CH 22

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You were attached to the kids. It was obvious. The way you spoke and walked back and forth in Gojo's room to speak in private away from the kids showed how anxious and worried you were. You started off by mentioning that the Zenins treated their own like crap if they don't possess cursed energy and the women were treated worse. "What about Tsumiki? She's gonna be mistreated. Do the Zenins even want to take her in along with Megumi? Wait, there's no way you are allowing that to happen." You paced around the room while Gojo sat on the edge of his bed.

From the way your cursed energy spiked, Gojo knew that you were about to break down, electricity volts were seen with every footstep you made. "Hey, relax!" Gojo pulled you down beside him and all you did was sigh. "I'm definitely not going to let those nasty people take our kids away." He continued. "So long as I'm alive, the Zenins wouldn't dare to lift a finger at Megumi and Tsumiki." His voice went a few octaves deeper. However, you couldn't help but continue to worry. "I cannot imagine how life must be for the children of the Zenin clan. Megumi and Tsumiki mustn't lead that life. They've already gone through a lot at such a young age." You cried, tears streaming down your cheeks.

A pair of hands cradled your face gently as you looked up to see Gojo locking eyes with you. "I'm sorry for crying. It's probably making things worse." You sniffled and wiped your tears with the back of your hand. "You love them, don't you?" Gojo questioned softly and all you did was nod in response. "Then that's enough. With you and me, the Zenin clan can forget to take the kids away. Also," he let out a cocky smirk. "I'm the strongest." Gojo thought you would scoff and push him away at his smug behaviour but heard laughter falling from your lips instead. "Yeah, yeah. The honoured one blah blah blah." Gojo hummed, giving you a kiss on the forehead and patting your head. "A little kiss for my ex-wifey to feel better!" He yelped when you poked his sides, "And that status of mine shouldn't allow such behaviour." Referring to the peck he gave you moments ago.

The atmosphere in the room shifted. You looked away solemnly and wanted to leave the suffocating room. "Fuck it." Before you could react, all you remembered was Gojo pressing his soft lips against yours. You tried breaking the kiss off but failed when Gojo placed his hand on the back of your neck to hold you in place. The want to end the moment slowly faded away and you found yourself reciprocating the kiss. He smirked against your lips and pulled away breathlessly. "Gojo..." You received a peck on the lips from him. "Shit, you're so good to the kids. Treating them like your own." His fingers lacing through your hair and tucking them behind an ear.

"I'm too late, right?" Your eyes widened, a hand reaching out to hold his cheek. Gojo pressed his lips against the palm of your hand, "You deserve better." From how close the two of you were, you could probably count the number of lashes he has. Foreheads now meeting, you closed your eyes before parting your lips to speak. "That's why second chances exist, Gojo."

Without further explanation, he let out a grateful smile, rubbing his nose against yours affectionately. "Move back here with us. That way Tsumiki can have her girl chats with you and Megumi can see his mama every day." You pulled back and gave him a look, "You do know that moving is kinda troublesome, right?" "Hm, who said you're gonna do the moving yourself?" Gojo wrapped his strong arms around your waist, chin brushing against your temple. "Or we could just settle you here afresh to save the trouble. I'll pay." He suggested. "Hm? What do you mean by that?" Your brows furrowed in confusion and tilted your head to see him.

"As in, I'll get you new clothes, necessities and everything else so that you can stay here asap."

"Wow, Gojo in his rich boy era?"

"I've always been rich ehehe."

The days after that, you have been living in anxiety and worry. The Zenin clan could appear at the doorstep anytime. You hated that they did not give a stipulated date that they were going to make a house visit. Gojo was with the kids playing with Wata and you joined them after drying the dishes that he helped wash. It wasn't a few minutes that you enjoyed the moment when the doorbell rang. You and Gojo's eyes met, yours filled with worry while his dropping to seriousness from the playful one moments ago.

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