CH 30

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Warning(s): mentions of period, blood and sex

The door beeped open and you stepped inside the penthouse tiredly. Tsumiki rushed over from the living room wanting to help you carry the laptop bag as you leaned down to peck her forehead gratefully. The young girl noticed that you looked haggard from the way your eyelids drooped. She went up to your shared room with Gojo to place your belongings neatly before heading into the bathroom to prepare a warm bath for you. Of course, not forgetting the bath bombs you purchased when you and her went out shopping over the weekend.

It was your first day at your new job and you were worn out. The last time you were a corporate slave was a few months ago when that jerk Sato kicked you out of the company. During these months, you have been somewhat a housewife. From cooking to doing the housework and taking care of the kids, these were your daily tasks with the help of Tsumiki and Megumi who curated a schedule themselves to assist you around the house. However, you got bored and antsy, wanting to earn your own funds instead of having to rely on Gojo. When you announced to him that you were going back to the workforce, the man pouted and whined, wanting to continue being your "sugar daddy". All you did was roll your eyes at your silly boyfriend. Feeling how beat you were after one day at work, you wondered if you made the right decision.

Wata greeted you while a cute smile on his face and a wagging tail as you picked him up to smooch his snout. Megumi popped in a few moments later after folding the laundry. "Hi, baby." You smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "You're tired, mama." He pointed out and you hummed in response. "Y/n, I made a bath for you!" Tsumiki ran down the steps. You heart warmed up seeing how the kids were so considerate of you. They were one of the best things that has happened to you. "Let me guess, you used a bath bomb?" Standing from the couch and making your way up the stairs while Tsumiki nodded. "It's lavender scented to help you relax!" What a sweet girl. "Thank you, sweetheart." You tucked her hair behind an ear. Taking out your phone, you handed it to her and instructed her to order whatever she and Megumi wanted for dinner. "Okay! Have fun soaking in the bath!" Tsumiki giggled and ran down the steps while shouting for Megumi.

Stripping off your clothes, you slowly submerged your body into the lukewarm lavender scented water. A sigh escaped your lips, closing your eyes to rest them from hours staring at the laptop screen back in the office. Your eyelids were getting heavy, breathing getting constant and you let your body put guards down. Sleep. You wanted to lay on the soft mattress to drift to dreamland. Just then, the bathroom door clicked open but you did not even bother to flutter your eyes open as you already knew who it was. "I'm home, honey." His voice soothed the tension on your shoulders. You felt his lips brushing against your forehead, luscious lashes feathering your skin and that was when you decided to open your eyes to meet his bright blue ones. "Satoru," You greeted. Usually, Gojo would be that annoying cheeky boyfriend who teased you non-stop until both of you were in bed wanting to turn in for the day. However, it was different today. Gojo could feel that you just wanted to rest, recharge and not deal with his shenanigans.

Standing up from the bathtub, Gojo held onto your hands to carefully led you to the ground and handed you a towel to dry yourself up. "Thank you, Toru." You thanked him, feeling him brush his knuckles on your cheek affectionately before leaving you to dress up. Patting yourself dry, you leaned down to your thighs when you noticed a bright red stain on the towel. Damn it. No wonder you were feeling super worn out. "Toru?" You clicked the door open slightly as your boyfriend turned around to face you after removing his blindfold. "My period came. Could you help fetch a pad for me?" You requested. "Anything for you, honey." Gojo headed to your portion of drawers in the walk-in wardrobe. He came back to you within seconds and you thanked him before getting back into the bathroom to get into a new set of clothes.

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