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Shoko had put you to bed rest since the incident and now here you were back home, leaning against the headrest while watching whatever show that was on tv. Sighing, you rubbed your temple to try to soothe the throbbing headache. It was like you have fallen ill, well, technically that was the case as the secretions from Hanami's vine caused you to momentarily lose your strength. Not only were you unwell, the Eye of Judgement too. You sensed that it was too worn out to when watch over Seichiro and Sayuri. Hence, dismissing it for the time being to let it recuperate with you.

A baby monitor was replaced as you heard Sayuri wailing from the speaker. Hearing your daughter cry made you want to get up to attend to her but you knew better to not do that to avoid a pouting Gojo. "Hey, princess. What's wrong?" His soft voice was heard as you watched him attend to Sayuri with Seichiro waddling behind him. "Yuri hungry, papa!" Seichiro pointed out as Gojo gasped and glanced at the clock. "You're right, mochi. It's time for Yuri to have her meal." Gojo nodded in approval before gently carrying Sayuri in his arms. "Mama!" Seichiro pointed to the door, indicating Gojo to find you to breastfeed Sayuri. "Mama's sick, my little mochi." Seichiro pouted when he remembered and nodded in understanding. "But luckily, mama prepared Sayuri's food earlier. Let's go get it, hm?" Gojo tilted his head to the kitchen, chuckling when Seichiro wasted no time to run out of the nursery.

Holding onto a bottle of breastmilk that you pumped earlier, Gojo fed Sayuri and decided to give Seichiro a bottle too as a snack. "Is it yummy, mochi?" Gojo asked and looked over to his son. "Yes!" Seichiro raised an arm up to show the now empty milk bottle. "It's yummy, right? Of course, it is. Mama made it." Gojo stated proudly as Seichiro hummed in agreement. Sayuri let out a coo as if it was a sign that she was done, cueing Gojo to burp her as he gently patted her back. He couldn't help but laugh lightly upon seeing his little princess looking milk drunk as she has dozed off to sleep. "Papa's princess. Love you, baby girl." Gojo rubbed his nose against Sayuri's. This earned a jealous whine from Seichiro, the toddler trying to climb on the couch to where his papa was. "Aw... No need to be jealous, baby boy. Papa loves you too!" Gojo smooched Seichiro's chubby cheek to comfort him.

Earlier today, Tsumiki came over to babysit and watch over you as she took the first half of the day until Gojo came back from work. She cooked, cleaned and played with your babies, even checked on you to see if you needed anything. Your sweet girl did all these without a single complaint. "Papa, lookie! Seichi coloured with Miki!" Seichiro showed his colouring book with Wata following behind him. "Wow~ Papa's mochi is a great artist! Is this wet droplet from Wata?" Gojo narrowed his eyes playfully at his fur baby upon spotting the drool on the corner of the page. Wata barked in response, tail wagging in joy as if he was proud of his doing. Gojo chuckled, ruffling Wata's head and pinched Seichiro's cheek lightly.

It was when the door clicked open to reveal Megumi and behind him were Yuji and Nobara. His students wanted to show their concern and wanted to know if you were feeling better. "Of course, she is! I am your Gojo sensei after all- Gumi!" Gojo jutted his lower lip when Megumi rolled his eyes and walked up the stairs to avoid the embarrassment. "Hi!" Seichiro waved enthusiastically at Yuji and Nobara, wanting to play with them as Gojo went to the nursery to place Sayuri on her crib after planting kisses on her face. "Seichiro, who is more handsome? Me or Megumi?" Yuji wanted to know as children spoke nothing but the truth. Seichiro hugged Wata while wondering to himself before plastering a smile, "Papa!" "No no~ Me or Megumi?" Yuji pointed towards himself. "Papa!" Seichiro insisted on his answer. "Stop asking him such questions, nimrod!" "Hey, I was just curious!" Nobara and Yuji bickered after that, not knowing their sensei heard everything.

The door clicked open as you looked to see Megumi. "Mom?" He called for you, closing the door behind gently. "Megumi, you're here?" You straightened your back as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Are you feeling better?" He asked, concern lacing in his voice. "Feeling lethargic but I'm much better as compared to a few days ago." Megumi nodded in relief, what happened to you caused him to panic which was out of his usual behaviour. "Yuji and Nobara are here too?" You could hear their voices along with Gojo's as the teen hummed in response. "These are for you," Megumi showed a bouquet of flowers that the trio chipped in before arriving. "Oh, my. What pretty flowers! Thank you all for this." You observed the mixture of yellow roses, daisies and baby's breath.

Megumi leaned forward, hiding his face against your chest as you felt the vibe in the atmosphere shift. "Megumi? I'm alright now, hm?" You reassured in a soft manner, a hand finding his cheek only to feel that it was damp. He didn't have to say it and you already knew what and how he was feeling. He was scared of losing you. The woman who brought him and Tsumiki up in unconditional love. Megumi nuzzled against your warmth, an action that reminded you of when he was a young boy. You cradled his face gently and soon found his teary green orbs. "Don't cry, baby." You wiped his tears, pressing a kiss on his cheek. "Just know that I am here with you now, hm?" You smiled when Megumi nodded wordlessly, hiding his face against an arm.

11:43pm. Gojo entered your shared room and made a beeline for the bed. He pressed soft kisses all over your face especially on your lips before smoothening your hair and placed his nose on your hairline to take in your scent. That was when Gojo felt his lips getting pressed against yours, lips curling into a smile as he led the surprise kiss. "Do it properly if you want to kiss me," You felt your husband pecking your lips for good measure after pulling away. "Thought you were asleep, honey." He caressed your cheek affectionately. You ran your thumb over his jawline, noticing the dark circles under his eyes. Gojo has been staying up and getting little to no sleep in order to watch over you, attend to Sayuri when she cries or play with Seichiro when his energy is unusually high.

"Satoru, love. Thank you for looking after of the family but please remember to take care of yourself too." You reminded him as Gojo shook his head. "I'm the-" "Strongest? I know, my love. But it doesn't work that way." Sighing, you cupped his face to smooch his plump lips again. "Lay down with me?" If it was other people, Gojo would brush them off but here he was with his beautiful wife asking for a simple request. He carefully positioned you on top of him, pulling the covers over the both of you and wrapped his arms around your body. "Rest well, Satoru. I love you." You kissed his chest where his heart was which made it skip a little. "Definitely going to have a good night's sleep with a goddess in my embrace. Love ya, honey." Gojo flirted in a cheeky manner.

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