CH 20

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Well, Gojo seemed serious about becoming your "sugar daddy". Ever since you were dismissed from your company, Gojo decided that you were the perfect babysitter for the kids. It was like you were back to square one but was paid handsomely. ¥100,000 for the days you babysat the kids (it was basically every day, to be honest) and there were times you would receive random transactions with notes from him telling you to treat yourself to something nice. All you did was scowl and send him texts to stop doing that.

Y/n: "What's with the ¥300,000 transaction, idiot?!"
Gojo Satoru: "Just felt like it~ Go get whatever you like :D"
Y/n: "I'm blocking you if this keeps up."
Gojo Satoru: "Hey! :("

Your thoughts were shooed away when a bump was felt on your hip. Megumi looked up at you through his lashes, eyes asking if you were alright. "Weren't you upstairs playing with the dogs, Megumi?" All the boy did was hide his face against your skin. "Y/n!" Tsumiki ran down the stairs and jumped into your arms. "What's the special occasion, sweetie?" The young girl was seen in a pastel yellow dress with a white hair band on her head. "I'm going to find a boyfriend!" Confusion was seen on your expression, eyebrows raised and felt Megumi hugging your legs with a pout. What was happening?

"Did I just hear 'boyfriend'?!" Gojo puffed out his chest, being silly as usual. "Yes! Kaito is so cute!" Tsumiki nodded with a huge toothy smile. You wondered if her cheeks would hurt if she kept that big smile up. "Kaito is so loud," Megumi commented as Tsumiki gasped dramatically. "He's just outgoing, Gumi!" You placed her on the ground and watched the siblings debate. "No, no, no~ Sweetheart! Boys have cooties a-and they don't clean themselves up!" Gojo waved his hands in the air. "Speaking about yourself?" "Shh, y/n!" Tsumiki giggled while Megumi reached for you, wanting to be carried as you did what the boy wanted. "But Gumi has good hygiene!" She tried to reason, making Gojo scoff. "That's because I raised that squirt with nothing but the best!" He stared proudly. It was true. Megumi doesn't go around picking his nose and wiping boogers on clean surfaces. In fact, the boy smelt like baby powder with a hint of milk.

Megumi groaned and hid himself in your warmth, rubbing his face against your chest as if wanted to escape from this embarrassing moment. "No boyfriends, Miki!" Gojo scolded as she whined and looked at you for help. "Why not you go on a date with him and see how it fares?" Gojo and Megumi looked at you in unison, "Are you out of your mind?!" "C'mon, Gojo. Just one date won't hurt." Tsumiki squealed, hugging you and left for her room to get ready. Gojo's eye twitched and turned to face you, "Relax. It's normal for children to have crushes," cradling Megumi closer and smiling down at him. Gojo sighed and took a step closer, "What if she comes home crying? What if that boy upsets her?" You watched Gojo spill his thoughts and you found it sweet of him to worry about Tsumiki getting hurt. "Then punch him," Megumi suggested, causing Gojo to snicker before reaching out to pinch his chubby cheek.

"Let's not resort to violence," you shook your head, booping the little boy's nose. "What if she cries?" "Then we'll be there for her, Gojo." We. "Aren't we, baby? Let's be there for Miki, hm?" Peppering kisses all over his face as he laughed and squirmed at the ticklish feeling. A pound was felt against his chest as Gojo fixated his eyes on you and Megumi. It was such a heartwarming and domestic sight. What were the chances of finding someone able to accept children who were unrelated to them?

"I'm ready!" Tsumiki was seen holding onto her purse, clicking it open for the lip gloss you bought for her and applying it to her lips. "Makeup too? Geez, this girl." Gojo wondered who was the brat Tsumiki has a crush on to have her dolled up for him. "Alright, where are you meeting that brat?" Gojo rolled his eyes and took his keys. "Just across the street! Don't need to bring me there!" Tsumiki wore her sandals to match her outfit. "Bye, sweetie! Have fun, alright?" You kissed her forehead as she nodded cutely. "Bye bye, y/n! Bye, Gumi!" She waved and skipped towards the door. "What about me?!" Gojo cried but all the girl did was giggle and closed the door behind her.

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