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Before you and Gojo got married, you guys have thought of living in the moment with just the two of you alongside Megumi and Tsumiki. Happy days went by witnessing the kids bloom into pre-teens and teenagers and well, let's just say that Megumi got into quite a bit of trouble in middle school. There were times you would receive a call from Tsumiki, sounding distressed informing you that her brother managed to beat up a group of people and piled them like pancakes, sitting on top of them after that. There was once Megumi got back home with damp hair and smelling like strawberries. You wondered what happened but all he did was walk past you and slamming his door shut. Tsumiki following behind him having a look of guilt on his face as you sat her down on the couch, asking her what had happened.

When they graduated from middle school, Tsumiki managed to get into her choice of high school from her good grades and testimonials from teachers while Gojo enrolled Megumi into Jujutsu High. Now that they have moved out to stay in the dorms, you felt that something was missing. You felt empty coming back from work without feeling the kids' presence and hearing their bickering. During one particular night, Gojo came home from work to see you laying in bed scrolling through your phone. What made his eyes widen the slightest when he saw that you were watching baby videos with a gentle look on your features. He didn't want to admit this but he too felt like something wasn't right ever since the kids he took in moved out. The penthouse felt cold even though the love of his life was with him and he gets to see that beautiful face of yours everyday. However, he yearned for something more. Both of you do.

3:47am. Gojo had you caged between his arms, snuggling against each other's warmth. Even though both of you have been married for a while, cuddles were still very active as well as kisses. What could possible ruin this blissful moment- A wail pierced through the atmosphere as Gojo widened his eyes. It was as good as muscle memory at this point. "Satoru," You took in a deep breath, wanting to sit up but your husband shushed you, pushing you back down gently while stroking your head to lull you back to sleep. "Sleep, honey. I'll do it." He whispered, pressing his lips against your cheek.

The door clicked open as Gojo took a peep through the gap to see his precious three-month old baby boy crying till his cheeks turned red. "Hey, my little mochi." Gojo cooed, arms reaching down to the crib, carefully carrying his son, Gojo Seichiro. Upon hearing his father's voice, the boy's cries turned to whimpers as he calmed down while Gojo wiped the remaining tears away with the pad of his thumb. "Papa's here, mochi. Were you having a nightmare- Ow!" Gojo gasped when he felt Seichiro suckling on his chest. "Oh, you're hungry. You suck hard, dude. I better thank your mama for her dedication." Entering your shared bedroom, Gojo's gaze softened when he sat on the edge of the bed on your side.

"Honey?" His voice soft and gentle, watching you stir in your sleep, causing his chest to ache. "Our mochi's hungry." You still had your eyes shut but could make out your husband's words, hands finding the hem of your (his) shirt to pull it up with the help of Gojo. He laid Seichiro beside you, making sure he latched to your nipple properly for him to start feeding. Gojo noticed a frown adorning your face, obviously uncomfortable as he leaned closer to Seichiro. "Be gentle, mochi. You're hurting mama." He lightly tapped Seichiro's chubby cheek with a finger. It was as if he understood his papa's words, a sigh of relief washing over you while feeding your hungry baby boy.

Laying beside Seichiro, Gojo watched the scene before him. He couldn't believe that the little baby sandwiched between the both of you was a product of your love for each other. "Satoru, could you fetch a hanky?" You requested, it never hurts to have one in hand when you were breastfeeding Seichiro. "Sure, honey. Be right back!" Gojo came back with a baby pink hanky after that, "What a messy eater." He teased Seichiro while wiping the milk droplets. Gojo switched his gaze over to you who looked more awake as compared to a few minutes ago. There was nothing but love emitting from your soft eyes that was fixated on Seichiro, littering gentle kisses on the top of his head.

A kiss was felt on your forehead and you looked up to see Gojo smiling down at you endearingly. "Hm?" You blinked at him. "You're amazing, honey." Gojo sighed in awe, cupping a cheek of yours. "Where is this coming from, love?" You wondered while chuckling, finding this amusing. "Just don't know how you manage to do it. Feeding our mochi, changing his diapers, bathing him and a lot more without a single complaint." Gojo babbled on to say how you were a good mother and he was a lucky bastard to have you. "Satoru, love. Don't give all the credits to me... You are a great father. Coming home much earlier than before to take care of Seichiro, buying nothing but the best things for our baby's comfort and needs. Well, even though you still suck at changing diapers," You paused to giggle at the pout on Gojo's lips. "You were there for me and Seichiro no matter how busy and tired you were."

Tugging his lips to a smile, Gojo wrapped an arm around your body and shifted closer while being careful to not squish Seichiro who was still having his midnight snack. "It heartens me to hear these from you, honey." He needed to reassurance as he wondered if he was putting in enough effort in this new journey of parenthood. "I love you, Satoru. Just know that I'm always in bliss in your presence and actions." You hinted him to not overthink and the man took the cue. "Gosh, my wifey is the best!" He cheered cutely. Just then, Seichiro cooed as if he agreed with his papa, causing giggles to fill the dimly lit up room.

A/N: From now on, I'll treat Jujutsu Kaisen as an actor au as a coping mechanism :)

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