CH 34 [M]

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Warning(s): sexual themes, hints of unprotected sex, aftercare, mentions of small injury, Gojo being a menace in bed

A quick one he said. But here you were panting heavily, barely even having the energy to move an inch. What a liar. This horny bastard's libido was something beyond your comprehension. Gojo's chest heaved, sweat dribbling down his temple while his half lidded eyes scanned the mess, or rather art, he has made. Purple hickeys, faint teeth marks, nipples swelling from his constant suckling and biting, hand prints on your hips from his grip tainted your body. His gaze trailed down to your lower body, watching your red, swollen hole gaping with his rich load dribbling out. He reached out to collect it, rubbing your hole before pushing it back. "T-Toru..." You moaned and buckled your legs. "Good job, honey." He leaned down to your face, sloppily kissing your swollen lips that he abused too. "Love you." His lips pressed against your cheek, words coming out in a whisper and headed to the bathroom to fetch a warm cloth.

Returning in a pair of sweatpants, Gojo climbed onto the bed to where you were and settled between your legs. He tapped your knee, telling you to spread your legs but all you did was pull your knees together. "Don't... Don't try anything funny." You huffed. "I'm not, honey. Just wanna clean you up." Giving him an unsure look, you knew that your fiancé was unpredictable at times. The last time he cleaned you up, he got hard again probably thinking that he thoroughly ravaged you till all you could say was his name. "I'll do it myself." You tried sitting up but failed when you felt the muscles in your inner thighs tensed up. "Poor baby... Got fucked too hard that you couldn't sit up?" Gojo jutted his lower lip and batted his lashes to feigned pity. Your eyes widened momentarily, looking away as you felt warm and shy. Gojo noticed your demeanour, softening at the sight as guilt (and pride) washed over him.

Your breath hitched when he kissed your knee and separated your legs for him to settle closer to clean you up better, "Sorry, honey. Didn't mean to tease you like that." Butterflies filled your stomach while watching him wipe you down, he looked so focused while doing so with his hair framing his handsome features perfectly. A frown adorned Gojo's face and leaned in to take a closer look. When he confirmed what he saw, his heart dropped. "Honey," he called out and you hummed in response. "Did you feel any pain during it?" Gojo straightened his back to lock eyes with you. Silence filled the room and you gulped, not knowing how to approach the question. "I guess that's a yes." Gojo reached for your cheek to cup it gently, "Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, honey. Not painful." You turned your head, cutting his worried gaze from your vision. When Gojo was wiping you down there, he noticed a tiny tear. "I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, my love." Gosh, what was he going to do with you?

"Don't do that again. Stop me and tell what's wrong next time." Gojo pressed his soft lips on your forehead as you nodded, listening to his words. He flicked your nose lightly and continued cleaning you up, hearing you hiss lightly when the towel went over the injury. Gojo decided to stroke your clit lightly to distract you from the pain, "My bad, honey." He apologized and you shook your head, assuring him that you would be alright. "We should do longer foreplays so that my dick won't hurt you next time." He suggested. "You're big, Toru..." Gojo smirked up at you, watching your cheeks turn red at the comment. "I know, honey. You remind me every time we have sex." Gojo chuckled, kissing your forehead and lifted you up gently in a bridal carry, "Let's go take a bath and go to sleep, hm?" He suggested and made way to the bathroom, eyes never leaving your tainted body thanks to him.

The sun disrupted Gojo's sleep, the rays seeping through the windows and blaring past his eyelids. Taking in a deep breath, he widened his eyes, rubbing the sleep away and look down to see you sleeping on his chest peacefully. "Morning, honey-" The door widened and Gojo looked over his shoulder to see Megumi holding onto his teddy. Confusion was beyond the boy's mind. He wondered why Gojo's back had scratches. "G-Gumi!" Gojo gasped, straightening his back and lifted the covers for you. Megumi thought the man was trying to hide you from him. "What happened?" He pointed at Gojo's back and the man flustered, ears turning red and babbled through his words. The interaction and movements made you shift in your sleep, deciding to cut your sleep shorter to witness whatever was happening. "Love, what's wrong?" You sat up slightly to see your fiancé shriek and pushing you down with the covers. "Mama!" Megumi ran up to the bed and crawled towards you. Oh, no!

