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"There's no curse more twisted than love."

Imagine hearing that on the day you expressed your feelings to your husband. Gojo Satoru, the head of the Gojo clan, nonchalantly allowed those words to roll off his tongue. You stood there, embarrassed and hurt. After being married for almost three months, you've been constantly neglected and ignored by your husband. Since the day you both wedded, Gojo came home during the early hours of the morning. It was obvious that he was avoiding you. Heck, you're pretty sure you saw the man less than the amount of fingers and toes you had. You tried, you really tried. You initiated everything, from conversations to outings. However, Gojo didn't give a single damn about it. You wanted to give up and accept your miserable marriage. Did you think being married to one of the strongest clans and the strongest sorcerer was glorious? Think again.

You stood there, tears brimming your waterline and clenched fists. Without another word, you ran out of the cold apartment you called 'home'. Home. The word stuck in your head as you find yourself taking the route where your real home was. A home you knew that someone was waiting for you. To have meals, conversations and everything in between. Your sister, Mayu. She was the only relative that you had since your parents passed away. Makoto was your last pillar who you can lean onto without being judged or shooed away. Your family was a smaller, more unknown clan in the jujutsu society. You were brought up in a humble household, trained by your father, who always emphasizes the concept of eternity and chakra. At the age of 10, you realized that you're the only one who receives training while Mayu will be cooped at home with your mother, often falling ill. That was when you knew you had to take care of your sister.

"Mayu, I'm home!" You shouted into the small house you grew up in. It was eerily cold and quiet. Mayu would have responded the moment you announced your presence. Did she go out? No, you saw her pair of shoes at the entrance. "Mayu?" You closed the door behind you to venture further. Taking out your phone, you gave Mayu a call only to hear a ringtone sounding from her room. Oh, she must be asleep. Silly you, the Gojo problems have clearly eaten into your head. "Mayu, I'm coming in!" You twisted the door knob. "Sorry for coming within short no-" The next word didn't come out of your now dried up throat. Staring at the horror in front of you, there you saw Mayu in a pool of blood.

"M-Mayu!" You ran towards her, holding her close as tears started to flow down your cheeks. You wailed, sobbed your heart out, trying everything to wake Mayu up. This cannot be happening. "Mayu, please don't leave me... I-I have no one else left." You begged, hoping this was just a nightmare from all the stress you're going through back at the Gojo residence. It was when your eyes widened, scanning the room as your senses heightened. Cursed energy. The realization made you scream in agony, holding Mayu tighter as if you didn't want her soul to drift away. You tried healing her with reverse cursed techniques but to no avail. Nothing. Just nothing but your sister's lifeless body.

Condolences. Condolences. Condolences. People came up to you with comforting words for the loss of your sister. Staring at her tombstone, your lips quivered as dark clouds started to form. Someone or something who possesses cursed energy murdered your sister. "It's time to go." Gojo's voice sounded from behind without an ounce of empathy. You didn't respond. You were too tired to do so. Physically, mentally and emotionally drained. "Don't tell me what to do." You spat. Gojo was slightly taken back by the tone of your voice, it sounded almost venomous. "There's a storm coming and you want to stay here? Pretty pathetic if you ask me." Gojo scoffed. This was probably the most he was spoken since your marriage. How pathetic.

"It's my sister who died, Gojo! I know you hate me and want to get out of here but for goodness sake, show some sympathy for once!" You cried in anger and frustration. You have accepted the fact that Mayu was no longer here. You had to in order to stay strong, knowing that's what Mayu wishes for. Striding towards him, you reached for his collar but felt the barrier between the both of you. His damn infinity. Gojo burned holes into your eyes through his sunglasses which ticked you off further. "Leave if you want to. It's probably for the best-" Your pupils dilated when a familiar cursed energy lingered off Gojo's body. It was the same energy that permeated Mayu's room the day she was murdered.

As much as you hated to admit this, you couldn't help but link Gojo to your sister's death. "It's the damn energy..." Your breath hitched, looking at him with wide eyes. "The hell you talking about? All the mourning and crying got into your head?" Gojo spat in annoyance. "You're giving off the same cursed energy that murdered my sister, Gojo Satoru." His blue orbs widened, taken aback by your uncalled statement.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Do you have something to do with my sister's death, Gojo?"

The moment you dropped that question, thunders boomed with bolts of lightning.

"I'm going to fucking kill you if I find out you're related to my sister's murder."

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p/s: Gojo is an asshole of a husband for now

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