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"Fushiguro, your home is so huge!" Yuji was in awe at how spacious the penthouse was with modern yet minimalistic furniture that filled up the space. "Is that a Samoyed?!" Nobara squealed at the sight of Wata who warmly welcomed her with a wagging tail. "Gojo sensei, thanks for inviting us over!" Yuji let out a huge smile. Megumi sighed, narrowing his eyes at his guardian who was laughing away with little Seichiro in his arms, twirling him in circles. Within a blink of an eye, Yuji and Nobara barged into Megumi's room without his permission. "You guy have no manners!" He scowled, watching them touch his belongings as a vein popped on his temple.

"Fushiguro has a teddy bear? Aw, that's cute." Nobara picked the teddy to observe it. She squeaked when the white divine dog leapt and managed to snatch the teddy away from her hands, turning back to Megumi to return it to him. "Don't. Touch. It." He punctuated every word in annoyance. "Oi, Fushiguro! You look so cute here." Yuji held up a portrait on the nightstand. It was a photo of you carrying him while he held onto a rabbit at the park when he was 9 years old. This was the day when Megumi managed to manifest his rabbits and you praised him for it, pressing kisses on his cute face and Gojo managed to take a candid shot of that moment with the help of Tsumiki.

"Mama." He tugged your sundress as you looked down to see him holding a little white rabbit with red eyes. "Oh my gosh! Baby, did you manage to manifest it?" You squatted to his height and held his shoulders, watching him nod. "Mama, I did it." He held out the rabbit adorably, wanting you to take a closer look. "Yes, you did, baby. Mama is so proud of you!" You cooed at him, carrying him up while he secured the rabbit in his arms. "You're amazing, baby." You complimented, showering his chubby face with kisses while stroking his head. "Look!" Tsumiki whispered shouted, pointing at the scene as Gojo looked towards the direction. His gaze softened behind his sunglasses, heart melting at the sight along with a fuzzy feeling. "Hurry up and take a picture!" Tsumiki urged him, tugging his baby blue dress shirt. Seizing the moment, Gojo took a couple of shots and observed the photos afterwards, his eyes could not tear off them as you looked so beautiful in the presence of the sunset while holding Megumi in your safe arms. It was like he fell in love with you allover again.

Huffing, Megumi took the portrait and placed in nearly on the nightstand. "Are you guys done? Please get out of my room." He narrowed his green orbs at them. "Speak nicely to our guests, darling." Your voice interrupted, a warm smile adorning your face. "Mrs Gojo!" Nobara and Yuji greeted in unison. "Hi, kids! Satoru and I got you guys desserts from Harajuku curtesy of Tsumiki. Go have them, hm?" You tilted your head to where the living room was. "Yay! Thanks, Mrs Gojo!" The two zoomed out of Megumi's room without a second thought. "Fuck! Watch it! My mom's pregnant." Megumi cursed, he was on the verge of summoned his serpent to squeeze the heck out of his classmates.

"They are yummy, right?" Gojo asked his students as they nodded in response, lips filled with cream. Nobara wondered where was Tsumiki and Gojo replied that she had to cover a shift for a co-worker that was ill. He may or may not have tried to stop her by bribing her with allowance that was thrice her pay but Tsumiki rejected him, even pushing him out of the pastry shop to stop embarrassing her. Gojo sighed, wondering how did his little Tsumiki grow up so quickly? "Oi!" His thoughts were cut off hearing a shout from Megumi. "Fushiguro, you should try this!" "Yeah, this too!" Megumi just stared at them with a frown on his face, "You guys almost collided with my mom while running out of my room just for a few fucking desserts!" He yelled at them, nostrils flaring in anger. Gojo was shocked to see Megumi being his mad at his fellow friends, "Gumi-" He stopped when the teen shot him a glare. "Okay, I'll shut up." Gojo held his hands up in surrender.

"Megumi." You were seen carrying Seichiro in your arms, the little boy wondering why his older brother was angry as he pouted. Knowing the look on his face, Gojo immediately got up from the couch, going over to carry Seichiro from you. "Gumi, angry..." Seichiro rubbed his face against Gojo's chest for comfort. "Isn't that right, my baby boy?" Gojo hummed in agreement, kissing Seichiro's cheek as comfort. "Darling, I'm alright." You sighed, looking at Yuji and Nobara. "I'm sorry for his behaviour, guys." You apologized, letting out a weak smile. "Megumi, I don't think your mother should be the one apologizing." Gojo's voice lowered to a stern tone, a vast difference from his usual cheeky one. The boy's tensed shoulder's fell, glancing at his friends, "I'm sorry." "For?" Gojo raised a brow, waiting for his teen to carry on. "For raising my voice and cursing at you guys." He sighed, waiting for his friends to respond.

Silence filled the atmosphere. Megumi felt a squeeze on his throat, he wondered what Yuji and Nobara were prepared to say. "Fushiguro!!!" Yuji yelled, placing his hands on his shoulders for a firm squeeze. "You're so cool!" What? Megumi frowned in confusion, this was not what he was expecting. "My impression of you changed, Fushiguro. You're a good man." Nobara nodded in approval. "Yeah! You were so cool going all so protective over your mother! Shows how much you care and love her." Yuji added onto Nobara's sentence. The duo went on to compliment Megumi about how cool he was while you let out a sigh of relief, lips tilting at the sight. "Gumi, cool!" Seichiro gave his brother a thumbs up and cheered cutely in Gojo's arms. Your husband shared a glance with you, lips curling handsomely as he was amused by his students' response.

"You are lucky to have Yuji and Nobara as friends, my darling boy. Don't treat them in that manner again, hm?" You reminded Megumi. "Yes, mom..." He nodded in understanding. "That's my boy," You smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "Love you." You whispered against his skin. "Aw~" Yuji and Nobara cooed at the heartwarming sight. "Bubu~ Fushiguro is blushing!" "I am not!" "Yes, you are!" "Mama's boy!" The trio bickered as you went over to Gojo. Your husband chuckled, pulling you closer to him by wrapping a strong arm of his around your waist. "Only you have a way with him, honey." Gojo kissed your lips briefly. Sighing, you looked back at Megumi with a smile. "Mochi, you can't grow up so quickly like your brother." You squished your toddler's cheeks within your palms. "Mama~" He whined but stopped when you pecked his nose.

"Well, we can have another baby if you want to savour our children's childhood phase."

"Satoru, our daughter's yet to be born and you're out here thinking about another child?"

"Hey, it's good to plan for the future!"

"Gojo Satoru!"

"Mama, papa! Seichi wants a brother next!"

A/N: I miss Megumi calling us 'mama' so I had to write a short flashback :( He is my son!!

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