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Ocean blue eyes were said to be bright but the ones Gojo had were dull, matching the stoic expression he had. The protocol to meet the higher ups was to announce your visitation and purpose to get their approval but he never once obeyed those instructions, it was no less now. "Insolent brat! How dare you disrupt us without prior notice?" A gruffly voice boomed through the dimly lit room. "You lot gave Ijichi the misinformation." Gojo stated. "There was no misinformation, Gojo. Bold of you to make such an assumption." Another voice was heard. "Fucking liars," He paused, bringing a hand up to his blindfold. "Don't push your luck here." He pulled the fabric down to reveal his cold gaze.

He wanted to end this group. He was so tired of them all. He had thoughts of killing them ever since he was a second year in Jujutsu High, especially after that one mission. He was so close to achieving that goal. Maybe, just maybe if they were gone, Gojo would be a step closer to change the Jujutsu society. The higher ups got to their feet, they never thought Gojo would pull such an aggressive stunt on them. Oh, how much did they belittle him? Imagine if they found out that killing them has always been on Gojo's mind. Shouts and yells filled the room, threats and warnings filled most of the context. Before Gojo could start, a loud crash sliced through the chaos that was brewing.

The familiar polearm sent electric waves through the paper door, burning to violet flames. Your silhouette emerged amidst the commotion as Gojo turned back to see the eerie vibes you emitted. The usual sparkle in your eyes was absent and replaced with dullness. 'The calm before the storm.' It was the perfect phrase to describe you now. When you first heard the news of the trio getting injured after their unforeseen foe, Gojo thought something wasn't right about your reaction. You were a little too calm about it as compared to previous instances such as Megumi's kidnapping when he was young, which made you cry in guilt and worry. However, you were calm for the most part for this particular happening but seeing you now made sense.

"How's Megumi, honey?" Gojo took a hand and rubbed it gently with his thumb. It has been ages since he saw you this pissed off. "He fell asleep after Shoko checked his vitals. All's well, love." You replied sweetly. Murmurs were heard, the higher ups pointing out that Gojo's wife was here as they have heard stories about you. Oh, yes. This was your first time meeting these old hags in such an unfortunate scene. "What's a woman doing here? Bold of you to interrupt men- Ack!" The first victim of the night words were cut off, literally. You had summoned the polearm to impale right through his mouth, the blade coming through the back of his head. "My gift for our first meeting." You hummed, watching the lifeless higher up's body wobble and fall in a pool of blood.

In slow steps, you made your way to the higher ups, eyes narrowing at each of them. "My love?" You called for your husband who was by your side instantly. "Yes, honey?" Gojo smirked, enjoying how these old hags were staying still and their mouths kept shut from the longest they have ever been . "Are they always this quiet? It's different from your rants." You lifted a chin of a higher up using the tip of your sword's blade. "Hm, they were yelling at me before you came. It must be your presence, honey." He wrapped an arm around your waist, pressing a kiss on your temple. "That's weird. How can they not quake under the presence of the strongest?" You cocked a brow. "Unless they look down on my husband." Your tone lowered at the thought, pressing the sword against the higher up's throat enough to draw out blood.

"So tell us," Dragging the sword to the jugular vein threateningly. "Why did you guys lie about the mission's details?" You demanded to know. "Spit it, fuckers." Gojo's grip on your waist tightened, indicating his patience wearing thin. The higher up whose life was in your hands, stammered through his words. They were aware of Yuji's potential and wanted to test his limits as Sukuna's vessel along with Nobara and Megumi. "In other words, you were experimenting." You lost track of your thoughts when the sword in your hand was swiftly snatched away and the next thing you saw was the higher up dropping to the ground while groaning in agony. Looking up, your husband was filled with rage from how dilated his pupils were.

"I dare you to move an inch." Gojo threatened when he sensed the others trying to escape. Why would they only listen when he resorts to such an extreme? "Satoru..." You took the sword back from his hand. "I'll deal with them alongside Suguru. I just now that he wouldn't want to miss out the fun." Gojo's lips tilted at the thought. It was going to be a field day when it comes. "Anything that makes you feel better, love." You hummed, lacing your fingers with his. Scanning the surrounding, the higher ups were either curled up or kneeling in order to spare their lives. With his strength, Gojo had almost a god complex and the sight amused him. Who would have thought these people would be in such a pathetic state?

"Thanks for coming over at the last minute, dear." You kissed Tsumiki's forehead gratefully. "It's nothing, mom! I'll be glad to babysit my siblings whenever." Tsumiki beamed and continued playing with Seichiro while cradling Sayuri in her arms. Seichiro pouted and looked over to his papa who was sitting at the couch silently. He got up and waddled over to Gojo, "Papa, sad?" He batted his lashes. It was as if his stress washed away instantly as he carried Seichiro to his lap, "A little, mochi." He replied honestly. Seichiro gasped cutely with wide eyes, "Seichi here, papa. Smile!" Seichiro poked Gojo's cheeks and lifted them up to tilt his lips to a smile. Walking to them, you kissed Gojo's lips to comfort him, mouthing 'I love you' to him and watched his once hard eyes finally relaxed. "Don't forget about us too!" Tsumiki chimed in, plopping next to your husband and handing Sayuri over to him who instinctively nuzzled against his chest. "My kids and wifey are the best, thank you." Gojo brought Sayuri closer to plant a peck on her forehead.

Clicking the door open, you peeped in to see Megumi who was back facing you. Gojo insisted for the teen to come home for the time being to watch over him though Megumi declined him. Well, that was until you stepped in. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you stroked his cheek and brushed the hair out of his face. "Megumi? Dinner's almost ready." You whispered, watching him shift in place before widening his eyes and sitting up right against the headrest. You asked how was his nap to which he replied with a nod. "Still that grumpy boy I know." You chuckled, stroking his cheek as he gave you a look. "I'm not." "Yes, you are. Especially after waking up, baby." You kissed his forehead. "Mom, I'm not a child anymore." He sighed in embarrassment. "I know, but you'll always be my little blessing." You agreed in this bittersweet moment. "No matter how old you get, Satoru and I will protect you. Remember that, hm?" You tapped his nose lightly.

"I love you, baby."
"Love you, mom."

A/N: I miss Megumi calling us 'mama'. He's so cute when he says that...

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