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Warning(s): lots of kisses and cuddles, babying Megumi and Tsumiki, Gojo gets jealous, domestic things (?)

A squeal filled the penthouse that night. Tsumiki couldn't stop admiring the ring that adorned your left ring finger. She was excited, wanting the wedding to happen as soon as possible. You chuckled at the sight, patting her head before kissing her forehead to calm her down. It was not easy to plan a wedding and it would take awhile before that happened. Even so, you weren't sure if Gojo wanted a wedding. Although he was loud and somewhat flamboyant, he was a private person when it comes to his family for the sake of their safety due to his status in the Jujutsu society.

Megumi picked up Wata in a huff and made his way towards you. His lashes fluttered when you diverted your attention to him and the pup. You helped him by carrying Wata to your lap and watched the boy take a sit next to you. His green orbs glanced at the ring momentarily and smiled lightly. "Gumi, are you happy?" Tsumiki beamed at her brother. The boy nodded and reached for Wata's paw to check if he was in need of grooming his claws. Tsumiki babbled her questions, wondering how the proposal happened and you happily replied her. Her sparkling eyes never left yours while listening intently. Her feet kicked when you got to the part when Gojo asked for your hand in marriage. "Such a pretty ring! The diamond reminds me of Gojo's eyes." Tsumiki cooed in awe. "That's the point, Miki!" Gojo sounded from the stairs with damp snowy hair after showering. Tsumiki giggled and nodded to agree with him as your now, fiancé, scooched himself between you and Megumi. This caused the boy to scowl at him as usual.

"Your mama's mine forever!" Gojo showed off the ring in Megumi's face while poking his tongue out. A smack was felt on his bicep from you who shot him a pointed look. "Come here, baby." You handed Wata over to Tsumiki to make space for Megumi to sit on your lap. Megumi felt his cheek squish a little from the kiss you just planted. His lips tilted into a smile and nuzzled his face against your chest to cover the blush seeping through his skin. Tsumiki giggled and poked her little brother's side to tease him. "Stop doing that, squirt." Gojo clicked his tongue and tried pushing Megumi's face off your chest. "Gojo Satoru." You narrowed your eyes at him. "You don't mean no harm, right baby?" You cooed at Megumi who nodded and gazed at you through his lashes.

Your fiancé huffed, standing up to pick Tsumiki up and placing her on his lap. "Now we're even." "C'mon, Gojo! Don't be jealous." Tsumiki poked his puffed out cheeks. "Yeah? Then tell your brother to stop stealing my fiancée every single time she's home." Gojo tidied Tsumiki's hair, pulling Wata gently to his side after that. "I'm not stealing, mama." Megumi rolled his eyes. " 'I'm not stealing, mama.' Yes, you are!" Gojo mocked him. "Whatever, stinky." "Huh?! I just showered! You're the stinky one!" Gojo childishly shot back. "Mama..." Megumi sighed and looked at you for help. "Alright, knock it off." You flicked Gojo's nose and started to baby Megumi in your arms. Gojo did the same to Tsumiki by telling her how she was such a pretty girl and laying ticklish kisses on her face as she squirmed through her giggles.

"Aren't you the prettiest girl?" Gojo cooed and glanced at you for a moment for any reaction. However, all you did was nod in agreement. "Yes, you are, my sweetheart." You hummed and stroked her head, telling her that you were going to bring her shopping soon to get her more clothes. "I can do that too!" Gojo scowled but Tsumiki jutted her lower lip. "But y/n has better fashion sense than you..." She mumbled under her breath. Gojo flustered and you laughed at him but kissed his cheek shortly after to comfort him. As Gojo was trying to convince Tsumiki that he should be the one to bring her shopping, you felt Megumi rubbing his face on your chest. Through these months, you have picked up the tell tale signs that the kids were tired. Tsumiki would start producing sleepy tears while Megumi would climb onto your lap and rub his cheek against your chest.

"Tired, baby?" You whispered into his ear. Megumi nodded sleepily, eyelids about to give into his tiredness. Gojo noticed that Tsumiki's cheeks were damp due to the sleepy tears forming in her eyes. Wiping them away, he glanced over to you and smile when you did the same. It was time for the kids to turn in for the day. You gently placed Megumi on his bed, taking his teddy and handing it to him. The divine dogs appeared and nuzzled against Wata to lure the pup to sleep. "Goodnight, Megumi." Your heart melted when he reached for you. "I'm happy that you and Gojo are getting married." He smiled sleepily. "I love you, my sweet blessing." Lips meeting his forehead and stroking his head affectionately. "Love you, mama." Megumi closed his eyes and you waited for him to drift off to sleep before leaving the room.

Entering your shared bedroom, you closed the door behind and saw that Gojo has fallen asleep. This was your first time witnessing him sleeping before you. Usually, he would stay up to the late hours of the night or sometimes, not sleeping at all. However, it was a different story tonight. Going to the side of your bed, you scanned his features. His thick luscious feathered against his skin, smooth skin reddening on the apples of his cheeks, snowy hair framing his features handsomely along with a pair of pouty pink lips parting ever so slightly. Gojo looked so peaceful. You didn't have the heart of wake him up from his slumber to get him to sleep properly. The last thing you wanted was for him to have a stiff neck the next morning. "Toru, love." You whispered and shook him lightly. The man frowned a little, lips turning into a cute pout. "Five more minutes..." Giggling, you poked his cheek a few times and peppered kisses on his face. "It's not that, love. Just want you to get into a better sleeping position," stroking his head affectionately.

Gojo woke up, sleep heavy in his eyes and decided to plop himself on top of you. He rested his head on the valley of your breasts, hands sliding under your (his) shirt to feel your warmth. A blissful sigh escaped your lips, looking down to see Gojo completely knocked out. Sleep was going to wash over you but was interrupted when Gojo started to mumble incoherently under his breath. "Love you, my little wifey... Gonna make cute babies with you... and have a family... Mm..." Your lips upturned, finding this moment funny yet precious. You couldn't wait to spend the rest of your life with the man you loved.

A/N: Haha, that 0.1 sec scene of Gojo in the Shibuya arc trailer is living rent free in my mind😃👍🏻

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