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Warning(s): manga/anime spoilers, my rendition of what happened in the JJKverse so don't call me out, feral Gojo, again MANGA/ANIME SPOILERS so read at your own decision/risk!

"Gojo sensei!" Megumi barged into his office where he saw Shoko and Geto. The teen was heaving with a heart pounded against his chest when he watched the adults having looks of worry. Well, that was for Geto and Shoko. There he saw Gojo seated with his legs crossed, it was harder to make out his emotions with the fabric over his eyes. Megumi gulped, this was not good. His expressive adoptive father was not showing any signs of emotions. This was probably the first time the teen saw Gojo behaving in this manner.

"Papa!" Seichiro waved at him when Gojo got home during lunch break. "Hey, mochi~ Missed ya." Gojo smooched Seichiro's cheek and carried him up before making way to the kitchen. Tsumiki came over to babysit your children as she had the day off and texted Gojo to come back home for lunch as she made more portions. "You're back! Here, I heated the noodles up." Tsumiki carefully placed the piping bowl of noodles on the table. "Thank you, Miki. Where's your mom?" Gojo wondered, placing Seichiro on the high chair next to him. "Oh! She went to see her sister. Speaking about that, mom's taking longer than usual." Tsumiki looked at the clock. "Maybe she wants to rant to Mayu about life," Gojo snickered, picking up a mouthful of noodles with the chopsticks to dig in.

Clatters were heard as the chopsticks fell to the table, Gojo's eyes hardened and made way to Sayuri's nursery. He swung the door open as his eyes shook at the sight. The Eye of Judgement was tearing up and Sayuri was wailing. Picking her up, Gojo soothed her by cradling her and soft kisses while observing the tears that were tinted green along with thorn like secretions. He found it familiar and that was when it hit him. Hanami has gotten to you.

"Satoru went to Mayu's grave and found the nearby area wrecked. We're trying to locate y/n with the evidence that Satoru brought back." Geto spoke up, breaking the tense atmosphere. "Is it that alien plant curse in Gojo sensei's ugly drawing?" Megumi asked and got a response from Shoko through a nod. "Megumi," Gojo called out, standing from the leather seat with hands shoved into his pockets. "I want to bring your divine dogs on a walk." What? "Mom's missing and you're this calm to walk my dogs?!" Megumi raised his voice at the absurd request at such a timing. Gojo sighed, walking towards Megumi and ruffled his hair, "I know what I'm doing, squirt. Let the dogs out."

Your vision was blurred, body too weak to even widen your eyes. You felt like you were being squeezed and looked to see the vines wrapped around your figure. What was the secretion from this plant that was like your very own kryptonite? Groaning at the uncomfortable feeling, you felt breathless and the area you were in made it worse. It was cold and dark with little to no ventilation. You felt sick. Revealing your palm, you tried to summon either of your weapons only to see the shape of it glitch and fade away. How the hell were you going to get out of here?

"I see that you're awake." Hanami emerged from the darkness as you glared at him. He went on with his speech about Mother Nature and the life she breathes only for humans to destroy it with hesitation. "Shut up." You spat in anger. Hanami snapped his head at you, kneeling down to your height. "You are bold to demand such things out of me when you are this weak." He gripped your face with a hand harshly, his claws piercing ever so slightly into your skin to draw out blood. "I'm going to kill you-" Bang! Blocks of heavy concrete fell down to the ground and you looked up to see your husband levitating in the air. "Wifey!" He yelled from above and waved enthusiastically. A sigh of relief escaped your lips, glad that help was here. You wondered how he knew you were in trouble but after all, he was the Gojo Satoru.

Getting onto the ground, Gojo scanned his surroundings and saw that Hanami was holding onto your precious face. "Came for my wife instead of me? Man the fuck up, dude." Gojo pushed Hanami's buttons. "Is this about me using Hollow Purple when you were fighting Yuji and Todo? Aw, what a sore loser." He jutted his lower lip to feign pity. "Watch your mouth, Gojo Satoru." Hanami seethed, getting up to his full height which made Gojo smirk. "What's that? I can't hear you!" Gojo cupped a hand around an ear for emphasis. "Why don't you come here to repeat yourself?" Your husband tugged the fabric down his face slowly to reveal dilated glowing blue orbs. Oh, he was pissed.

Hanami made use of the roots growing at a fast pace to get to where Gojo was. Leaping off the roots, Gojo hovered in the air and seized the moment to use Red to swiftly yet carefully cut through the vines that wrapped around you. "My love-" "Shh, honey. Let's go somewhere safe for you to recuperate." Gojo smiled sweetly at you before teleporting out of the run down building. In a blink of an eye, you were in Shoko's office for her to check up on you. Geto was there was asked if you were alright and you assured him that you would be fine after resting. "Mom!" Megumi barged into the room and made a beeline to you. "A-Are you alright? What happened?" He asked, obviously in panic due to him worrying. "Darling, calm down for me. I'm alright, hm?" You quickly held onto his sweaty hands. "I'll leave her to you guys. I've got some unfinished things to handle. Oh! Reward the divine dogs for tracking your mom down, Gumi. See ya guys later!" Gojo teleported to settle his business.

Hanami searched the area for Gojo, wondering where he went when he felt a presence behind. "Trying to run away, Gojo?" Hanami turned to see the six eyes user standing from a height. "Big talk coming from you. I think you're the one running away from me and inflicting vengeance on my wife." Gojo cocked a brow when Hanami stayed still and not throwing attacks. "This is our third meeting, no? You dare to underestimate me like this, weed." The snowed haired sorcerer lowered his gaze as anger bubbled within him and lowered himself to the ground. "Come on, bring it. What's wrong? Weren't you the one who told me not to run away?" Gojo moved two fingers in a 'come here' motion.

In a blink of an eye, Hanami sent his roots to lunge at Gojo. He was swift enough to escape and hop off the huge roots, using it as a base high enough to ambush Hanami by pressing his feet against the curse's shoulders. "I heard these are your weak points." Gojo grabbed onto Hanami's eyes and yanked them off the sockets. Hanami screamed in agony as blood gushed out, "I thought so. It seems like you big piece of wood won't be able to take it any longer." At this point, Gojo was straight up bullying Hanami. He knew the curse's weak point and hammered straight into it without beating around the bush.

Hanami staggered back and groaned in pain, feeling his cursed energy depleting as he has one of his main sources of power. Grabbing him by the throat, Gojo held Hanami up with a feral look, "I'm going to make this quick for the both of us. I have a family now and don't have the fucking time to play around as much as last time." He tightened the grip at the base of Hanami's throat, causing the curse the wraith in place. "What's wrong? Can't talk back?" Gojo feigned pity and laughed at the sight. Should he pop Hanami's head off with his bare hands? But that will be a little boring. Gojo decided to spice things up by throwing Hanami against a wall, the impact was strong enough to leave a dent.

Making use of his infinity, Gojo turned to Hanami with the biggest smile on his face. He looked like a maniac when he started to laugh upon hearing Hanami groaning at the sheer power Gojo was emitting. "G-Gojo Satoru!" Hanami managed to pull out his last words and with Gojo's final steps, the curse exploded, no single trace of his body left behind as blood splattered everywhere. This was considered a slow death as compared to Hollow Purple. Gojo had a blank expression on his face with disheveled hair. This was nothing to him. However, one thing was for sure that this serves as a lesson to whoever tries to hurt his loved ones. Gojo Satoru had the power massacre and obliterate those who dared to cross that line.

A/N: Thanks to fellow reader @flwrden for the suggestion :) Hope you liked it! Can't believe the weekend has ended and it's time to head back to reality tomorrow :/

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