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Warnings: alcohol, cigarettes and the use of 'mommy' twice

Today was Nanami's wedding and of course, the trio was invited. "I had to invite Gojo too. Sadly." Nanami handed the invitation to the older male. The after-party was held at a bistro bar as per Mrs Nanami's request. Of course, being the gentleman he was, obliged to it. Nanami loosened his tie and popped a few buttons of his dress shirt, hand reaching for a billiard pole and took his aim. His wife was at the dance floor with her friends and he thought it was only right for him to let loose since the important parts of the wedding were done and over with.

"Nanamin~ Since when are you good at billiards?" Gojo sang and poked the groom's cheek. "Hands off, Gojo." Nanami sighed and walked over to the other side of the billiard table. "Don't ask Kento so many questions, latecomer." Geto rolled his eyes, reaching for his pint of beer. Gojo went on to explain that he had to wait for the babysitter to arrive in order to leave in peace knowing that the kids were taken care of. "Yeah, yeah. You hired the babysitter at the last minute." Shoko downed her shot of vodka. Nanami heard his wife squeal and turned back to see what the commotion was about. She was seen hugging a familiar figure, bouncing in delight and looking around her surroundings before catching Nanami's eyes. That was when that figure was revealed to be you.

"Holy shit." Shoko placed the shot glass down and straightened her back. Geto nudged Gojo as the white-haired male raised his head from his phone and looked straight ahead. "Three months can change someone so much." Geto shook his head in disbelief. You were seen walking through the crowd looking and feeling different. It was like you were glowing and it was obvious that you have been taking care of yourself. Maybe a little too much. The way your luscious hair bounced with each step and how the dress you were wearing snugly hugged your curves while showing the right amount of skin to radiate sexiness. Even the bag and accessories you were wearing matched your vibe and outfit. You glowed up.

"Hey, Nanami. Congrats on getting hitched!" Your arms engulfed Nanami to give him a hug. "Thanks for coming, y/n. My wife wouldn't let me off if you didn't attend our big occasion." "Oh, please. I should be the one thanking both of you and apologizing for being only able to join the after-party." You had important issues to settle throughout the day and was only available at night. Your eyes glanced to the left to see Shoko already lunging herself towards you. "Y/n, it's been quite a while! How have you been?" The alcohol influence most definitely caused her to be this enthusiastic. A chuckle escaped your tinted lips and held her arms to steady her balance. "Hi, Shoko. I've been well. How about you?" Your lips curled sweetly.

Sitting at the bar, Shoko began to babble her rants and how life has been. You listened intently and refused her offer when she pushed a glass of tequila to your lips. "Alright, alright. It's obvious that y/n has tuned out from your rambling." Geto took the alcohol away from Shoko's hand. She pouted and rested her head on the crook of your neck, "You smell sweet, y/n. What are you wearing?" Her half-lidded eyes glanced up at you. "Parfum De Marly's Delina." It was a floral and fruity sweet scent with vanilla. "Now you're being a creep," Geto's face crumpled in disgust, already ordering a glass of water. He really wants to splash it at her to help with the alcohol in her system. "Hey, Geto." You laughed while watching him trying to feed Shoko the cold glass of water. "Hi, y/n. It has been kinda long since we met." "I can say the same to you too, Geto." Both of you shared what you have been up to you. During these months, you managed to contact the company you had an internship with during university and managed to get an offer in the marketing department.

"Seems like you're being paid well." A voice emerged from behind. Gojo made his appearance and glanced at you from the rim of his shades. "No 'hello' for me?" He jutted his lower lip and you felt a vein popping on your temple. "You're insufferable, Gojo." You shook your head while taking a sip of the mojito mocktail. Geto dragged Shoko out of the scene to allow the two of you to catch up. "How have you been?" He asked and dragged a seat next to you. "Working and living life." You responded dryly and flickered your eyes to see his bright blue orbs. "What about you?" Clearing your throat awkwardly and glanced at Geto who gave a thumbs up. "I'm thriving! Going out to get rid of curses and blah blah blah those usual things as the strongest and honoured one." That's Gojo Satoru alright. You couldn't help but laugh at his cocky behaviour and found it silly of him.

The conversation continued by sharing what you do for work but that sharing was short-lived when a figure appeared beside Gojo. "Care to dance?" The lady's flirtatious behaviour made you uncomfortable. However, Gojo didn't bat an eye at her but instead waited for you to finish your sentence. "Gojo," You tilted your head at the lady. Gojo glanced at her from the side of his eye and let out a bored expression, "Can't you see I'm busy." His tone came out more like a statement than a question. "Could've worded that earlier, jerk." The lady rolled her eyes in annoyance as your hand reached out, wanting to call for her when Gojo smirked and used his shoe to pull you closer to him.

"Gojo!" You gasped when the tug was felt and your knees touching his. "What? Just wanting to catch up with the mother of my children." Gojo raised a playful brow and you felt your body heat up followed by annoyance. "You're really something else, dumbass." Hand reaching for the lime slice decorated on the rim of the mojito glass, shoving it to his lips but only for it to fall and hit the ground. "Should've thunk that through," poking a finger to his head. Right, his infinity. Looking at the time, you decided it was time to leave although the night was still young. Unfortunately, you had a meeting to attend with the marketing team at the US headquarters of your company. "Aw, man. Already?" Gojo pouted and batted his long white lashes. "Yes, already. Goodnight, Gojo." Your heels clicked away from the bar and bid goodbye to Shoko, Geto, Nanami and his wife.

Gojo felt a shove from behind to see that the criminal was Geto. "What was that?" "What was what?" Gojo popped the strawberry-flavoured lollipop in his mouth. Dragging a chair across the floor, Geto leaned into Gojo and intensely stared at his orbs. "You were checking y/n out while she left." Geto caught his best friend subconsciously glancing at your figure up and down while lightly biting his lower lip. "You're drunk, Suguru." Gojo adjusted his shades and rested a palm on his cheek. "Sure, after being friends since high school it's not as if we don't know each other well." Geto continued while narrowing his gaze at Gojo. "Y/n is mommy. Always has been but after seeing her tonight... Woah!" Shoko suddenly made her presence, obviously drunk but that wasn't stopping her from taking another shot.

"Yeah, she is the mommy of my kids."

"You disgust me."

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