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Being parents of two- no, four was not easy. With two teenagers, a toddler and a baby, people wondered how you and Gojo managed to pull it off. Thankfully, your teens were responsible and independent which took a part of worry off your shoulders. Tsumiki was caring in university while working part time while Megumi was training to be a strong sorcerer at Jujutsu High under the guidance of your husband. You could say the same for Seichiro as he was an obedient and witty little one who seldom fuss. Whereas for Sayuri, she was the princess of the family who knew how to make use of her charm to make people squeal over her.

It was 7:45am and the Gojo household was lively at this timing. Sayuri was sitting on the high chair while getting fed with banana puree while Seichiro sat on his papa's lap, having a bowl of oats. Gojo made weird facial expressions, a way to get Sayuri to open her mouth to receive spoonfuls of puree. Each meal was a messy one as Sayuri's cheeks were stained with banana puree. The same could go for Seichiro. "Uh oh!" Seichiro watched his cup fall to the ground but thankfully it was empty. "Be careful, mochi." You placed the cup back on the table. "Thank you, mama!" Seichiro smiled cutely. "Both my babies are messy eaters. Aren't you, princess?" Gojo pinched Sayuri's cheek lightly. "Wonder where they got that from." You teased. "Hey!" Gojo pouted, letting out a small huff before cleaning Seichiro's lips with a towel.

Crawling to Wata, Sayuri decided to snuggle with the Samoyed after breakfast. She smushed her face against Wata's soft fur, finding it comforting. Seichiro waddled towards his little sister and blinked when he saw the scene. He decided to join them and plopped next to Sayuri, a hand gently stroking her head to lull her to sleep. "Blankie." He took Wata's tail and tried to cover Sayuri from winter's coldness. You were wiping the table and managed to catch the scene from the corner of your eye. "Love, look!" You called for Gojo who was washing the dishes. His ocean eyes directed to where you pointed and felt what they called the 'cuteness aggression' pumping his veins.

"Oh my god, how did we make such freaking cute babies?!" He grabbed your shoulders and shook you lightly. Rubbing his chest, you giggled while telling him to calm down to prevent Sayuri from waking up. Gojo sighed in bliss at the scene of his babies getting along so well. Seichiro was such a good brother taking care of Sayuri and playing with her. There were times Wata would sleep next to Sayuri's crib to keep her company. You smiled blissfully, feeling Gojo wrap his strong arms around your waist from behind and pecked your temple. Savouring the moment, you watched your little ones and fur baby cuddling with one another. However, that moment was disrupted when your eyes flickered to the clock.

"Love, you're going to be late for work!" You gasped, turning back to your husband. "What a way to ruin the moment, honey." Gojo pouted, your heart clenching slightly to see him bummed out. "C'mon, my little wifey. Gimme a few kisses first." He cupped your face to peck your lips multiple times. Flicking his nose lightly, you watched him giggle and made a beeline for your shared bedroom to get ready. While stacking up the plates, a familiar tone rang through the penthouse. "Papa, phone!" Seichiro sat up from his laying position at the ringtone. "Yes, mochi. Papa's phone is ringing." You nodded in agreement, looking down to see it was Shoko.

"Hey, Shoko! Satoru is getting ready for work." You picked up the call and watched Seichiro making his way towards you. Squatting down, you lifted the toddler in your arms and peppered kisses all over his face. It was the same time when your husband reappeared and decided to spend more time with Sayuri and Wata. He carefully carried his baby girl in his safe embrace and kissed her chubby cheek with a soft smile before booping Wata's snout. "What?" The tone in your voice changed, causing Gojo to flicker his eyes at you. At the moment, your eyes met and you put the call on speaker mode while walking towards your husband.

Barging into the infirmary, Gojo scanned his surroundings to see Yuji getting patched up while Nobara was ranting away about last night's mission. "Whoever said it was a semi-grade two curse is a damn liar!" She kicked the bucket next to her. "What happened, kids?" "Mrs Gojo, you're here too!" Yuji exclaimed, wincing when Shoko pressed an alcohol swab on his wound. Nobara explained the situation. They were tasked to exorcise a semi-grade two curse which turned out be a grade one curse instead. "I thought we killed it but it emerged from behind and-" She stopped herself from going further. "Fushiguro got ambushed!" "Shut up!" "What? They are his parents and they should know what happened!" The teens bickered it out.

Megumi groaned at the throbbing pain in his head. Memories from last night's mission was vague and thinking about it made him feel worse. The door clicked open to reveal you and Gojo. "Gojo sensei? Mom? What are you doing here?" Megumi watched you sit on the edge of the bed. "Of course I'll be here, baby. Shoko called and told Satoru and I everything." Megumi sighed, he didn't want his injury to be known by you and Gojo. "You feeling better?" "Yeah, just a headache that's all." Sighing, you cupped his face and kissed his forehead. "You lost conscious after summoning Mahoraga." The teen blinked at you in confusion, "At least whatever that cursed spirit's dealt with." Megumi let out a breath at the thought.

"Megumi, who gave you guys the information about the mission?" Gojo's voice was deeper than usual, indicating that his seriousness. Megumi recalled that it was Ijichi who gave them the details but he took longer than usual to get back to them. Gojo frowned with a clenched jaw causing veins to protrude from his neck, "Rest up, squirt." His knuckles feathered against Megumi's cheek and exited the room. "Gojo sensei's mad." The teen commented as you watched your husband's back make a left turn. "Do you think he'll hurt Ijichi? I know it's not his fault." "Satoru's not going to find him. Don't worry, hm?" You assured, lips tilting when Megumi scooted closer. You noticed the grumpy pout on his features, hands coming to cup his face gently, "Close your eyes, Megumi. I'll be here with you." You pressed kisses on his injuries, feeling the tension in his shoulder fade away. However, it was interrupted with the door slamming open. "Oh! Fushiguro is getting kisses from Mrs Gojo!" "Mama's boy indeed." "S-Shut up!" Megumi blushed in embarrassment.

"Then where's he going, mom?"
"To send some people off, baby."

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