The boy snuggling into your side as slight guilt and embarrassment washed over you. "Not now, Gumi." Gojo tried pulling Megumi to his lap instead but the boy yanked himself away from Gojo's hold. Both of you shot a look at each other at the same time in panic. "H-Hi, my baby." You greeted Megumi who decided to lay down next to you. "I brought teddy in today." He showed his stuffed toy adorably and you took it from him to kiss its nose. "Baby, let mama wash up real quick before coming back to you, hm?" You suggested and the boy nodded obediently. "Uhm... Why not start counting down from 10 with your eyes closed and see if I appear before it ends?" You created a random challenge for yourself, mentally kicking your butt knowing that you would not be as fast thanks to last night's fun. However, sweet Megumi decided to do what he was told and placed his teddy over his eyes to start counting down.

Getting out of the bed, your legs wobbled and heard a giggle coming from Gojo. You narrowed your eyes towards him but all the man did was wink and gave you a flying kiss. This was his entertainment in the morning as he watched you disappear into the bathroom, hearing some things get knocked over too. "I'll pick them up, honey! Just come back before Gumi's countdown ends." He called out to you from the bed. "9... 10!" Megumi removed his teddy to see you standing before him, now dressed up (you stole Gojo's shirt). Tickling his sides, you watched the boy squirm in a fit of laughter till his face was slightly red before littering kisses all over his chubby cheeks. Gojo's heart did something that was rare and that was melting into a puddle of goo. He loved watching how you interacted with the kids, loving and motherly as always. "Me too, please!" Tsumiki appeared and requested, squealing when Gojo lifted up to the bed, attacking her with his own set of tickles. The morning was filled with laughter and warmth.

"Ready for your bake off, sweets?" Gojo asked and handed Tsumiki's bag to her. "Mhm!" She bounced in her spot. "My girl seems excited~" You sang, adjusting her ponytail and kissed her forehead. Megumi held a container to her, reminding her to bring home some for him to try. Tsumiki squealed at how adorable her little brother was, squishing his cheeks between her palms and cooing at him. Megumi pouted, wanting her to stop her antics. "Off to school, you two! While your mama and I turn into corporate slaves." Gojo sighed, placing a hand on his chest. "I'm working from home today." You corrected him as your man gasped. "When is Jujutsu High gonna implement 'Work From Home'?" He pouted and feigned a sob. "I'm working from home thanks to last night, Satoru. My boobs, hips, legs and vagina are sore because of you!" You whispered shouted at him, taking a quick glance at the kids who were wearing their shoes by the door.

Gojo pouted and wrapped his strong arms around you, "My poor wifey..." He smothered wet kisses all over your face. "I'm not your wife yet." "Meh, soon though." Gojo shrugged and you huffed, defeated by your dear fiancé. His eyes faltered to that glint again, "How about I make it up to you tonight?" His voice was smooth as silk when those words rolled off his lips. "You horny little shit-" "We're ready!" Tsumiki cut you off. "Have a great day at school and all the best for the bake off, sweetie!" You bent down to hug them. "Bye, y/n!" Tsumiki waved and kissed your cheek, as you did the same to her. "Bye bye, mama." Megumi came to your view. "Bye, baby." You pecked his cheek and watched Gojo holding onto both the kids' hands. "See you later, honey." Gojo leaned forward to you for a kiss.

"Have a great day at work, Toru. I love you."
"I love you too, honey."

A/N: Marked this chapter as 'mature' even though there weren't any explicit details about what went down in bed.

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