CH 03

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Warnings: Gojo being a bad husband, ZENIN NAOYA, misogyny, sexual harassment

Letting out a huff, you glared at Gojo who was scrolling through his phone on the couch. Tonight, the both of you are going to a jujutsu event held. Tsumiki circled you in awe, giggling at how pretty you looked as you thanked the sweet girl. Megumi was doodling on his sketchbook as you went over to check if he was alright. The kid was quiet and only spoke when needed. "Miki, honey. Come here." Gojo patted the seat next to him. He wondered why the girl has been fawning over you ever since you came out of your room from getting ready. "Miss y/n, what did you apply on your lips? It looks pretty!" She pointed to her own puckered ones. "Just some lip gloss, Tsumiki." You rummaged through your purse to let her take a look at the product. The young girl looked fascinated at the sight, asking you more questions and that was when you realized she didn't really have knowledge of such things due to her upbringing. "We can go shopping one day and you can pick your own." You suggested. The girl squealed in delight, thanking you as Gojo couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous.

Leaving the kids with the babysitter, you made your way to the annual event. You knew of its presence but never got to attend it as your family's name wasn't a big shot. You didn't mind though. You never wanted to be in the eyes of the jujutsu society knowing how screwed up it was. That was until you got married to the Gojo clan. This was the first time you and Gojo will be in the eyes of the public since your marriage. You couldn't help but feel sick in the stomach. "Getting cold feet?" Gojo mocked. Glaring at him, you looked out of the window. "More like I feel suffocated with you around." You spoke back. "The other two major clans will be there too. Stay close to me." You couldn't help but laugh at his words. You're pretty sure the last thing he wanted was to be in the same vicinity as you. "I'll take care of myself. Don't forget I'm a sorcerer too."

"The Gojos are here!" Sighing, you knew it was time to plaster a fake smile to cover up your miserable married life. As expected, people flocked to you and Gojo. They asked exchanged pleasantries and asked questions. Gojo was the one who did most of the talking due to his attention-seeking nature. "Satoru!" A voice was heard as you turned around to see Gojo's friends, Geto, Shoko and Nanami. From what you heard, they attended Jujutsu High together and have been friends ever since. "I was wondering if you guys were showing up." Geto chuckled, landing a smack on Gojo's back. "We got here a bit late because someone was taking her own time getting ready." Widening your eyes, your nostrils flared at the statement. "There was a jam, Gojo." You seethed. It was no secret between the group about you and Gojo's dynamics. "Oi, Satoru. Don't blame y/n for wanting to look presentable. It's your first event, yes?" Shoko spoke up for you as you nodded in response. "Don't mind him, y/n. It's no secret that he's a jerk." Nanami added on. "Nanamin!" Gojo whined as the blonde male ignored him.

They don't execute that cursed energy. The main reason why you attended the event was in hopes to find more clues about your sister's death. Leveraging this big event for your investigation was sure to give you some clues. "Satoru!" A female's voice was heard. There you saw a woman with long brown hair making her way over to Gojo. "Why were you late, Satoru?" She pouted while latching her arm around Gojo's bicep. "Oh, traffic. That's all, Miko." Gojo replied with a boyish grin. Takahashi Miko. From the rumours, she's said to be Gojo's ex-girlfriend. Geto and Shoko shared a look of disgust while Nanami let out a sigh. Seems like they had a past of their own with Miko.

"Oh? Who's this, Satoru?" She eyed you while leaning closer to Gojo. "Oh, yes. Miko, meet l/n y/n. My wife." Gojo introduced you to her. "So she's your wife? My apologies for not recognizing you! I wasn't available for the wedding. I'm Takahashi Miko." You could sense that she was trying to piss you off with her fake demeanour and flirtatious actions towards Gojo. "Nice meeting you, Miss Takahashi." You slightly bowed to her. Just then, a wave of uncomfortable flashes overwhelmed you as your cursed energy levels shot up. You were fine until she came into the scene. What was happening? "Y/n, are you alright?" Shoko held onto you as attention started to point towards you. "I-I'm fine, Shoko. I think I'm just dehydrated." You thanked her. "Oh. no! Would you like a glass of water? I can-" "I'll get it myself. Thanks." You cut Miko off, walking away from the scene.

"Satoru." Geto tilted his head, finding it unbelievable that Gojo didn't do anything. "She'll be fine, Suguru." Gojo waved his friend off. "Satoru, my friends are there. Wanna tag along?" Miko batted her lashes. "Sure! I'm sure there are new gossips among you ladies, right?" "Satoru, you know us so well!" She giggled in delight before pulling him towards the direction of her friends. "I know Gojo's a jerk but I didn't know he'll be this big of a jerk." Nanami eyed the white-haired male. "I really hate that bitch since high school." Shoko rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I'm going to find y/n to make sure she's alright." Geto followed your trail.

You were in the washroom to freshen up and calm your cursed energy. Your body was definitely telling you that something's off about Miko. Sighing, your hands shakily reached for your purse, grabbing some tissues to wipe the cold sweat away as well as to touch-up your makeup. Gojo was definitely swooned over by her. "I'm just his wife by name. Nothing else." There was a moment of silence before realizing tears brimmed your waterline. Wiping your tears away, you took in a deep breath and gathered yourself before exiting the washroom.

Upon making a right turn, you bumped into someone due to your hazy thoughts. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." You apologized and looked up to see the person. Your pupils widened at the sight, recognizing the person before you. Zenin Naoya. "Oh, look who do we have here? Mrs Gojo." He smirked. A chill ran down your spine. You have heard stories about him, bad ones, and how he views and treats women. "Greetings, Mr Zenin." You forced a small smile. "Where's your husband, Gojo Satoru?" Naoya asked as you gulped. "With his friends." "Oh? I wouldn't leave such my pretty little wife alone if I were him." He looked at you up and down as if undressing you with his eyes.

"It was nice meeting you, Mr Zenin. Now if you will excuse me-" "Who said you're allowed to leave?" What? Naoya grabbed the sides of your arms, "Didn't Gojo teach you how to act as a proper women?" Fear turned into anger as you tried shaking off his grip. "Let go or else." You whined when he grabbed your face between his hand. "Or else what? Better learn how to shut that mouth if nothing nice is coming out from it." Naoya spat. "I'm not a woman of the Zenin clan. You don't have to right to tell me what to do!" You yelled. Naoya chuckled, amused that a woman was talking back to him. "If Gojo can't teach his woman, I will."

He pushed you harshly into a secluded corner of the building, making you fall onto the ground. Taking the chance, Naoya hovered above you and started to trail his hands up your thighs and groping them. "Stop!" You screamed, trying to land a hit but he managed to block it. "You bitch." He seethed, pulling your hair harshly. All of a sudden, the overwhelming feeling returned, this time your cursed energy suffocating you.

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