CH 13

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Warnings: Violence, shitty fight scenes, shit writing, blood and death

Everything was so technical. Gojo explained about the cursed energy you saw radiating from him to how Geto and him came out with a plan to confront Miko. You took everything in silence, trying to absorb the information while keeping your cool by clutching the hem of your top. Gojo could see your cursed energy rising and falling steeply during his explanation. He knew that you wanted to burst. "She's currently held in the dungeons of Jujutsu High." Silence filled the cold atmosphere as your lips trembled and looked up at him. "I want to see her." Standing up from the couch, you hastily made a beeline to the door and turned back to see Gojo still seated. "I'm going to impale you if you don't start moving, Gojo." You seethed in threat. "Geez, alright. I'm coming." Gojo's calm demeanour ticked you off further. "Is this some joke to you?" "Never said it was." His voice dropped a few octaves lower and exited the penthouse.

"Was expecting the both of you earlier," Geto rubbed his tired eyes and tidied his hair while Shoko walked beside you. "Gumi got into a fight in school. That's why we're late." Gojo nonchalantly let that information slip through his lips. "What? Megumi got into a fight? Did he win?" Geto chuckled and yelped when Shoko flicked the back of his head. "Hell, yeah. He did!" Gojo cheered and shared a high-five with Geto. Shoko lets out a sigh and looked over to you who had a deadpanned expression with a mixture of tiredness and anger. "I'm not good with words but I just want to let you know that I'm here if you need someone to speak to." Looking over, a weak smile cracked your tired form. "Thanks, Shoko." You nodded.

The group of you stood before the entrance of the dungeon and was given access by the guards. Everyone could feel the immense energy you were emitting and each step you took caused traces of electric fields. "Your wife is pissed." Geto whistled lowly and expected some sort of reaction from Gojo but there was no avail until a few moments later. "Not any longer." Gojo walked past him, causing Geto to stand there in confusion. It was obvious that this anger and hatred of yours would last for quite some time. It couldn't be possible for you to- Oh. Geto realized what Gojo was referring to. "Yo, did you hear what he said?" Geto whispered to Shoko. "Man's getting a divorce." She shoved her hands into her pocket. "Was he the one who suggested it?" "No, his wife did." The brown-haired woman tilted her head to you who was in front.

Gojo stood before a certain cell and adjusted his shades, waiting for the rest of you to catch up. "Yo! Having a good stay?" He bent down to peer between the cell's railings. You came from behind him, eyes on the person who killed your innocent sister. Eyes flashing purple at the surge in cursed energy flowing through your veins from wrath. Miko smirked when she saw you and her kitsune's markings started to seep through her skin. "Oh, look who we have here." She faked a smile. Your eyes never left her figure once. It was as if you were a predator ready to pounce and savagely kill your prey. Which you were.

Your sword appeared and slashed through the cell railings, causing them to fall to the ground in loud clanging. In a swift motion, you charged towards Miko and left in a bolt of lightning. "Satoru, we should follow them." "And what? Get impaled by y/n?" Gojo laughed as Geto widened his lips in disbelief at how unserious Gojo was. But his lips turned into a relieved smile when Gojo teleported away, "Let's catch up with them." Throwing Miko against the hard trees, you summoned your polearm and aimed at her heart. The kitsune was quick to use one of her tails to deflect the weapon while the rest of her tails extended to chase you. Small demon foxes surrounded you and used their sharp claws and teeth to gnaw your skin. Thankfully, your Eye of Judgement came to the rescue and got rid of them in a flash.

From the way you portrayed yourself, it was clear that the last of your conscious self was gone. You showed no mercy when sending lightning bolts towards Miko and giggled whenever she gets hit. You were with her. Wanting to wear her out before delivering the final strike. This was like a game of hide and seek to you. Twirling the polearm between your fingers, you slaughtered the rest of Miko's tails as she let out a bloody cry and watched you trample over the last of her kitsune tails, disintegrating them into dust. Miko limped to her escape, leaving a trail of blood behind and that things easier for you.

The Eye of Judgement appeared before her and pointed a sword at her neck. Miko took a few steps back only to feel a sharp object probing her lower waist. Her eyes shifted to see you staring into her soul with a deadpanned expression. "Why?" Your distorted voice bellowed. "If it wasn't for your sister, I could have gotten back with Satoru!" Miko yelled as tears of hatred flowed down her cheeks. The rest arrived at the scene to see Miko looking haggard and defeating, taking note that there was a pool of blood beneath her and all her tails were gone. She was now nothing but a mere vessel that once belonged to a kitsune spirit. "She was the one who enabled you to get married to Satoru! Don't you hate her for causing this miserable marriage of yours?!" She chuckled maniacally.

"All this for a man?" You scoffed and shook your head in disbelief. "Also," You held up the polearm, "Who are you to criticize my sister?" You seethed, puncturing the sharp tip into her back. Miko cried in pain, blood spewing out of her mouth while everyone watched her suffer. You turned back and saw Gojo blankly staring at Miko while she pleaded him for help. Geto crossed his arms while Shoko smoked a cigarette. Nobody lifted a finger to help her. They didn't want to interfere with your business. You looked back from your shoulder and let out a smirk. During that moment, your orbs flashed along with strikes of lightning and clashes of thunder. "Go scour your tails," Holding up the polearm towards the sky to allow it to absorb the lightning in the stormy weather. "In hell." You were about to extend your arm to make a slash motion when noises were heard behind you.

Everything happened in slow motion. You turned back to see a demon fox managing to stab Geto's calve as Shoko rushed to him to treat his wound. A menacing laughter erupted from Miko when Gojo shouted your name to caution you to watch out. In that same moment, you felt yourself getting wrapped around his arms as he shielded you with his body. If he was touching you, that means... Your hand reached for his lower back to see blood dripping down your fingers. Miko had thrown a dagger towards you but instead, it penetrated Gojo. This felt like deja vu as panic rose within you. Miko took the chance to flee but the Eye of Judgement managed to catch up with her. Its pupil widened to reveal an arm wielding a sword and before Miko could blink, she felt her front getting slashed. Her blood splattered across the trees and the grass below, falling onto the ground with a thud.

"Gojo!" Geto yelled and rushed to him after Shoko healed his wound with her reverse cursed technique. Your body was numb, you froze at the sight of Gojo bleeding before your eyes. "It's alright, I'm fine-" He choked on his blood and it stained the grass beneath him. Shoko observe the wound and frowned at the sight, "Get him to the infirmary now!" She yelled. Geto carried Gojo on his back and followed Shoko back to Jujutsu High. "C'mon, y/n!" Geto shouted for you. However, your legs couldn't seem to move as you watched their bodies slowly fade away from the distance.

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