CH 18

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"Gumi and I are going out for lunch. Would you like to join us?" Megumi clutched onto your jeans and gave you his puppy eyes. His divine dogs weren't helping too especially with their tails wagging like crazy. "Sure, I'll go home after that." You accepted the invite and held onto Megumi's hand. Gojo being Gojo, he brought the three of you to a fancy Italian restaurant. Megumi slurped the spaghetti bolognese heartily, leaving stains on his lips and cheeks. You chuckled at the sight and reached to clean his face, not realizing that Gojo was enjoying the sight before him a little too much.

Pulling the car over, Gojo unbuckled his seatbelt and offered to walk you to the entrance. "It's okay, Gojo. Thanks for the ride." Undoing the seatbelt and reaching behind for your belongings. Megumi looked a little pouty from how his cheeks were squished with folded arms. Gojo and you shared an amused look, "Wanna walk me to the gate, baby?" Wordlessly, the eight-year-old leapt out of the black Panamera Porsche. Hand in hand, you lead them to the front gate of your traditional Japanese home. Gojo whistled and adjusted his shades to have a better look, "Not bad, not bad." He nodded in approval.

"Y/n!" A voice called for you from behind. Megumi frowned and looked up at Gojo, only for the older male to shrug. "You didn't reply to my text so I came here to check on you." The voice belonged to Sato Daisuke, who was your colleague and coincidentally the two of you have mutual friends from university. Sato looked down to see Megumi who had an irked expression, "Who is this, y/n?" He asked. "Oh, this is Megumi. My..." You trailed off to Gojo. "She's my baby mama." Gojo quirked a brow playfully. "Gojo!" Your sweat dropped and panicked. This wasn't a good time to fool around! "Y/n, y-you have a child?" Sato blinked in shock. "I have a sister too." Megumi jumped into the conversation. "Megumi..." You sighed and rubbed your temple, feeling him hugging your legs.

Sato stood there in disbelief, eyes flickering from you to Megumi and Gojo, who twinkled his fingers with a smug grin. "Y/n, please explain what's happening." Sato pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed loudly. "My mama doesn't owe you any explanation, punk." Megumi didn't like the way this fella before him was behaving. Gojo hummed a tune and stood between you and Sato, "The name's Gojo Satoru and you are...?" He held out his hand. "Sato Daisuke, y/n and I have been dating for a while." Sato shook Gojo's hand. Gojo could sense your cursed energy rising and falling at an unsteady pace, showing that you were uncomfortable and something was amiss.

Although Megumi was young, he reads people well. Just a glance at Sato made him feel irritated and he could feel that you didn't like what was happening. "Oh? My little ex-wifey here didn't mention anything about dating." Gojo glanced over his shoulder, watching you hold onto Megumi's hand tighter. "I didn't know you were married, y/n." Sato's voice turned sour. "Gosh, I wonder how you'd managed to find someone worse than me, y/n." Gojo shook his head, finding it humorous. That earned him a pissed-off glare from Sato. Not a good first impression indeed. "Sato, I'll explain to you inside. Thanks for sending me home, Gojo." Megumi snapped his head to Gojo, eyes telling him to do something. However, who was he to do so? The both of you got divorced and it's not like as if you couldn't take care of yourself. You were a strong woman who takes a hard stance and so what if you were dating this nosy ignorant shorty- Stop. Gojo's mind went a little overboard with his monologue.

"I can walk myself," You twisted your hand out of Sato's grip, eyes flashing purple for a second. If you could get rid of Sato right now, you would have done so but he wasn't a cursed user. Sato Daisuke and you were colleagues working for the same company and your departments have to work closely for upcoming events. At first, you went on dinner dates with him but it got exhausting. Sato would choose the venues and not ask for your preferences. There have been rumours that he went around telling people that he was your "work husband". There were times he called during inconvenient moments when you didn't reply to his texts within a certain period. Now, he came to your house without prior notice. At least Gojo would ask for you before- Your eyes widened when you were aware of what you were thinking. At that moment, your head turned back to see Gojo and Megumi, eyes connecting with those six eyes of his.

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