CH 19

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Warnings: Sato Daisuke, mentions of bipolar behaviour and killing, Gojo being a busybody (smh), mentions of sugar daddy transactions, use of the word 'mama'

Monday. The feeling of dread overcame you. News went around quickly because you received texts from your colleagues and friends about the situation. You may or may not have zapped your phone using your cursed energy out of anxiety. Office gossiping and politics were one of the worst things you wanted to experience. Every time you heard voices speaking about a certain someone or ranting, you found yourself getting out of the scene quickly. Not wanting to be at the scene of the crime and falling to possible accusations. On your commute to work, your Eye of Judgement appeared quite a few times and you hurriedly swatted it away. It comes out like a reflex. Whenever it senses negative feelings you emit, it pops up above your head to protect you from threats.

Sucking in a breath, your heels clicked against the ground and tried to not make your presence noticeable. However, murmurs and whispers went by your hearing. It has already started. You arrived at your desk in confusion seeing your belongings neatly stored in boxes and scanned your surroundings to look for an explanation. "Helped clear your desk to save trouble." There wasn't a need to turn and find who the voice came from. "I hate it when people mess with my belongings," picking up the boxes without seeking a proper explanation for whatever was going on. "Nuh uh, at least let us all have a proper closure before sending you off." Sato got in your way. A crowd was starting to form and it was too early in the morning for this nonsense.

Without speaking another word, your shoulder bumped against Sato's arm, harsh enough for him to stumble back to get him out of your way. A tug was felt holding you back and the boxes flew off your arms in the next moment. Gasps echoed through the office and you snapped your head back to see Sato smirking. "First off, there is no explanation needed. Secondly, you're the one at fault." Anger bubbled through your body seeing Sato shake his head to downplay your words. "You still have the cheek to behave like this after all I have given to you." Is this dude for real now? "Don't make me cringe. Also, you've given me nothing." You emphasized and stood your ground for wanting to leave the office as soon as possible.

"Are you saying that the time and money spent were nothing to you?!"

"Your words, not mine."

"Starting the week off with some drama? I'd love to see it!" Eyes widening, you lifted your head to see Gojo casually strolling his way through the crowd. "Gojo, what are you doing here?" All the tall male did was place a finger on his lips. He may or may not have flirted with the receptionist to get access to the office. It was a no-brainer that the people were going to be awed by his disgustingly good looks and charming personality. A vein popped on your forehead hearing how did someone let you land him. It wasn't as if you had a choice.

"This area is only for authorized personnel!" Sato yelled but didn't receive an ounce of attention from Gojo. Instead, the white-haired male tutted his lips with a playful yet smug expression. "Small dick's here." Giggles and snickered filled the room and Sato looked like he was about to burst in embarrassment and anger. He threatened to call security but Gojo pouted with a sigh, thinking that it was only appropriate to have farewell for you. "Since everyone's here, I thought a proper closure would suffice whatever is happening," Gojo took off his shades to reveal those mesmerizing bright blue orbs and those white luscious lashes of his. "My ex-wifey doesn't find you bangable. It's as simple as that." Gojo batted his lashes at Sato to spite him further.

Rolling your eyes, you switched your ears off and bent down to pick up your files. Shouldn't this fella be in Jujutsu High for lessons? Funny how he's so free to roam around Tokyo while carrying the title of being the 'strongest and honoured one'. "Also, I don't think y/n would appreciate the fact that you've been going around lying to people that she's slept with you.." What? Your eyes widened and straightened your back, eyes filled with wrath and storming towards Sato. Grabbing his collar, you pushed him against a desk and leaned in to him, "If you're desperate for such acts, go somewhere else! How could you let that lie roll off your tongue so easily?" Disgust filled your veins for the man before you.

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