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The flick on the forehead from your father brought you back to reality. Shifting in place, you frowned slightly before slowly widening your eyes to adjust to the light. Shoko was in the room to check your vitals when her tired eyes flickered and dilated to see that you have come through. "Y/n!" She rushed over to your side. "Hey, Shoko..." Your throat was hoarse from the lack of water. "I'm so glad you're alright. Gojo went out to fetch Megumi and Tsumiki from school. They'll be right here." She babbled away and hurriedly took out her phone to contact Gojo. Since Geto was nearby, he was the next one to see you. Relief washed over him to see that you were now awake and fine. Over the past week, he stayed over at Gojo's to take care of the kids, taking turns with either Shoko or Nanami, while Gojo stayed by your side. "Geto." You hummed as he let out a breath of relief. "Thank goodness, you're alright" Geto smiled weakly. 

The two of them accompanied you until footsteps were heard rushing towards the ward. It was followed by a loud 'bang!' and you looked ahead to see a heaving Gojo, an arm carrying Megumi while the free hand holding Tsumiki's. "Mama!" Megumi reached for you while his sister ran over to the side of the bed. "You're awake, y/n!" Tsumiki bounced in joy. "Hi, sweetie." You greeted and stroked her head. Megumi and Gojo came to your vision, "Be careful, Gumi." Gojo gently set him on your bed. "Mama, are you okay?" Megumi sniffled with tears lining his eyes. Your heart shattered at the sight, slowly sat up to create more space for the boy. "Come here, baby." You waved him closer. Megumi did what he was told and you lifted him to your lap, "I'm feeling better now, Megumi. My poor baby..." You wiped his tears away and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Megumi let out a small smile, happy that you were now with him after a terrifying shock.

Tsumiki settled herself on the bed too, taking out sweets and sliced fruits for you to get well faster. Your eyes flickered to Gojo, his bright blue eyes having the chance to finally soften since you were now awake after a week. Geto thought the both of you should have some privacy, "Who wants ice cream?" He asked as the kids perked up. Tsumiki raised her hand, telling him she wanted strawberry ice cream while Megumi clung onto your shirt tightly, hiding his face in your chest. "You can go, Megumi. I'm fine now, hm?" You reassured him. Upon hearing your statement, the boy nodded and leapt off the bed, trailing behind Geto and Tsumiki to the nearest ice cream shop as Shoko closed the door behind her. 

Finally, the two of you were alone. Before you could blink, you were engulfed in a tight hug. "I'm glad you're fine..." Gojo's voice came out in a whisper. Pursing your lips, you hugged him back, running your fingers through his undercut and drawing soothing patterns on his back. "It's been hard on you too, Satoru." Your lips brushed against his ear, making him let out a shaky breath. Pulling away from the hug, Gojo pressed a gentle peck on your lips and let out a small smile. For the first time in his life, Gojo Satoru was scared. That feeling suffocated him and he did not want to experience that again. "I... I missed you." Gojo stuttered as your eyes widened slightly. "I mean! T-The kids too! Especially Megumi-" You shut him up with another short kiss on his lips. "Hm, didn't think I'd make you fluster." You teased and his ears instantly turned red. He huffed and looked away momentarily before letting out a shy grin. 

"I dreamt of my family, even talked to my dad." Gojo's brows raised in interest as you scooched over to make space for the big man. Holding you in his arms, Gojo pressed his cheek on the top of your head. "My dad... He was, I guess... a former God? Divine being?" You started off. Gojo straightened himself and looked at you in awe, "Damn, does that make you immortal?" Blinking at him, you wondered for a while before shaking your head. "My mom's human so..." You shrugged, keeping that question in mind for your father the next time you see him. "I'm no cursed user too, Satoru. I'm just gifted with the divine so I see things that normal people don't." Gojo listened silently, basking in your voice that he has not heard for a week. He could hear you talk for as long as you wanted because you were here with him. Safe and sound.

You proceeded to tell Gojo that your father and the Gojo clan were allies thousands of years ago and because of that one comment your father made, here you were with Gojo. "You mean our marriage was a 5000-year-old pact?" "Yeah, that's insane." You shook your head and laughed. "My dad thinks you're handsome and strong," Gojo smirked and leaned his face closer to yours. You hated to admit this but you missed this cocky and smug side of him. "Oh, yeah? It's an honour for the Lightning Lord to think so." His lips brushed against yours, kissing you gently. "He mentioned that being the strongest comes with great responsibilities and I want to share them with you, Satoru." Your fingers brushed his snowy hair out of his handsome features. 

Gojo locked eyes with you, staring into your orbs and hummed in response. "W-Why are you looking at me like this? It's like you're about to eat me up." You flustered and looked away to break contact. He stroked your warm cheek with the back of his slender fingers, "Would you complain if I did eat you up, though?" His flirtatious behaviour made your heart pound. Gojo moved forward to lock his lips with yours, his tongue swiping against your bottom lip as your breath hitched. "Not now though. When you're feeling better and ready." He smooched your forehead. A red tint flushed your features when you understood what he meant. "You're being weird..." You cleared your throat, making Gojo giggle. He was enjoying how shy you were and he could not help but bring you to his chest for a comforting hug.

However, the sweet moment was disrupted when Gojo felt a 'thwack' on the back of his head. Both of you looked to the bed to see a packet of kikufuku and saw Megumi with Tsumiki. "I should turn on my infinity around him. What a menace for his age." Gojo pouted while you rubbed the sore spot on his head. "Gumi bought this for you, Gojo! While I bought this box of macarons for y/n. Well, Geto did." Tsumiki handed you the macarons and got on the bed. "Thank you, sweetie." You kissed her temple gratefully. Megumi did the same and glared at Gojo, not appreciating how close he was to you as the same sour feeling bubbled within him. "What? Your mama is my girlfriend and you better accept that whether you like it or not." Gojo pinched Megumi's nose. The boy scowled and swatted Gojo's hand away, changing his whole demeanour into a sweet one when he turned to face you.

"Mama." His green orbs sparkled and extended his arms as you brought him to your lap. "Don't need to be jealous, baby." You stroked his head, feeling his snuggle against your warmth. Megumi missed this feeling. Him being in your safe embrace and having at least one sane and mature adult to care for him and Tsumiki. The girl shared what she did in school, gossiping about the latest drama from kids getting into trouble to love interests changing every other day. She even showed you the pictures she took during a field trip to the zoo. Speaking of animals, Megumi took out his phone to show pictures of Wata. "I taught Wata how to sit and do handshakes, mama." "Yes! He's such a smart boy!" Tsumiki nodded. "That's wonderful, baby! Wata's such a clever pup and you're a great big brother." You complimented, pecking his forehead as Megumi smiled shyly.

Gojo watched the sight before him. His lips curled into a smile along with a blissful expression on his face. This was what everyone missed. Basking in everyone's warmth while the kids shared their day's adventures with you and him. Seeing Tsumiki showing off the latest item that he bought for her and Megumi sticking and following you like a puppy with big bright eyes.

This was Gojo's little family.

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