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"We need to talk." Gojo's voice sounded from behind. "Since when do we talk, Gojo?" You scoffed, pouring yourself a glass of water. Silence followed after, proving your point that he never initiated a conversation. Thuds were heard as you turned around, the glass almost slipping through your fingers. There stood a boy and girl, probably still in elementary school. The girl with brown hair tied into a ponytail waved shyly at you while the urchin haired boy looked unenthusiastic. "Meet Tsumiki and Megumi. My kids-" "We are not your kids, Gojo." "Well, he did take care of us for years, Gumi." Megumi shot Tsumiki an annoyed look.

Kids. Placing the glass cup on the counter, you made your way to the two children, squatting to their height. "Megumi and Tsumiki, right? Hi, I'm y/n." You smiled sweetly at them. Tsumiki's eyes sparkled, you introducing yourself was like a confidence boost to her to wave at you in excitement this time. Megumi looked away pouting with the tiniest blush on his chubby cheeks. They were carrying bags along with a luggage, it seems like they were moving in with you and Gojo. Looking at the clock, it was almost midnight as you reached for the bag Tsumiki was carrying by her shoulder while taking the luggage beside Megumi. "I bet you guy are tired. Come, I'll show you to the guest room and we'll figure things out later." You ushered them while the kids following behind like ducklings.

After getting the kids ready for bed, you closed the door behind to let them turn in for the night. On the way to your room, you saw Gojo munching on some mochis at the kitchen. "This is why you want to move out of the Gojo estate?" It's been almost a week since you moved out of the estate and into a penthouse by a very sudden announcement by Gojo. The man chewed onto the dessert, making a vein pop at your temple. Hope he chokes. Sighing, you gave up after some time of waiting for his response. That jerk don't have a sense of responsibility or respect to tell you why there are two kids in the penthouse without prior announcement.

"Fushiguro Megumi and Fushiguro Tsumiki." He started. You stopped in your tracks to listen, turning back to face him. "They don't have parents. Those kiddos have been with me for years." So he's their guardian? "What happened to their parents?" You got concerned by the fact as you related to them. Growing up without your parents since middle school was tough for you and your sister. "Ran away or died." A sour feeling squeezed your heart hearing that. "They'll be moving in with us." "I can tell from just now."

"I don't except you to accept them since this was sudden."
"More like I'm shocked you didn't have the decency to tell me you're a guardian of two children for all these months."
"Goodnight, Gojo. Don't worry, I'll never blame the kids."

The next morning, you were preparing breakfast with a lot of thought it mind. You wondered if the kids knew their parents. You wondered why Gojo's their guardian out of all people. Now, you're wondering if the kids will like the pancakes and juice you made for them. The door clicked as you turned around to see Tsumiki and Megumi all ready for school. "Good morning, Miss y/n!" Tsumiki greeted while grumpy Megumi did a small wave. "Take a seat. Breakfast is ready." You placed the plates of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and berries, along with cups of orange juice. "The pancakes smell so good, Miss y/n! Thank you!" Tsumiki clapped her hands before lightly slapping Megumi's hand for using the fork to poke the berries. "Thank you..." Megumi muttered under his breath.

Watching them fill their tummies, your heart warmed up as they reminded you of your childhood. At least they still have each other. "Good morning, kids!" Gojo's voice boomed. "Hi, Mr Gojo!" Tsumiki waved at him enthusiatically. "Hello, my favourite child." He pecked her cheek with a loud 'muah'. "Lookit! My brat's here too!" Gojo ruffled Megumi's hair, wanting to kiss his cheek too but only to be slapped away. "Go away, weirdo!" He hissed in annoyance. You couldn't help but let a laugh escape, seeing the honoured one getting slapped by a seven-year-old. Great job, Megumi. Gojo walked over to the empty seat next to you, helping himself to the orange juice.

"Morning, y/n."

Your eyes narrowed at him, almost in disgust. This was the first time he greeted you in the morning probably because the kids were here. This was all just for show. "Morning." You answered dryly. Tsumiki enjoyed the breakfast while kicking her legs in delight. As for Megumi, a frown appeared on his features while trying to slice the pancakes into smaller bits. "Let me help you, Megumi." You walked over to him, standing behind his seat before placing your hands over his smaller ones. "You got to pierce the fork to let the pancake stay in place before using the knife." You corrected him. "That's how I teach him too!" Tsumiki pointed out as you smiled at her. "Do you? You're such a great sister, Tsumiki." You complimented her.

Gojo watched the whole interaction. Tsumiki looked so happy to have another girl to talk to while Megumi listened to your instructions with ease unlike how he was with Gojo. Clicking his tongue, Gojo eyed Megumi and swore he saw a blush spreading across his face. "What are you looking at?" Megumi frowned. "Seeing how you seem happier with y/n than me. Goodness, you've only met her for a day whereas years for me!" The sorcerer complaint. Megumi's grip onto the fork tightened, your eyes widened when you saw cursed energy smoking through the floor and two shikigamis appeared. The Divine Dogs. Tsumiki was minding her own business, unaware of what's happening. Megumi was a cursed user while she wasn't.

"Don't mind him, Megumi. He's being annoying as always." You patted his head, feeling the divine dogs attention shifting onto you as you felt them nuzzling against your hip. "Damn dogs prefer her too. Tch." Gojo scoffed. Rolling your eyes, you ignored his bratty attitude and focused on the kids. It was when Tsumiki realized that they needed to go off soon as she grabbed her bag. "Bye, Miss y/n! See you later!" She chirped, leaping off from her seat. "Bye, kids. Have fun and stay safe!" You noticed Megumi was having some trouble with his shoelaces as you kneeled down to help him. "Your divine dogs are very cute, Megumi." You whispered. The boy's eyes widened, "You can see them too?" "Mhm. Now run along and follow the chauffeur. See you tonight." You pinched his chubby cheek. A small smile cracked his usual grumpy features, watching him follow behind Tsumiki and their chauffeur.

Maybe the new additions weren't so bad after all.

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