CH 11

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"I demand her to be banished from the Jujutsu society!" The demands, screams and complaints have been going on for the past 15 minutes. Geto's brows inched closer while Shoko fiddled with her pack of cigarettes. Nanami was out of town for a mission and even if he was present, he would have left within minutes. What happened was that Miko stormed her way into Tokyo Jujutsu High looking haggard in anger and it was obvious that something wasn't right with her cursed energy.

Narrowing his eyes to his left, Geto watched Gojo sitting on a chair, a leg propped on top of the other. Although he had a blindfold to cover up his eyes, Geto knew Gojo like a book. His silence was just a build up to something bubbling within. Yaga sighed and rubbed his temple hearing his formal student's side of the story. "Satoru, is there something you should explain?" Yaga diverted his attention to Gojo. The younger male folded his arms and rubbed his nape before stretching his neck and parting his lips.

"Amidst your yapping, you missed out on one detail." Gojo started off as Miko frowned the tone of his voice. It was terribly calm after all she trashed out in Yaga's office. "I want to run." Shoko muttered under her breath and felt a nudged from Geto. She knows where this was going. "What are you referring to-" "You hurt Megumi." Gojo's voice dropped a few octaves deeper. Everyone placed their eyes on Miko, wondering why the hell would she inflict her obvious jealousy on a child.

Miko scoffed and ticked her hair behind an ear. "I don't know what you're talking about." Gojo stood up from his seat and made his way to face Miko. There were slight movements of the fabric wrapping around his eyes indicating he wasn't happy. "You hurt Megumi when I left for my room. If it wasn't for y/n, who knows what else you could've done!" He seethed. "He was being a brat, Gojo! I was teaching him a lesson-" "Who are you to do that? If anything, I should be the one lecturing him as his guardian!"

Miko chuckled, rolling her eyes as she lifted her hand to undo the cloth around Gojo's eyes. "If you didn't bring me home that day, that wouldn't have happened." Her voice coming out as a whisper. "Thinking about it, it all waters down to you. It's your fault that your little boy got injured." She pushed the blame to him as Gojo's blurs orbs widened in anger. His lips tilted to a smirk and swatted her hand away which caused her to hiss in pain with a new bruise. That was how strong Gojo was. A flick and it causes pain. "You deserved to have your tails to be slashed off." He glared at her in detest.

"Alright, that's enough!" Yaga slammed his hands on the desk and stood up from his seat. "The both of you can settle this outside! Miko, your request to banish y/n will not be approved." He back faced them and let out a sigh. Miko's face churned into disbelief, "But I didn't deserve it! Do you know how many years it'll take to grow them back?!" Before she could continue, Miko felt herself being yanked out of the office and to a court by one of Geto's curses. "Finally." Shoko shook her head, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. She couldn't stand another second in Yaga's office.

"Get your filthy curses off me!" Miko slashed the curses with her claws. Geto blew his bangs away from his face and tilted his head to Gojo. "Some dumb move, Satoru." The white haired man kept mum, knowing what his friend was referring to. "Amidst all this, I got something to say." Geto sighed, his eyes narrowing at Miko. A thus was heard making Miko look down and the utter shock she had on her face was humorous to the three of them. "Found it when I was handling y/n's sister's body." Shoko exhaled a puff of smoke. It was a chip from Miko's claw.

Gojo smirked and bent down to Miko's height. "You thought I wanted to bring you back into my life?" He mocked. Since that night you could see a third party's cursed energy, Gojo thought it was weird. That night he was out with the gang and Miko was coincidentally at the same bistro. Hence, ditching her friends and inviting herself to join the group. Kitsunes give out a personalized certain scent, think of it as body odour but instead of smelling it, it can be felt lingering in the air like wind.

The "cursed energy" you saw was Miko's scent. Gojo knew that Mayu's death has got to do with Miko. Hence, setting the plan with Geto after Shoko informed him about the results of Mayu's autopsy. The thing is how did you not realized the scent you have been seeing when you and Miko met? Kitsunes can mask their scents with a veil which causes their scent to be hidden. Miko's breathing got heavier with anger and betrayal seething through her veins. "You made use of me, Gojo Satoru?!" She yelled. "Pretty much." He tutted his lips like it was nothing.

Lunging herself at Gojo, she felt his infinity when she got into contact. Her kitsune markings started to form on her body as her nine, no, seven tails appeared swaying from her behind. Geto summoned the Rainbow Dragon as it started to encircle her to bound her to avoid any more of her sly moves. Miko struggled against the grip, yelling to let her go as the dragon's cold scales irked her. Gojo teleported to her view and smirked at the sight, "Have a nice stay in the dungeons." He wiggled his fingers, snickering away. "You'll not get away with this, Gojo!" "Yeah yeah. Can't believe you're still yapping away at this point." Geto rolled his eyes and walked to the dungeons along with the Rainbow Dragon.

Shoko stepped forward next to Gojo and tilted her head at her friend. "Funny how life works." She clicked her tongue and flicked her cigarette to the ground, putting out the flame with a step of her heel. Gojo's demeanour dampened and took out his blindfold, "How are you going to break the news to y/n?" She worriedly asked and the silence after wasn't helping her. "You there?" Shoko nudged Gojo.

"I don't know. You tell me." He shrugged, walking away with Shoko following behind. "What? Satoru, she's your wife after all and you can't push the responsibility to me!" Shoko frowned and fastened her pace to keep up with the long legged man. "Y/n wants a divorce." Stopping in her tracks, Shoko wanted to give Gojo a punch on his arm but the infinity got in the way. "Are you being for real now? Is this some sick joke?" She spat, hands about to reach for another cigarette at this point.

"Does y/n leaving without a word and blocking all contacts make my words sound believable?"

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