The receptionist questioned. "Yes, I am. I heard the principal wants to see me regarding Megumi?" You nodded. Not long after, you and Megumi were ushered to the principal's office while Tsumiki waited outside, not giving up on calling Gojo.

"Megumi was seen fighting with a senior of his during recess. The boy's parents want him expelled or press charges will be implemented." Mr Nishimura briefly explained the situation. Turning your head to the quiet boy, you let out a weak smile and reached for his hand. "Megumi, why don't we hear your side of the story?" Giving him a chance to speak up and maybe got deeper insights of the fight. Megumi lifted his head and gave you an unsure look as your hold on his hand tightened, a non-verbal way to assure him that you were with him. "That guy Keishi was bullying Haru." He mumbled. Mr Nishimura sighed and leaned forward from his seat, "Even if that's the case. Violence isn't the answer and you're at fault, Megumi." "Is it really his fault though, Mr Nishimura?"

You looked back to see Gojo entering the office and plopping himself on the seat next to Megumi. Now the boy was between the both of you. "Mr Gojo, I believe we want to protect our children but there will be times we need to let them understand their mistakes." Mr Nishimura frowned when Gojo propped a leg on top of the other. Sighing, you pursed your lips seeing that sitting position of his that showed his cockiness. "Uh-uh, don't tell me how to teach my kids. I know Megumi like the back of a hand. This squirt here only resorts to violence when he's physically provoked first." He turned to Megumi to brush the bruise on his cheek with his knuckle. "Also, is that all you've got to say for yourself, Gumi?" Gojo raised a brow.

You were about to speak up when Megumi gritted his teeth, "He also said Tsumiki and I are a pathetic pair because we have no parents. I didn't like how he brought in Tsumiki." There it was. Megumi continued, explaining that the Keishi shoved him to the ground when Megumi spoke up for himself. In addition, it wasn't the first time this bully had gone around picking on people. "But Keishi said you were the one who pushed him first. What makes me think that I will believe your words?" Mr Nishimura raised a brow and you swore his lips crooked into a smirk. "Hold on, Mr Nishimura. It seems to me like you are siding Keishi when it's obvious he is at fault." You wondered as Gojo lowered his head and stared at Mr Nishimura from the frame of his sunglasses.

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