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A few days ago

It was Meet The Parents session at the kids' school. Well, particularly the lower elementary levels. Tsumiki was seen picking parties at the reception, making her way to Megumi to offer him a strawberry tart. However, the boy turned away and looked sullen. The older girl tilted her head to Gojo who was sitting next to the gloomy boy. There were only a few reasons that would make Megumi feel this way: when his divine dogs get sick, when Tsumiki feels sad or when a certain someone was absent.

Megumi's green orbs scanned through his surroundings every so often, aware that his turn was soon. He wondered if he should put down his hopes and accept that life doesn't go his way sometimes. His thoughts were interrupted when his name was called by his form teacher. Gojo ruffled the boy's hair and stood up from his seat, noticing Megumi pursing his lips with teary eyes. He's really attached, huh? Tsumiki noticed Megumi's demeanour too and tried soothing him by patting his head. Whipping out his phone, Gojo was about to make a call but stopped and smirked when he sensed a familiar cursed energy.

"I'm sorry for being late," you apologized, heels clicking against the ground and approaching them. "Y/n, you're here! I love your dress, it's so pretty!" Tsumiki played with the hem of the cami dress you were wearing in baby blue. "Thank you, sweetie." You tucked a hair behind her ear. "Ugh, what took you so long? Poor Gumi here was waiting for you!" Gojo pointed at the boy who approached you silently. Fixating your gaze, you noticed his waterline brimming with tears as guilt washed over with a shattered heart. You could not bear to see Megumi or Tsumiki cry.

"I'm so sorry, baby." You squatted to his height and engulfed him in your arms. Megumi rubbed his face against your chest, relieved that you were here and sniffled when you cupped his chubby cheeks and wiped his tears away. "Don't be sad, baby. I'm here now, right?" Megumi nodded which earned him a comforting kiss on the forehead from you. "The traffic was horrible and my phone died," you sighed and wondered if your portable charger was faulty as it was charging your phone really slowly. Gojo tutted his lips and heard the teacher calling for Megumi again. "C'mon, squirt. Let's not keep people waiting like someone here." He teased, yelling when he felt Megumi kicking his ankle to stand up for you as Tsumiki and you laughed at the sight.

The session was mostly about how Megumi was adapting to his curriculum as Gojo has moved the kids from their previous horrendous school to the current one. The teacher pointed out that Megumi has a quiet demeanour and only speaks when necessary. "Yeah, my kid here is shy." Gojo chuckled and watched Megumi puff out his cheeks. "Other than that, Megumi is always on his best behaviour! He's also a responsible boy who does his homework and passes them up on time." The teacher beamed at Megumi. The boy blushed at the compliment, hand holding yours and glanced at you for acknowledgement. "Great job, baby. I'm so proud of you!" Your heart was full knowing how Megumi was behaving in school. "Thank you, mama." His lips curled into a shy smile when you pressed a kiss on his cheek, leaving a lipstick stain.

"I see Megumi here is close with his mother." The teacher pointed out as Tsumiki nodded enthusiastically. "She's the best! She takes care of us really well and always buy nice food for us!" She waved her hands animatedly. Gojo rested his cheek on his palm, watching and hearing how the kids appreciated you. His lips tilted seeing how red you were getting from Tsumiki's non-stop compliments for you. Even though Megumi was quiet, Gojo could tell he was agreeing with his sister's words from the way his green orbs sparkled and never left your figure.

Taking a few lollipops from the reception, Gojo watched how Megumi and Tsumiki held each of your hands. "Who wants lollipop~" He was already unwrapping two lollipops for each of them without having their response. "Since Gumi received nothing but praise from his teacher, I think he deserves a reward!" Gojo suggested as Tsumiki nodded in agreement. Megumi placed the lollipop in his mouth, the candy popping against his cheek as his arms reached for you. The boy never misses an opportunity to be in your arms. Of course, you gave in as usual, carrying him up and balancing him on your hip. His hands reach to the tie-string of your dress to fiddle with it.

"I want a dog," he requested. "Don't you have your divine dogs, Megumi?" You gazed at him to see the boy looking ahead to where Tsumiki was. "I want Tsumiki to see," referring to how she did not possess cursed energy and was unable to witness the divine dogs. "A dog it is then!" Your eyes widened when Gojo agreed to Megumi's request without thinking it through. "Did I just hear we're having a dog?!" Tsumiki squealed in excitement as the tall man nodded while smiling. "I hope we get a big fluffy dog!" "You mean a samoyed?" Megumi was great at remembering animals, especially when it comes to dogs. "Yes!" Tsumiki giggled at the thought of their smiley faces and fluffy coat.

Present time

Of course, Gojo wasted no time to fulfil the sibling's wish. The penthouse was now filled with feet pitter-pattering against the ground with puppy barks and a cage placed in a corner of the living room. Taking care of a normal dog was nothing compared to the divine dogs. Being at three months old, the samoyed puppy was similar to how a human baby lives daily.

"He pooped again!" Tsumiki gasped, running to the kitchen to grab a new pee pad to change the stained one. Megumi carried the puppy with utmost care to wipe its butt before placing it on the ground to let it play with its toy. The pup's name was Wata, meaning 'cotton' due to the texture and colour of his fur. Gojo wanted to give the pup a dessert affiliated name but was strongly rejected by Megumi.

"Wata's almost as big as you, Gumi!" Tsumiki giggled, snuggling into Wata's coat and stroking his head. Megumi huffed but smiled seeing Wata and Tsumiki's interaction. A dream of his came true. Of course, the divine dogs were jealous at first but came to accept their little brother. There were times the divine dogs were seen snuggling with Wata, even grooming him to show affection. Megumi wondered if Wata could see them because the pup would look blissful when he got the attention of the divine dogs.

The door beeped open to reveal you and Gojo who were back from Jujutsu High. The both of you were bickering away regarding the first day of class with an annoying teacher aka Gojo Satoru. "You weren't helping by laughing!" "Please, you looked so dumb!" Gojo giggled and took off his blindfold. "Welcome, home!" Tsumiki greeted and earned a grateful peck on the forehead from you. Megumi wasted no time to get to where you were, "Mama." His lashes fluttered, causing your stomach to turn into goo. "What about me, squirt?" Gojo pointed to himself but all he received was a quick wave from the boy. Well, it was better than nothing.

Wata whined with a wagging tail seeing what he imprinted as his parents finally at home. He tried leaping out of the cage to run towards you and Gojo but failed. "Mama, Wata wants you." Megumi pointed at the puppy and you made your way to the cage. "Hi, my little cotton." You carried him into your arms and was attacked by the pup's kisses. Wata squirmed in your arms, wanting Gojo's attention now. "There's my favourite son!" He cooed at the pup and lifted it in the air and twirled. Megumi rolled his eyes and proceeded to scooch closer to you on the couch. His eyes glanced at the clock to see that it was Wata's dinner time. "I'm getting his kibbles!" Tsumiki remembered too and the siblings made their way to the kitchen.

"He's so adorable." Gojo rubbed his face against Waka's fur and smothered the happy pup with kisses. You observed the duo and snorted when you realized that Gojo and Wata looked somewhat alike from the colour of their hair and fur. The only thing difference was that you liked the pup more than the man. "Oh, right. We need to have a chat," he patted the seat next to him for you to sit. "What is it? This is about our lesson because I am-" "No, nooo! It's about Megumi." Gojo placed a finger on your lips. You watched the playful glint in his blue orbs fade away with a straight expression while looking down at Wata who was dozing off.

"The Zenins are coming for him."

A/N: The calm before the storm (?)

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