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7:45am. Gojo woke up to the scent of toast and got up from the bed to make his way to the kitchen. There he saw you making breakfast with an assortment of bread spreads and fruits while standing before the toaster. A pop was heard, indicating that the bread was shot up to reveal the golden toasted bread. Well, that scrunch of your nose said otherwise. Picking up the toast, you wondered what went wrong as it was slightly burnt. Maybe this toaster's model ran on a higher temperature than your previous one which broke last week. Sighing, you placed the burnt toast with the ones stacked on a plate before taking a sandwich cutter to press down to the toast, revealing a cute cut out of a bear.

Spreading butter over it, you watched it melt into the toast and brought it to you mouth, ready to take a bite when it was snatched away from you. "Honey, don't eat that!" Gojo scolded lightly, not wanting you to have burnt toast for breakfast especially when you were pregnant. "I'm sorry, Toru. But I've been trying to make the perfect toast for breakfast but can't seem to figure out why it's failing." You huffed, rubbing your belly for comfort. Being the loving husband he was, Gojo's chest felt sore at the sight of his sweet wife looking glum. All she wanted was to whips up breakfast for the family but that damn toaster was not cooperating. "Hm... Lemme do it, honey. I'll see what's wrong with this piece of crap toaster that made the love of my life gloomy." Well, Gojo might have the intention to destroy this toaster if it does not want to get its shit together. "Ok, Toru. Thank you." You nodded, feeling Gojo wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you into an embrace. "Anything for my wifey~" He sang, planting a kiss on your forehead.

Just then, your eyes flickered purple which made your lips tilt up. "Our mochi's awake." How did you know this? Well, since Seichiro was born, you made the Eye of Judgement stand guard his room and every time Seichiro wakes up or starts to cry, the Eye will send an alert to you. It was as if Wata could sense his little brother waking up an ran towards you with a wagging tail. "Wata, baby. Want to follow mama to Seichiro's room to fetch him?" You asked and received a bark in response. "C'mon, let's go!" You smiled when Wata took the lead and ran to Seichiro's room as you followed him from behind.

Staring at the toaster, Gojo's eyes twitch and glowed a little in irritation. "Damn toaster ruining my wife's morning." He grumbled under his breath. Maybe he should let the bread stay inside for a shorter period and he did what he thought. The bread popped out to reveal the perfect crispy golden brown toast as Gojo pressed down the bear shaped sandwich cutter to reveal the cute toast. Thank goodness he did not have to use the last resort. He followed up by cutting strawberries and bananas into slices, placing some blueberries too onto three plates. "Right, my fur baby's breakfast." He remembered Wata's food and took out the kibbles. After that, he poured two cups of apple juice, a sippy bottle filled with warm milk formula and a bowl of water. Damn, he had to say that he was proud of himself for making breakfast.

"Papa!" The sweet voice belonging to Seichiro echoed through the atmosphere. His stubby legs kicked in excitement at the sight of his papa who he loved so much. "Good morning, my mochi~" Gojo sang, carrying Seichiro from your arms to his and laying kisses on his chubby face. Seichiro giggled, face planting on to Gojo's bare chest to nuzzle his chubby cheek against Gojo's warmth. "Mama, where is the bear?" Seichiro wondered, head tilted to the side adorably. Your eyes flickered to the plates to see the slices of bear toasts on them before laying a grateful look to your perfect husband. "Here, my baby. Papa made them!" You lifted Seichiro's plate to reveal the toasts. "Wah! Same as teddy!" Seichiro showed the teddy bear that Gojo got him when he was on an overseas mission, hugging it to his chest. "Isn't that right, mochi? Let's dig in!" Gojo carefully sat Seichiro on the high chair.

Gojo watched Seichiro have his breakfast, heart melting when his baby boy tried to piece the strawberries and bananas into a mixture. "Mama, papa, lookie! Seichi is cooking!" He showed the paste that he managed to make. "Wow~ Mama's baby is such a great cook!" You complimented while Gojo wiped the crumbs off Seichiro's lips with a tissue. "Can papa have some of mochi's masterpiece?" Gojo asked and without a second thought, Seichiro nodded, allowing Gojo to dip his toast into the strawberry-banana paste. His eyebrows lifted for a moment, "It's yummy, mochi! Honey, try it." Gojo fed you, watching your eyes widen. It did actually taste good. "Papa's mochi is so talented~" Gojo cooed, kissing Seichiro's cheek as the boy squealed in delight. "Wata too, mama." Seichiro tried feeding Wata but his arm was short to reach. "Ok, baby. Let mama help you, hm?" You nodded, feeding Wata the toast with the fruit paste.

"Yummy?" Seichiro watched Wata feed the toast as the pup wagged his tail in joy. The little boy made a constipated noise, body bouncing on the high chair to let you and Gojo know that he wants to get off and play with Wata. "Hold on, mochi. Come drink your milk first, hm?" Gojo handed him the sippy cup. "Two hands, baby." You reminded as watched Seichiro enjoy his milk, chubby cheeks bouncing with each slurp. "Finish!" He showed the sippy cup to Gojo and felt him getting cleaned up with a wet tissue. "Down, papa. Please?" Seichiro batted his lashes, pointing at Wata to show that he wants to play with the pup. "Ok, mochi. Play nice and gentle with Wata, alright?" Gojo carried the toddler up from the high chair. "Yes!" Seichiro nodded adorably before fetching Wata's toy to play fetch.

Collecting the dishes, you were ready to wash them when you felt a little breathless due to pregnancy. Gojo noticed your state and went over to the sink, "I'll do it, honey. Go rest by the couch." "It's ok, love. I can do it." You assured him but Gojo was not having it. "Honey~ Be a good girl and listen to me, hm?" He whined, lashes fluttering to let you soften. Gosh, both your husband and son were literally a carbon copy of each other. "I can't let you having to do all the housework, love." "Whaaat?! Are you kidding me? Honey, housework is nothing compared to you carrying our little princess. You're growing a human inside your womb!" Oh, how dramatic he was. It was when Seichiro called for you, wanting to play with him and Wata at the living room. Gojo gave you a peck on the lips, tilting his head to Seichiro's direction. "Join us later, love." "Of course, honey. Wouldn't miss a chance to spend time with my loved ones."

A/N: Husband!Gojo being shirtless and in grey sweatpants every single morning :)

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