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You dread for the next day but it has come. Placing the bowls of miso soup on the table, you headed to the kitchen to scoop bowls of rice when you heard feet shuffling behind you. There you saw Megumi and Tsumiki. The girl seemed unsure if it was the right time to speak and you let out a smile to ease her. "Are you okay, Miss y/n?" Tsumiki squeaked. "I'm alright, Tsumiki. Thank you." You squatted down to meet their eyes. "Can I help prepare breakfast?" She requested as you laughed at the adorable sight. "Sure, be careful." You cautioned her, watching Tsumiki stepping on a sturdy stool to reach the rice cooker. "What's wrong, Megumi?" "Did he bully you?" What?  

"Megumi, where is this coming from?" You held onto the boy's hands. "You fainted when you guys went out last night. Heard from Geto that Gojo failed to keep you safe." He looked to the ground while speaking. "Things will get better, Megumi. Don't you worry, hm?" You ruffled his urchin hair. "I can tell my divine dogs to keep you safe." This precious boy. Your heart melted as you leaned in to kiss his chubby cheek, "You're so sweet, Megumi. There's no need for that, hm?" You beamed at him. Megumi looked at you, unsure if he should let this pass. "Ok." He nodded before heading to the table for breakfast.

These two adorable and sweet children were the opposite of their guardian. Seriously, who in the right mind thought it was a great idea to let Gojo take care of them? You shook your head and gathered your hair to a side. That was when Gojo got out of his room. He looked at the kids and to you, who was back facing him while washing the dishes. "Miso soup, omelette and rice?" He uttered under his breath and took a seat opposite Megumi. The young boy's face grimaced at the sight of Gojo. "What's with that face, squirt?" Gojo raised a brow. Megumi ignored him and wolved down the bowl of rice. "Oh my gosh! Miss y/n, you have a tattoo?! That's so cool!" Tsumiki leapt off her seat to take a closer look. "Tsumiki, dear. I don't have a tattoo." "Nuh-uh! It's on your nape." She pointed at it while bouncing in curiosity. "Pretty sure it's a scar but let me see please." You handed her your phone to snap a photo of said tattoo. 

"See! It's a tattoo!" Tsumiki proved her point as your eyes widened

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"See! It's a tattoo!" Tsumiki proved her point as your eyes widened. What the heck was this symbol and why was it on your nape? "Excuse me for a moment, Tsumiki." You ruffled her hair and made a beeline for the bathroom. Spamming water on a washcloth, you tried to rub that symbol away but all it did was irritate your skin. Frustration washed over you, throwing the washcloth onto the sink. You failed to hear the knocks on the door due to focusing on ridding the symbol and you bumped onto something. "Need help?" Gojo's voice sounded as you jumped in shock. Both of you stared at each other in the confined space with you being topless to have better access to the symbol. "G-Get out!" You screamed, throwing the washcloth at his face only to let it drop it the ground without hitting his face. That damn infinity of his. 

"I knocked many times!"

"I didn't hear it but you shouldn't just barge in like that!"

"Pretty sure I heard 'yes'."

"I said that because I managed to reach it!"

Barks were heard as the divine dogs entered the bathroom with Megumi following behind. Gojo was chased out by the snouts of the dogs as Megumi eyed him in disgust, "Pervert." Sighing, you pulled a shirt over and got out of the bathroom. The divine dogs' tails wagged at the sight of you, earning them pats on their heads. Honestly, you were too tired to think about it. As long as it doesn't hurt, you should be fine. "I'm bringing Tsumiki to her ballet class, Megumi!" Gojo sang. The boy grunted, not even looking at him as his eyes were glued to the book he was reading. "No bye-bye for papa?" Gojo jutted his lower lip and looked at him through the sunglasses. "Definitely not for a pervert and bad husband." Megumi rolled his eyes. Since Tsumiki was still getting ready, Gojo decided to take the time to talk to Megumi. "Where is this coming from?" Gojo poked Megumi's cheek. Swatting his hand away, Megumi glared at Gojo. "Ouch." The sorcerer rubbed his chest. Although Megumi was a child, he was aware of the events surrounding him.

Claws tapped the marble floor to reveal the divine dogs as they leapt onto the couch to cuddle with Megumi. "Be for real right now, brat. Why are you so attached to someone you barely know?" Gojo clicked his tongue definitely feeling sour at the thought. Megumi ignored him, reading his book while the divine dogs snarled at Gojo. "Keep your stinky dogs in check." He flicked the white dog's nose, taunting it to bite off his finger. "Says the stinky person." "You-Tsumiki, honey! Are we ready to go?" Gojo yelled out as Tsumiki appeared moments later. "There's my favourite child. Let's go!" Gojo carried her bag. "Bye, Megumi!" "Bye." Megumi responded dryly. You appeared at the scene as Tsumiki ran towards you, "See you later, Miss y/n!" She hugged your hips as you tidied her baby hair. "See you, Tsumiki. Enjoy your class!"

You sat on the empty space on the couch and felt fur tickling your skin. The divine dogs wanted your attention. How ironic that they were meant for combat but here they were being cute puppies. "Do they play fetch, Megumi?" You asked. "Nah, they're asking you to take them hunting." Widening your eyes, you laughed and booped their snouts. "We don't do that here, my dears." Whines and whimpers were heard before nuzzling against your warmth. Megumi peered from the book, surprised to see how the divine dogs took you for a liking instantly. Maybe it was true that shikigamis feelings aligned with their masters. Truth to be told, Megumi yearned for a mother figure. It seemed like his wish came true when Gojo brought him and Tsumiki home. Hence, meeting you. Since you were married to Gojo, that practically makes you his mother figure right?

Looking at Megumi, you caught him staring at you as he quickly hid his face in the book. "Anything in your mind, Megumi?" You wondered and he shook his head. Looking at the divine dogs, the looks on their faces told you otherwise. Megumi felt his sleeve getting tugged as the book fell off his hands, watching the dogs leading him to you. "You know you can tell me anything, right?" Megumi looked to the floor and then at you before parting his lips to speak, "It's nothing..." He pouted. Your lips turned into an amused smile, knowing that he wasn't being truthful. "Just... I just think you're nice to have around." He confessed. That was the nicest thing you have heard since marrying Gojo. "Oh, Megumi..." You sighed, pulling him to your lap. There was a moment of nice, comfortable silence as you stroked his back. Megumi hid his face against the valley of your breasts, finding your scent comforting. All of you, including the divine dogs, decided to take a nap to savour the moment.

Just like the meaning of his name, you decided that he and Tsumiki were your blessings during such trying times. It was an irony that these blessings were from Gojo Satoru.

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