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"Fushiguro, your mom is so cool!" "Yeah! Did you see how she fought the curse? She went shing! Bam!" Yuji agreed with Nobara. Megumi hummed, pride feeling his chest because he could call someone so strong his mother. Well, both his adoptive parents were strong. "We're back~" Gojo sang through the door and you made a beeline for Seichiro who was in Megumi's arms. "Are you alright, mom?" He asked. "I'm alright, honey. You did so well back there. All of you did!" You complimented while cradling Seichiro. Nobara and Yuji thanked you, enthusiastically speaking to you and how they thought your skills were awesome. You were conversing with them until Seichiro squirmed in your arms, lips turning into a pout and that was when you realized you were too immersed with the conversation. "It's time to feed our mochi~" Gojo cooed, pinching Seichiro's chubby cheek gently. Megumi nodded, grabbing Yuji by the hood while Nobara by her sleeve, dragging them out of the room. "See you, my dear." You managed to give Megumi a quick kiss on his cheek which caused his friends to tease him. "Bye, mom." His lips curling ever so slightly. "What about me?" Gojo whined, wondering why Megumi was always like this to him, it was as good as getting bullied (in Gojo's opinion). "I see you every day but bye, I guess." Megumi sighed when Gojo snickered.

Patting Seichiro's back to help him burp, Gojo hummed a lullaby into his ear while walking around his office. "Tough meeting, love?" You referred to the higher-ups. "Mm, stupid old farts. They should be dead but here they are alive and yapping away." Gojo rolled his eyes. Seichiro managed to let out a small burp and Gojo thought it was the cutest thing he has ever heard. Wiping his mouth, Gojo cooed at Seichiro, rubbing noses together before planting a soft kiss on his forehead. Seichiro whined, bumping his head onto Gojo's chest to nuzzle against his warmth. "Sorry, mochi. Papa didn't mean to share my annoyances with you. You're too young for that." Your eyes softened, knowing the reason why your beloved husband spoke those words. From young, he was put on a hit list to get assasinated and things got worse as he grew up. Never in hell would Gojo wanted his precious baby boy experience the same. Hell, there was once he mentioned he would kill for Seichiro with a teasing tone. However, you knew Gojo would do that with no hesitation.

Gojo was cradling Seichiro to sleep with you beside him. "Satoru," you turned to him. "Yes, honey?" Gojo faced you only to earn a kiss on his soft lips. He raised a brow with a boyish smirk, wondering where did there come from only to have you link an arm with his. "You're the best, love." Laying your head on his shoulders and tilting up to meet his gaze. "Always protecting the people who you love and care for. Even though you're just a man-child." "Hey!" Gojo jutted his bottom lip cutely. "But I just want you to know that I'll be there to protect you and share any hardships that might find you." Seichiro cooed as if he was agreeing with you. Gojo's heart was full and warm. As the strongest and honoured one, people assumed that he would always be there to fend off any harm. However, if you think about it, who would be there to protect him? Hence, you decided from a very long time that you would be his protector as well as Seichiro, Megumi, Tsumiki and Wata's.

"Seichiro's gonna have a sibling if you keep this up."

"Oi, Fushiguro. I didn't know you were such a mama's boy." Nobara tilted her chair backwards while sitting by her desk. Megumi ignored her, reading his book while the divine dogs accompanied him. Your surprise visit today made his day as it has been a few days since he last saw you. He missed your home cooked food and comforting presence. Megumi started to think if he should go home more frequently as he realized that he has been so caught up with training that he missed spending quality time with his family. Even after you had Seichiro, you have never failed to send him texts and give him calls to ask how was he. "Isn't it cool that Gojo's technically your dad? Imagine growing up with the strongest!" Yuji was envious of Megumi at the thought. "Yeah, Fushiguro. Who is Gojo sensei to you?" Nobara straightened her back, intrigued by this conversation. Yes, Gojo was that annoying man who lived to embarrass and annoying the heck out of Megumi, he was the one who brought him and Tsumiki in when they were young without expecting to have anything in return. He would be wrong to say that Gojo didn't dote on him and his sister.

"He's my benefactor."

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