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Warning(s): mentions of sickness, suggestive themes

Pushing the shopping cart, you were in the supermarket doing some grocery shopping while Tsumiki was running around to grab ingredients for her school bake off the following week. You ensured she was still within your sight from time to time while holding onto Megumi's hand. Taking a step forward, you felt yourself getting held back to see that Megumi was dozing off. You knelt to his height to pick him up, placing him on your hip as support and felt him resting his head on the crook of your neck. His fingers held onto your shirt tightly as if making sure that you were present with him.

"I'm back!" Tsumiki placed the chocolate chips into the cart. "Nice work, sweetie." You praised her for picking the correct ingredients efficiently. "Gumi is tired?" She noticed his body rising and falling to indicate that he has fallen asleep. "I'll help push the cart!" Tsumiki offered and took over your place. "Thank you, Miki. Shall we check out?" Nodding, the girl made a beeline for the cashier with you following behind her. You handed her your wallet for payment while smoothening Megumi's hair. The boy had just recovered from a virus attack that was possible transmitted from school but he still felt groggy and lethargic. Fortunately, Tsumiki was not affected by it. Your fingers grazed his forehead and ran them through his raven hair. You and Tsumiki place the groceries into the recycling bags you brought along to be environmentally friendly and handed her the lighter bag before leaving the super marker.

Leading Tsumiki to a bench right outside the supermarket, you placed the groceries next to her and took out your phone. "Hey, honey!" Gojo's chirped through the speaker. "Satoru, where are you now?" Your answer was bestowed upon you when you heard the sound of curses. Gojo was currently on a mission to exorcise a grade one curse that has been terrorising a factory. "I'm in Osaka now, honey. Fending off curses to keep my lovely family safe~" He sang. "That's great, love. I'm outside the supermarket with Tsumiki after our weekly grocery shopping." You balanced Megumi on your hip and glanced to Tsumiki to see her looking into the recycle bags to ensure the items were properly placed. "Do you want us to get home first?" Earlier today, Gojo suggested to meet at the supermarket after he has ended work but it was foreseen that his career might lead him to an irregular schedule. However, a promise was a promise. "I'll be with you soon, honey. Just stay where you are, yeah?" Gojo instructed. "Okay, Toru." "That's my girl. Love ya!" He ended the call. The curse charged from behind him as Gojo turned his head to face it, "Sorry, but I'm in a hurry right now." He bellowed while undoing his blindfold. In the next moment, Gojo blasted Hollow Purple at the curse, annihilating it.

Back at your side, Megumi squirmed in your hold and straightened his back to have a good look at you. "Hi, baby." You smiled at him weakly. Megumi groaned with puffy red cheeks, "I'm tired, mama." Tsumiki and you shared a look, taking a seat next to the girl and placing the grouchy boy on your lap. "I know, Gumi. It sometimes happen during the recover phase." "I want go home..." Megumi whined, which was rare of him to do so. "I know, baby. I know." You cradled him closer. Tsumiki held onto Megumi's hand to comfort him while you wondered when Gojo would arrive.

"Yo, I'm here!" Gojo appeared from behind, teleporting from Osaka to Tokyo. "Toru..." Your eyebrows furrowed, feeling your fiancé kissing the frown away. "Nuh uh~ No frowning, honey." Gojo pinched your nose lightly, taking the bags from you and Tsumiki. "Gumi feels yucky." Tsumiki appeared from behind after arriving at the penthouse to place down the groceries. "Yes, sweetie. He'll be alright, hm?" Gojo assured and patted her head. "I'll make Gumi a care package!" She offered, causing your heart to swell. "That'll be great, sweetheart." You beamed at her. Tsumiki was an independent girl. She could handle most things by herself and you were trusted that she would be alright. "Will there be sweets in the care package? Leave some for me!" Gojo reminded, causing Tsumiki to giggle and nod.

A cartoon was playing on tv and Megumi fixated his tired green orbs on the screen with Wata on his side and the divine dogs laying on the ground just below his feet. Tsumiki squealed when Gojo tried to sneak up behind her to steal some sweets. Megumi looked over for a moment, wondering how Gojo's teeth are steal in perfect condition from the amount of sugar he takes. From his peripheral view, he noticed a figure which was you who was going over to Tsumiki to save her from your man child of a fiancé and hurrying him to take a bath. "Here you go, baby." Megumi saw the cup of hot chocolate held out to him. Settling next to him, you lifted the mug in the air to make space from Megumi who has decided to plop on your lap. "It's hot, baby. Be careful." Handing the mug to him and watched him sip the hot chocolate bit by bit. The once sleeping dogs were now wide awake from the delicious aroma of chocolate, making you chuckle. "Sweetie! Could you help fetch the dog treats?" You called out for her and moments later, she was seen with a packet of dog biscuits. "Here you go, Wata!" Tsumiki handed two bone shaped biscuits to him and you reached for the packet, taking a few more for the divine dogs. "Enjoy, my pups." You fed them too, hearing them let out happy noises.

Megumi handed the now empty mug to you, a short laughter escaping your lips to see that it was empty with not a drop in sight. At least the boy's appetite was back to normal.  He tugged your shirt to pull himself to snuggle against the warmth of your chest, lashes fluttering shut while listening to you and Tsumiki discuss what was happening in the cartoon. "Do you think my class is gonna win the bake off tomorrow, y/n?" She questioned with sparkling eyes, anticipating your response. All she felt was an encourage kiss on her forehead, "Of course, sweetie. You're the best baker I know and you are gonna be the trump card for your class." She giggled when you booped her nose. "What are you baking, Miki?" Megumi wondered, curious eyes landing on his sister. "Mm... Brownies and red velvet cupcakes." "Can you bring some home?" "Sure, Gumi!" Their interaction made your heart turn into a puddle of goo. They were absolutely adorable.

Entering the shared room with Gojo, you closed the door behind and made way to the vanity to fetch a lip balm. "The kids are asleep?" Gojo looked up from his phone and you hummed. "Well, Tsumiki wants to stay up a little later to call her friends while Megumi's all cuddled up with the pups in dreamland." Stretching your arms to relief the soreness on your back, you watched Gojo approaching you from the mirror and yelped when he lifted you up and plopping you on the bed with you beneath him. Gojo was now smirking with that glint you have come to familiarise with. "Not today-" "A quick one, please?" Gojo let out an exaggerated pout. "I fended off a bully of a curse today and got an ouchie." "Toru, it's just one scratch and you can heal yourself." Softening your eyes, you reached out to stroke his cheek, "But I suppose you do deserve a reward." A smirk formed on his face, kissing you softly and travelled his lips to your jaw, neck and shoulder.

"I do deserve a reward."

A/N: With how busy I am, I was thinking if I should discontinue this story.
p.s: Yes, I edited this chapter and this is a reupload.

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