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There were times when you forgot that your husband was the head of the Gojo clan especially not with his childish antics sometimes. Today, you were at the Gojo estate as there were things that your husband had to settle. Dressed in a black yukata with white accents and his snowy hair slicked back, Gojo sighed and looked absolutely bored during the meeting with a leg propped up to support his arm and a hand on his cheek. He was zoning out, thinking of you and Seichiro, wondering what were the both of you doing. An annoyed pout adorned his handsome features, half lidded eyes scanning the room as the meeting's objective flew out of his mind.

"Gojo-sama, is there anything you would like to input?" A clan member asked and was bewildered to see Gojo using his phone, looking uninterested. "Nope, nothing." Gojo replied, eyes still on the device. The members looked at each other probably thinking that Gojo was the most unserious and unhinged clan head that existed. "O-Oh, would you like us to summarise what was discussed?" Gazing from his phone, Gojo blew the fallen strands of hair away from his vision. "Nah." That was all he said before getting up from the ground. "Text me if anything. I don't do letters because it makes me feel like an old hag. See y'all!" Gojo waved the members off and exited the meeting room.

Everywhere he went, the servants lowered their heads to show respect. Gojo hated how formal his own home was which was why he moved out of the estate the moment he turned 20. "You look different." Megumi sounded from behind as Gojo sighed. "You should style your hair up more!" Tsumiki suggested. The Fushiguro siblings were waiting for him a few rooms down the corridor. Apparently, one of the meeting objectives was regarding their expenses as the clan members felt that Gojo should stop supporting them as they were young adults who could provide for themselves. However, that suggestion was strongly rejected by Gojo and being the clan head, he had the final say. "What would your mother think about my hair?" Gojo's lips tilted at the thought. "Mom would love it!" Tsumiki nodded in approval while Megumi rolled his eyes.

"Then what's this, baby?" You showed an otter on the flash card. "Otter, mama!" Seichiro pointed at it. "Mama's baby is so smart~" You cooed and leaned in to smooch his cheek. The door slid open to reveal Gojo and your teens, you could not help but swoon at the sight of your handsome husband. "Papa, Gumi and Miki!" Seichiro clapped his hands in joy, liking how everyone he loved was here. "Hi, mom! Seichiro~ Oh my goodness, you're so cute!" Tsumiki could not help but squeal before carrying Seichiro into her arms. You greeted her with the usual kiss on her cheek and felt Megumi plopping beside you, "My darling boy." You pecked his cheek as well before stroking his head. "Hi, mom. Sorry for letting you wait." Shaking your head, you assured Megumi that it was alright. Gojo plopped next to you, puffing his cheeks out and resting his head on top of yours.

"All dressed with your hair styled up? The head of the Gojo clan indeed." You teased. Gojo whined and looked at you with a pouty expression, "It's not like I wanted to! Apparently it's a "protocol" or whatever they call it for clan heads to always be dressed appropriately. I hate it." Gojo complained while taking off the first layer of the yukata, throwing it aside after that. "Hm? I must say that you look handsome, my love." You paused, looking up to his styled hair. "Especially your hair." "See? I told you mom would love it!" Tsumiki made her point while Seichiro waddled towards Megumi. "Gumi, rabbit?" He tilted his head, wondering where were the rabbits. His hands came together to form a rabbit shape and managed to summon one. Seichiro squealed and watched the rabbit hop towards him before picking it up gently and going back to Tsumiki to play with her.

"Yeah? You like my hair like that?" Gojo cocked a brow, a boyish smirk on his features and watched you nod. "Mhm, you look smart and-" "Daddy? I look like a dilf? Honey, I am a dilf." "Satoru!" You scolded, hitting his chest lightly. Megumi swore that he was going to throw up his meals hearing the conversation between you both. "You're disgusting." He grumbled under his breath. Gojo squinted his eyes at the grump teen, "Aw, little Gumi is jealous that his mama is giving me attention?" Ah, this reminded you of the days when Megumi was a little boy who stuck by your hip. "I am not!" "Yes, you are! Blegh!" Gojo poked out his tongue to provoke Megumi. "How are you a father when you're behaving this way?" Megumi could not believe it, finding Gojo childish when he was a father of one, turning two soon. "Alright, that's enough." You flicked your husband's nose and turned to face Megumi. "Don't mind Satoru. You'll always be my little blessing." You stroked Megumi's cheek, watching his lips tilt up ever so slightly at the assurance.

Returning to the penthouse, Seichiro was colouring with the help of Tsumiki while Megumi read his non-fiction book with Wata snoozing next to him. You loved days like these when the teens were back home, reminding you of the days before they moved out. Gojo noticed that the waddle for when you were pregnant with Seichiro was making its comeback. He could not help but giggle at the sight. "What's so funny?" "You're so cute, honey. Your little waddle." Gojo pointed out as you made yourself comfortable in bed. Whenever you went for a check-up, your gynae said that your belly was bigger than usual thanks to Gojo's height as your babies had legs longer than others. He shifted a little and made you lay on his chest, arms holding you protectively with a hand caressing your protruding belly. "Let's take a nap before dinner, hm? You seem tired, honey." He suggested while stroking your cheek. Humming, you eyes fluttered shut and savoured the comforting moment with your sweet husband. Soon enough, both of you drifted to sleep in each other's warmth.

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